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Meet Ema Hinata and the Asahina Brothers of Brothers Conflict!

Brothers Conflict is about the complicated love story between Ema Hinata and the Asahina Brothers. Find out more about the stunning characters as you read on.

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Oct 19, 2015 12:14 AM | 74,709 views

Brothers Conflict Asahina Brothers
Brothers Conflict is one of the most intriguing anime series as it follows a bizarre love story between Ema Hinata and her stepbrothers. It began when Ema became a part of the Asahina Family and decided to live with the Asahina brothers in their mansion. Together, they tried to live normally as siblings but love seems to be inevitable as romance between Ema and her siblings begin to blossom.

Ema Hinata

Brothers Conflict, Ema Hinata Ema is a 16 year old girl with a petite body structure, making her one of the shortest characters in the series. She is a student at Hinode High School.

Being the only daughter of the famous adventurer, Rintarou Hinata, she has always been alone since she was a little girl because her father was rarely at home. Since then, she has been accompanied by her pet squirrel Juli who became her confidante, and in return, Juli became overprotective of her. She has the ability to communicate with Juli. Juli always calls her by her nickname, “Chi-chan”.

Growing up, Ema was used to doing things on her own. She is very good at cooking and helps everyone whenever she can. She is kind-hearted, honest, polite and submissive.

When Ema’s father decided to remarry, this time to the successful apparel maker Miwa Asahina, she was delighted not just because she will finally have a mother to look up to but also have thirteen new stepbrothers, and become a member of a big and happy family, meaning she wouldl no longer be lonely. Before the wedding, she decided to move to Sunrise Residence – a mansion where the Asahina Brothers live, so that she could easily get acquainted with her new brothers. She was determined to help them as much as she could. She loves her father so much that she doesn’t want to disappoint her new stepmother. She loves her new stepbrothers like they were her own brothers. She loves them as a siblings, but their love for her is of the romantic variety...

The Asahina Brothers

Masaomi Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Masaomi Asahina This 31 year old doctor is the eldest son of Miwa Asahina. Masaomi acts as the head of the family while their parents are away. He is considered to be the "father figure" of the Asahina household ever since their father passed away, as he is the most responsible and reliable. Everybody depends on him; both Yusuke and Ema refer to him as their guardian for their school records and activities since their parents live far from home and rarely visit them.

Masaomi is a doctor who specializes in kids’ healthcare. He loves children and has a very gentle personality. He also enjoys taking care of his family, especially his youngest brother, Wataru. Masaomi and Wataru share a very special bond as brothers. He also takes care of Ema whenever she needs him, especially when she’s not feeling well.

Masaomi loves to stay home whenever he’s not busy at work and is usually seen relaxing in the family living room. Sometimes, he is seen taking care of Wataru. Despite his age and birthright, Natsume and Ukyo seem to be more mature than him, particularly in their gestures and ways of thinking.

Even though Masaomi is a doctor, his fear of blood makes him unsuited to his profession. However, Ema still looks up to him as the protector of the family – someone who keeps them safe and happy despite the growing pressure inside the house since everyone is undeniably in love with her.

Ukyo Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Ukyo Asahina Ukyo is the second son of the Asahina Family. He is considered the "mother figure" of the Asahina family. He got his looks from his mother – his blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a very diligent person and loves to take care of the house and his brothers like his older brother, but in a different way.

He is a 28 year old lawyer. He has a very calm, hardworking and reliable personality, making Ema admire him the most when it comes to taking care of things around the house.

Ukyo loves to cook as he is in charge of the kitchen, but also does other chores around the house, like the laundry. Ema sometimes helps him with his tasks and in taking care of the family. He also encourages the students in the family to study well to obtain good grades. He pays particularly close attention to the study habits of his siblings, which is why he often spends time tutoring them.

He thinks and acts more maturely compared to Masaomi and tends to be somewhat quieter. He can be very talkative at times, but not as much as his other younger brothers. He loves Ema as more than a sister but tries to remain calm about, although his brothers know it too because his mannerisms and reactions around Ema show his deep affection for her.

Kaname Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Kaname Asahina Kaname is 26 years old. He is the third son of Miwa Asahina. He has earrings in his left ear. He is the only one who refers to Ema as “my cute little sister,” and he always insists that Ema call him “big brother.”

