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Characters of No Game No Life

Sora and Shiro are two genius online gamer NEETs and together form the unbeatable gaming identity "Blank." After a grueling online chess match, they find themselves summoned to the mysterious world of Disboard where all conflicts are settled in a high-stakes game. Meet the diverse cast!

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No Game No Life SoraSora is an 18-year old NEET (not in Education, Employment or Training) who spends most of his days secluded in his room playing video games. After his parents abandoned him, he grew up with an apathetic hate towards all life and dedicates himself to one thing: video games. He is a brilliant tactician, intellectually skilled in strategies and cold readings into his opponent’s psyche to the point where he can be manipulative to bend them over to his will. Together with his genius of a step-sister, they form the undefeated gaming identity known as Blank. Despite being a NEET and an introvert, Sora exudes a strong confidence and charisma that sways his opponents to his side, a trait quite uncommon in a shut-in (hikikomori) gamer. He is an expert when it comes to dealing with human emotion, unusual behavior, and body language. He tends to rub people the wrong way whether being too arrogant or be too condescending, especially when he is about to win a bet or a game. Unlike Shiro who is a genius with numbers, Sora makes use of his own talents in cold readings, a unique set of techniques usually used by psychics, mentalists and fortune-tellers analyzing a person’s body language, manner of speech, age, gender, clothing and even unusual behavior to predict what a person is going to do. He later became King of Elchea, the last surviving kingdom of Imanity (humans) after winning a game designed by the late king of Elchea. After their parents abandoned them, Sora pledged that he would always be there for his sister and has been inseparable since then. Sora cares deeply about his sister and has absolute trust in her and in her abilities where at one point he even placed his very own existence in her sister’s hands. He is shown to have somewhat of a sister-complex (sis-con) to the point where he turns into a quivering, spineless coward when separated from her. He is shown to be quite perverse, always trying to peek into the women’s bath. He also has a bounding desire for a girlfriend which led to a “linguistic” mistake which forced Stephanie Dola to fall in love with him.


No Game No Life ShiroShiro is the 11-year old genius NEET who just like Sora, spends most of her time indoors playing video games. Along with his step-brother Sora, they form the undefeated gaming identity, Blank and was later summoned to Disboard, an alternate universe where everything revolves around games. She later became Queen of Elchia along with her step-brother Sora after winning a game designed by the late king of Elchia. Shiro is a genius when it comes to logic and calculations but has a hard time understanding emotions and human behavior. That’s where Sora comes in. She is shown to have an eidetic memory, the uncanny ability to perfectly recall vast amount of information after only a few instances of exposure to it. With her eidetic memory, she is fluent in 18 different languages and was able to learn Imanity in mere 15 minutes. She is a renowned master of Chess, having won a Chess program, designed solely for beating a grandmaster, several times. Shiro is blessed with god-like scientific, calculative and simulative abilities which make her quite skilled at First-Person Shooter (FPS) games due to her incredible ability to predict movements and bullet trajectories. Although she is quite blunt and hardly shows any emotion on her face, Shiro is shown to have a somewhat sadistic side to her, that and a twisted sense of humor. While a genius at heart, Shiro has trouble dealing with people and all human aspects of a game, an area where Sora excels at. She relies on Shiro to help her defeat humans who tend to be too unpredictable. Just like Sora, Shiro becomes catatonic and quivers like a spineless coward when separated from Sora. She also shows signs of jealousy especially when Sora pays too much attention to other girls.


No Game No Life StephSteph is the granddaughter of the former king of Elkia, the last Imanity kingdom. Her grandfather, the former King, was infamously known for losing games to other races and giving up a portion of Elkia’s land. Hoping to restore the honor of her late grandfather, Stephanie gambles away her chance to becoming the next queen of the country in a game which would determine the next ruler of the kingdom, as requested by the former king. Although quite smart being the top of her class, Stephanie lacks the initiative and the skills to win a game. She is oftentimes ridiculed by Shiro and Sora as “just a Steph” which is akin to somewhat like an idiot in comparison to the rest. Being the naïve little girl that she is, Steph hopes of ending all conflicts peacefully. Her optimism and trusting personality often lead her into a bad situation. Although always kept out of the loop and uninformed, Steph turns out to be the defining key factor in Sora and Shiro’s victories. Despite being smart herself, she tend to over think stuff causing her to miss other important details or possibilities. She is also shown to be short-tempered and overly emotional which makes her an easy target for a psychological torment either for winning the game or simply to provide some comical relief. She easily gets angry especially when other people call her late grandfather a fool. Steph is quite the sociable one, unlike Sora and Shiro who find it difficult to make friends. Although she was initially forced into loving Sora due to the pledges, she eventually comes to the realization that she might actually have started to fall for him.


