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Kamigami no Asobi: Meet the Gods and their Human Savior

Kamigami no Asobi (Mischief of the Gods) portrays mythical Gods in a whole new way by showing their interactions with fellow heavenly beings and also humans. Let's find out what these divine Gods are really made of!

by Ascension1101
Sep 28, 2015 10:07 PM | 46,387 views

Kamigami no Asobi: Everyone

Yui Kusanagi: Human

Kamigami no Asobi: Kusanagi
Yui Kusanagi, the heroine and daughter of a Shinto shrine, leads a team of helpless Gods in finding the true meaning of love and the human heart. This bunch of handsome Gods includes the following: Apollon Agana Belea, Dionysus Thyrsos, Hades Aidoneus, Tsukito Totsuka, Takeru Totsuka, Balder Hringhorni, Loki Laevatein, and Thor Megingjard. Chosen by the Sword of Heaven’s Gathering Clouds, Yui has the ability to carry out a mission designed by Zeus.

Yui’s diligence is immediately apparent as they open up the series with her practicing swordplay, which she participates in every day. Of course, when a mysterious sword that emits an ominous glow calls her name, she decides to investigate. Transported to another dimension, Yui focuses on finding out where she is and finding the way home. Only the way home isn’t so easy to find, especially when she runs into handsome men that know nothing of their location. Completely lost and confused, Yui finally is summoned to hold an audience with Zeus, king of the heavens. Zeus has created a school for the Gods, where Yui is expected to be the human representative and lead them to graduation. The catch is that they won’t graduate until they learn the compassion and strength of the human heart. Zeus needs the Gods to bridge the distance between themselves and humans in order to protect the future. With such a huge responsibility resting on her shoulders, Yui’s first reaction is to decline the position of human representative. Unfortunately for her, she cannot leave until all eight Gods have graduated. After realizing the stark reality of her situation, she decides to give it her best and works on teaching the Gods about human life. Melissa, a doll Zeus crafted for Yui, becomes Yui’s adviser and shoulder to cry on through this epic journey in the midst of the Gods.

Not all of the summoned Gods are on board with the school, or a human representative. Yui’s caring and persistent nature reaches out to the more stubborn Gods, and they begin to work with Yui instead of against her. As a way of interesting the Gods into coming to school, she plans a function outside of the classroom, and off to the beach they go! It’s downhill from there as summer quickly changes to winter, per Zeus’s orders. Some of them are ready to give up, but Yui uses all her knowledge and strength to entertain the rash Gods. The challenge of getting all the Gods to attend school is achieved, but everyone becoming involved in a club is another matter. Yui bonds with each and every one of the Gods in her own special way, and helps each of them understand love and the human heart. Not only that, but she helps some of the Gods view their curses in a different light. With this group of Greek, Norse, and Japanese Gods, will Yui be able to make them understand love and the human heart?

Apollon Agana Belea: Greek God of the Sun

Kamigami no Asobi: Apollon
The son of Zeus and God of the Sun, Apollon, possesses a nature that is just as bright as the sun. He has an aura of nobility, but a care-free personality. Upon meeting Yui, he instantly takes to calling her ‘fairy’ since he believes that she resembles one. Not only that, but he gives the rest of the Gods nicknames as well, such as Bal-Bal for Balder Hringhorni and Dee-Dee for Dionysus Thyrsos. Although some of the Gods refuse the idea of a school made for human understanding, Apollon realizes that the only way to leave is to follow orders and graduate. His innate sense of leadership and charismatic energy lead him to become the student council president in this school of Gods.

He seems like the perfect guy, but suffers from loneliness. This becomes apparent after he loses sight of Yui and breaks out into a panic. It’s only when a literal ghost appears that Apollon’s past is revealed. Apollon fell in love with a human and gifted her with the power of prediction to elevate her status to that of a God. Having this power made her mad and drove her to the grave. Apollon has never forgiven himself, and suffers from his mistake. Yui grants the ghost the use of her body to let her communicate her final farewells to Apollon, which sets his guilt free. This break from the past only increases Apollon’s affection towards Yui, and builds his comprehension of love.