Kaname is usually seen wearing ceremonial Japanese clothing because he is a monk. However, his playboy charms and womanizing nature suggest otherwise. Juli sometimes calls him “hentai monk” or “pervert monk” as he always loves to tease Ema. Some of his brothers share the same opinion as Ema.

Kaname is a member of Club Buddha along with his friends and partners, Yuusei and Chiaki.

Kaname doesn’t behave much like a monk, and he absolutely loves flirting with every girl he lays eyes on. Because of his fancy appearance and attitude, he looks more like a professional host instead. Kaname is very popular for what he calls “gracious words,” and there are scores of women who adore his suave manner of speech. He is also skilled at reading people’s feelings.

Hikaru Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Hikaru Asahina Hikaru is the fourth son of Miwa Asahina. He has the most mysterious yet sometimes mischievous personality among the Asahina brothers.

Hikaru is a 26 year old novelist and he travels abroad most of the time, so he rarely stays at home. He is known as a cross-dressing novelist because he is usually seen wearing girl’s clothing and has a long, flowing hair. He likes observing his brothers’ reactions around Ema. It was the reason he made a chart to predict who would win Ema’s heart. But like his brothers, he also has some affection for Ema, although he tends to keep his feelings in check.

Tsubaki Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Tsubaki Asahina Tsubaki is the fifth son of Miwa Asahina and one of the triplets. He may be the eldest among the triplets but he has the most childish behavior. His room is very messy and filled with posters of the projects he and Azusa have worked on. He loves to cuddle his ice cream-shaped pillow whenever he is upset.

Tsubaki is a 24 year old otaku who loves animes, mangas, and games which led him to his current profession. He works as a voice actor. He works really hard and is very passionate about his career. He dreamed of becoming the voice behind the lead character of the anime series of his favorite manga when he was a child.

He has a very cheeky and outgoing personality that he sometimes makes Ema feel uncomfortable. He is such a happy-go-lucky person that his brothers would sometimes find it intimidating. He's not ashamed of expressing his feelings and true intentions to Ema. He would often takes advantage of Ema’s submissive nature. He easily gets jealous whenever he finds out that Ema is with another guy, even if it’s just one of his brothers. He became so possessive of Ema that he would never give her up, even to his beloved brothers.

Azusa Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Azusa Asahina Azusa Asahina is the sixth son of Miwa Asahina. He is the same age as Tsubaki since he is one of the triplets. He is the identical triplet of Tsubaki and works alongside with him as a voice actor.

Unlike Tsubaki, Azusa is calmer, less aggressive and is usually the one to keep Tsubaki on track. He would sometimes hit Tsubaki on the head whenever Tsubaki does something unnecessary. He is very caring, especially when it comes to Tsubaki because they share a mutual bond as identical twins. He loves Tsubaki so much that he is willing to step aside to let Tsubaki pursue his dream role. The only thing that he will never give up is his love for Ema.

Among the Asahina brothers, Ema feels most comfortable around Azusa because of his shy nature whenever she is around.

Natsume Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Natsume Asahina Natsume is the seventh son of Miwa Asahina. He's just the same age as Tsubaki and Azusa since he is their fraternal triplet. He shares a bond with Tsubaki and Azusa but in a different way. Instead, he shows a particularly close bond with his younger brother, Subaru. He may be the youngest among the triplets, but he actually thinks and behaves more maturely compared with Tsubaki and Azusa.

He was a basketball player but quit playing the sport due to lack of ability. He then pursued a different career where he became the CEO of a video game company. His company produced the "zombie games" that Ema loved so much. Unlike his brothers, he lives alone in an apartment where he keeps his two cats that he named after his brothers, Tsubaki and Azusa.

Despite Natsume’s blunt way of talking, Ema considered him as the only one who truly understands her. Natsume is actually very good at looking after his brothers too. Despite Subaru’s animosity towards him, Natsume still continues to support Subaru in his passion for basketball. He sometimes gives Subaru advice and attends his games.

Like his brothers, Natsume fell in love with Ema’s caring and thoughtful nature as well, but understands Ema’s affections for him as a brother. He respects her decision and is still willing to wait until the day Ema changes her mind. He promised that he will never give up on her and will never let his brothers get in the way on his love for Ema.

Louis Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Louis Asahina Louis, also known as Rui, is the eighth son of the Asahina family. He is a handsome and mysterious man who loves staring at the clouds. He is the only other person besides Ema who can communicate with Juli. He is also the only other person besides Juli who calls Ema by her nickname, “Chii-chan”.

