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20 Quotes from Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho

Often called the spiritual successor to Dragon Ball Z, Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho features many individuals who demonstrate the strength and resolve their character through words just as much as through fighting and other actions.

by NicWat10
Oct 15, 2015 9:17 PM | 25,361 views

“Nothing as trivial as a violent death or a few drops of demon blood mixed in with mine is going to keep me from helping out my friends and saving the world, and kicking the bad guy's ass.” - Yusuke Urameshi

Yu Yu Hakusho_Yusuke1

“I don’t care if I never fire a blast again, I don’t care if I die, the only thing I want to do now is make this shot with all the power I have.” - Yusuke Urameshi

Yu Yu Hakusho_Yusuke2

“If you dirtbags were low enough to take advantage of the only non-fighter, it wouldn’t matter if I lost. Even if you killed me, I would come back from the dead and drop kick your ass.” - Yusuke Urameshi

Yu Yu Hakusho_Yusuke3

“Ok Urameshi, it’s all you. I did what I could, now beat him for all of us.” - Kazuma Kuwabara

Yu Yu Hakusho_Kuwabara1

“When men do what they're supposed to do, it's not always about what they want.” - Kazuma Kuwabara

Yu Yu Hakusho_Kuwabara2

“We all have to die when our time comes, but if we do our duty we don’t got regrets, so taste a little piece of my sword, Toguro.” - Kazuma Kuwabara

Yu Yu Hakusho_Kuwabara3

“The more impatient we are, the more mistakes we make.” - Kurama

Yu Yu Hakusho_Kurama1

“Any prize worth having usually requires a risk.” - Kurama

Yu Yu Hakusho_Kurama2

“You should know better than to corner an animal like a fox. We have a tendency to show our teeth.” - Yoko Kurama

Yu Yu Hakusho_Kurama3

“Don't worry fool, we've entered into an alliance and I'm not the type to break it. Of course, after we win the tournament I can't guarantee anything.” - Hiei

Yu Yu Hakusho_Hiei1

“You should've learned by now this is a kill or be killed world, if you're too weak to help yourself, you deserve to fall.” - Hiei

Yu Yu Hakusho_Hiei2

“You do them one favor and they think you're their best friend. This is why I could care less if their whole species is swallowed up.” - Hiei

Yu Yu Hakusho_Hiei3

“"I'm enjoying life without my pesky student, and ask that you live a nice long time, so I can get some peace and quiet. In other words, go win that fight, dimwit!” - Genkai

Yu Yu Hakusho_Genkai1

“Don't make me slap you upside the head.” - Genkai

Yu Yu Hakusho_Genkai2

“Bingo! Bingo, you win the prize.” - Botan

Yu Yu Hakusho_Botan1

“Why it's practically unheard of for Koenma to work. I wonder if he's feeling under the weather?” - Botan

Yu Yu Hakusho_Botan2

“In addition to knowing the secrets of the Universe, I can assure you that I am also quite potty trained.” - Koenma

Yu Yu Hakusho_Koenma1

“That lazy kid won't ever get better unless someone forces it down his throat.” - Koenma

Yu Yu Hakusho_Koenma2

“For a very long time, I only thought of you, Genkai. A major reason why you have to die.” - Younger Toguro

Yu Yu Hakusho_Toguro

“Nothing worse than being strong, but not strong enough.” - Shinobu Sensui

Yu Yu Hakusho_Sensui

"Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho" was one of the best shows of its time and with quotes like these it is not hard to see why the show holds up as an excellent anime even today.

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