No Game No Life JibrilJibril is a former member of the Council of 18 Wings of the esteemed Flugel race, a powerful angelic race of the Disboard and the sixth ranked race of the Exceed. She is over 6000 years old and is said to be the youngest and most powerful of her race. In her insatiable search for knowledge, she set her sights on the National Library of Elkia. After winning the game from the former King of Elkia, she uses the library to store her most precious books and use it as her home. She believes that knowledge is everything to her and that it is worth even her own life. After losing to Sora and Shiro, she pledges her loyalty to them and serves them as her new masters. Jibril was said to be the last Flugel created by the Old Deus Artosh and served him quite well until his untimely demise. Although she might seem soft-spoken and polite, she is undeniably condescending to other races below her, seeing herself as the all-powerful angel that can smite a village with the wave of her hand. Jibril willingly embraces her servitude under Sora and Shiro to the point where she would even refer to them as her masters. She has managed to gather an incredibly vast knowledge during her millennia of existence. Jibril is said to be very powerful where she once used a spell called “Heaven’s Strike” which completely obliterated the capital of Elven Garde. Her full capabilities remain unknown although it was hinted that even 100 Flugels were no match against her. Jibril’s over-zealous and curious nature oftentimes gets the better of her.


No Game No Life KuramiKurami is a human who was later revealed to have allied herself with the elves hoping to win the king’s contest and become the new Queen of Elkia. She strongly believes that humans are way too weak and that the only way to survive would be to ally themselves with someone stronger. She beat Stephanie Dola and was about to be crowned when Shiro and Sora challenged her in the king’s contest and won. She has since then come to the realization that there is hope after all for Imanity. Kurami is friends with an elven girl Fiel Nirvalen but it was later revealed that Kurami was originally a slave of the esteemed Nirvalen family. And although Kurami was a slave, she was treated equally by Fil and the two have been inseparable since then. Although her intentions were genuine about helping Imanity, she falls short and has greatly underestimated the potential of Imanity as clearly pointed out by Sora. With Fiel’s help, Kurami helps sneak in elf magic undetected, intricate enough that it would be quite difficult to detect the source of magic. She later challenges Sora again after he bet the Race Piece of Imanity in a game against the werebeasts. She is later convinced by Sora in a game, when he shared his memories and his plans with her during a game in which they gamble with their memories and their existence.


No Game No Life FiiFiel Nirvalen or Fii for short is Kurami’s friend and partner. Fii is a 52-year old elf of the prestigious Nirvalen family, a highly ranked family of the Elven race. She later bonds with Kurami despite her being a slave of the Nirvalen family and treats her like a mother treats her child. She helps Kurami cheat using her elven magic during the King’s contest. Fii cares a great deal for Kurami Zell and is even shown to care more about her than her own race. She is later revealed to be one of the most powerful elves, a hex caster, the ability to cast six different spells at once. For Kurami’s sake, she hid her own magic which led others to believe that she is nothing but a poor magician and an embarrassment to the Nirvalen name. She is over-protective when it comes to Kurami and would go to great lengths to keep her safe, even forsake her entire race for her. She is seen arguing with Jibril at one time seeing that Jibril was the same Flugel to have decimated the entire Elven capital. She is usually seen smiling, calm and quite soft-spoken, but she can quickly get serious especially when it comes to matters with Kurami. She is also shown to be quite smart, being able to discern even Sora’s intentions without having to use her magic.


No Game No Life IzunaIzuna is an 8-year old werebeast girl and the former ambassador of the Eastern Federation. She has dark purple hair with fox-like ears and a fluffy tail. She is fond of being petted especially by Sora and Shiro who find her way too adorable. She has the uncanny habit of saying “please” after everything hoping it would make it sound more polite than it usually is. Despite her young age, she is quite capable of representing her race during games against other races. Like all werebeasts, Izuna has remarkable physical abilities with supernatural strength, god-like speed and formidable agility. She also is blessed with the rare “kekkai” ability also called Blood Destruction which increases her physical abilities tenfold, a rare ability found only in a select few werebeast individuals. She carries a huge responsibility on her shoulders of upholding the werebeasts race and believes that there is no room for having fun in a game against other races.


No Game No Life InoHatsuse Ino is Izuna’s grandfather and the acting assistant ambassador of the Eastern Federation. He is overly protective when it comes to his granddaughter and becomes either unhappy or jealous when Sora or Shiro gets too close to her. Despite his old age, he is still quite a capable fighter as his enormous muscles rip through his kimono especially when angered. As the assistant ambassador, he acts and speaks in a rather formal manner around guests and officials. He does show resentment towards Jibril, a long-standing hate between the Flugels and the werebeasts during the War. Ino has incredible eyesight, enhanced hearing and overall increased physical abilities just like any other werebeast. He was shown to have incredible hearing when he was listening on Sora’s heartbeat to check if he was lying or not, and when he was monitoring Sora and Shiro’s vitals and reporting back to Izuna. It is also shown that he has an uncanny way of communicating with Izuna.

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