Louis is a 21 year old professional hair dresser who loves to "doll-up" Ema. He would sometimes change her hairstyle which depends upon the occasion.
Together with Juli, they formed the “Chii-chan Protection Club” and promised to protect Ema. He also loves Ema just the same as his brothers but doesn't lose his cool over it. He respects Ema’s decision and loves her as a sibling too.

Subaru Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Subaru Asahina Subaru is the 19 year old son of Miwa Asahina and is the ninth son of the Asahina Family. He is a college sophomore student at Meiji University. He is very athletic and loves basketball and is one of the university’s top players.

His passion for basketball started from observing Natsume play when he was a kid. Since then, he has always admired Natsume. However, when Natsume quit playing basketball, he lost respect for Natsume to the extent that he won’t even listen to him.

Subaru has never been in a relationship so he has never learned how to deal with girls. As a result, he gets nervous whenever Ema is around.

Iori Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Iori Asahina Iori is the tenth son of the Asahina family. He is in charge of taking care of the garden.

He is an 18 year old senior high school student at Bright Centrair Private Academy and is known for having prince-like behavior. He is a very intelligent and athletic person which makes him very popular, not only in their school but also in other high schools. He has a remarkable knowledge of all types of flowers and their meaning.

Iori wholeheartedly welcomed Ema when she became a part of the family. He would often give her flowers relating to her current situation to help make her feel better. He is very reserved when it comes to his feelings for Ema.

Yuusuke Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Yuusuke Asahina Yuusuke is the same age as Ema. He is the eleventh son of Miwa Asahina. He studies in the same school as Ema and they are also in the same class.

He may look like a delinquent but he actually hates anything he deems to be unfair. Unlike Ema, he has bad grades because he seldom pays attention to his studies and often takes supplementary lessons just to keep up with Ema. He has issues with Futo because of his cheeky personality and the way he treats Ema.

Yuusuke had a crush on Ema even before she became a part of the family. He actually hates the idea of Ema becoming his stepsister and won’t accept it. When Ema joined the Asahina family, he tried to ignore his feelings but couldn't. The more he sees her and the closer he gets to her, the more he falls in love with Ema. However, because of their current situation, he ends up feeling shy around Ema.

He loves Ema’s home-cooked meals and considers them delicious. He gets jealous easily when he sees his brothers getting near Ema or having fun with her. He wants to be the one who makes her happy. He was never as expressive as his other brothers about his feelings for Ema but tried to make a move by deciding to get into the same university that Ema wants to attend when they get to college.

Futo Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Futo Asahina Futo is a year younger than Ema. He is the twelfth son of Miwa Asahina. He rarely stays home because of his work. He is a 15 year old international pop idol and is well known for his stage name as “Futo Asakura.” Futo is an exceptional singer and dancer, but dreams of becoming an actor someday. He is very popular with the girls because of his charming personality on stage. Among his brothers, Wataru admires his talent and popularity the most and loves to watch him perform.

Futo is a first year high school student. After meeting Ema, he decided to transfer to the same school that Ema and Yuusuke attend and started to tease Ema, making her feel uncomfortable.

Futo has a devilish and cheeky personality. Yuusuke and Tsubaki find him really arrogant and disrespectful because he never listens to them. He sometimes toys with their reactions whenever Ema is around. He can be very mature for his age due to the way he thinks and behaves. He is very sharp-tongued and tends to look down on everyone around him.

Futo likes to toy with Ema’s emotions and sometimes teases her with flirtatious hints and actions. He likes calling Ema his “stupid big sister” which Juli dislikes the most. In spite of this, he developed certain romantic feelings towards Ema, but tends to express them inappropriately. Ema tried to be forgiving of Futo’s behavior towards her because she values her new family.

Wataru Asahina

Brothers Conflict, Wataru Asahina Wataru is 10 years old. He is the thirteenth and youngest son of Miwa Asahina. He is a fifth grade student. He is an adorable, sweet, and honest, but very spoiled child. He gave his big brothers, Futo, Subaru, and Natsume, their nicknames “Fuutan”, "Subarun", and “Nakkun” respectively.

Wataru likes the idea of having a sister and was very happy when Ema joined the family. He loves Ema’s home-cooked meals and sometimes helps her out in the kitchen.

Despite his age, he is very confident that he will win Ema’s heart. His dream is to become a CEO someday.

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