Dionysus Thyrsos: Greek God of Wine and Merry-making

Kamigami no Asobi: Dionysus
Dionysus is the brother of Apollon and nephew of Hades. Although he doesn’t approach the school for Gods enthusiastically, it doesn’t take Apollon much work to convince him to attend. His general demeanor is one of happiness and ease. One of his joys is the gardening club, where he tends to grapes made for juice and wine. He plays a supportive role in the series, oftentimes found supporting the other Gods or joining in on the activities, such as the beach and stage performance. It’s also obvious that he cares for his group of friends, such as when he observes that his uncle Hades has a secret pleasure for strawberries.

The conflict with Dionysus occurs when the mutt of Professor Thoth finds the juice intended for the play. Dionysus ends up forgetting to bring glasses to hold the juice, and sets down the box to go back for the glasses. During that time, the mutt finds the juice and confiscates all of the bottles. When Dionysus returns to find the bottles missing, he goes a little crazy. So much so, that the play becomes a battlefield filled with fallen victims with juice in the place of blood. He wasn’t able to catch the culprit in the end. However, he was able to capture the love of the human heart when he and Hades save the students from the collapse of the school building. In the end, Dionysus is grateful to Yui for helping him better understand the nature of humans.

Hades Aidoneus: Greek God of the Underworld

Kamigami no Asobi: Hades
As God of the Underworld, Hades thinks of himself as a misery to everyone around him. In fact, the first time Yui meets him is one of mystery. He simply told her to stay back, and that any interaction with him would only cause her misfortune. This continues to build through the series until Yui decides that it’s time for an intervention. Hades has unofficially joined the astronomy club. Unofficially as in he doesn’t want anyone else to go star-gazing with him, and therefore considers it only as a hobby. This begins Yui’s persistent strike against Hade's misery. Although it became cloudy and started to rain, Yui thought it was only coincidence. She slipped and fell into a stream of water, but Hades saved her. Yui chalked up the incident into a situational circumstance, but Hades warns her to stay away.

It appeared as though Hades took no pleasure out of anything in life, but Yui found out his two secret pleasures: rice cakes and strawberries. She surprises him one day with strawberry rice cakes, a combination that surely must be sin. It’s at this time when Hades reveals the curse of the underworld to Yui. His curse is to carry the grudge of the underworld, which is the grudges of the dead that have fallen into his domain. The hatred of the dead compiles, which Hades carries on his body as a curse. This isn’t enough to scare Yui off though, as she gathers the Gods together to go stargazing with Hades. Of course, rain threatens, but the Gods show Hades that fun can be had anywhere if you look for it.

Tsukito Totsuka: Japanese God of the Moon

Kamigami no Asobi: Tsukito
Tsukito, also known as Tsukiyomi, enjoys gazing at the moon. It could be said that he is as cold and emotionless as the moon. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy the aspect of the school for Gods, but he is determined to fulfill his duty. The diligence and attention to detail that Tsukito displays is a rare conundrum. He writes down every word the teacher speaks, and does so with great efficiency. As part of his efficiency, Professor Thoth has asked him to be the disciplinary head. Although he is a dutiful worker, Tsukito’s social life is nonexistent, and he spends his time getting dragged into group functions by his brother Takeru and Apollon.

Loki binds Yui and Tsukito through the use of rings. The rings will not come off until they both reach an understanding of the other, yet Loki makes it seem as though it’s a romantic understanding. Not one for tact, Tsukito tends to be blunt, especially when researching for information on romantic couples. It so happens that this incident occurs at the same time that Tsukito has to set up preparations for a moon viewing. Together, Yui and Tsukito reach an understanding when they both agree that the moon they are gazing at is more beautiful than they had ever seen before. Of course, everything is better when enjoyed with a group of your closest friends. With this, Tsukito starts to comprehend the complexity of the human heart.

Takeru Totsuka: Japanese God of the Sea

Kamigami no Asobi: Takeru
Takeru, also known as Susanoo, is the little brother of Tsukito Totsuka. He is known to have outbreaks of a violent temper, yet his loyalty to those he loves runs deep. As a child, Takeru was charged with murdering a goddess, whom he loved as though she were his mother. Unfortunately, his violent temper led to the conclusion of his involvement with her death. Ever since that incident, Takeru has lost faith in the trust of others and only cares for his elder brother.

When transported to the school for Gods, Takeru displays his rage. Although angered and unwilling to participate in school, Takeru sullenly sticks around for his brother. He finally decides to attend classes after Yui persuades him with her ability to ignite fireworks. Not one to trust others, he instinctively dislikes Yui, yet her determination and swordsmanship slowly change his mind. As they run and practice together, Takeru begins to slowly trust her. He becomes protective of Yui, and when she falls from a ledge he unleashes his power to save her. Reprimanded for his actions, Takeru must apologize to Zeus, or risk expulsion from the school of Gods. The trust built between Takeru and Yui is broken, since he believes that no one will stand up for him in defense of his actions. It’s only when Yui pours her heart out to Zeus in defense of Takeru that he starts to recognize the depths of the human heart.

Balder Hringhorni: Norse God of Light

Kamigami no Asobi: Balder
Commonly known as God of Light, Balder Hringhorni is also the God of Destruction. His cheerful attitude and handsome appearance can be deceiving for those who first come in contact with him. When Balder was born, his mother made a pact with all of earth so that nothing could harm him. Proof of this is shown when even the rain doesn’t touch him. Of course, that doesn’t mean he is safe from everything, especially himself as he often trips over his own two feet. His kryptonite is mistletoe, which Loki comes close to administering. Loki, Thor, and Balder grew up as three best friends, although there is an undeniable bond between Loki and Balder. Loneliness followed both around like a shadow, and they found solace in each other’s friendship.

Balder is the first kind soul that Yui encounters, and doesn’t beat around the bush in his advances towards her. He doesn’t appreciate the time she spends with the other Gods, especially in regards to Loki and Apollon. Not one to waste time, he instantly claims Yui as a person that’s special to him. One of the reasons she’s special is because she doesn’t only see his looks, but the person beneath them. Of course, Loki seems jealous, but only in the respect that he wishes to protect both Yui and Balder. Once Balder’s emotions become unstable, he turns into the God of Destruction and obliterates everything in his path. On the war path to destruction, it’s up to Yui and the others to convey their feelings and bring Balder back to the light.

Loki Laevatein: Norse God of Fire

Kamigami no Asobi: Loki
Not only is he the God of Fire, but he has a mischievous streak too. He spent his childhood being shunned and despised by people, until Balder came along and befriended him. It wasn’t long after that that Thor joined them. Loki spends his time playing jokes on others, such as attaching the rings on Yui and Tsukito. His first encounter with Yui happens to be when he is looking for Balder, and refers to her as ‘kitty-cat’. At first Loki is opposed to the school of Gods, but after Yui presents him with fireworks he believes that school might be worth attending. When it comes time to pick a club, he gladly proposes that he will join the going-home club. Although it’s not a club that Yui approves of, at least he’s participating in club activities, which includes taking walks around the school grounds.

When Balder starts to spend all his time with Yui, Loki comes to despise her. It isn’t until she speaks of making wonderful memories and becoming his friend that he starts to loosen up around Yui. To save her and everyone else, Loki feels that he must be the one to murder his best friend, Balder. Not able to carry out this mission, he breaks down and expresses his hope that there must be another way. Once Balder turns into the God of Destruction, Loki charges ahead full force in order to bring his friend back from oblivion.

Thor Megingjard: Norse God of Thunder

Kamigami no Asobi: Thor
Thor isn’t a God of many words and often remains in the background watching over Loki and Balder. Through his observations, he is able to observe Yui and gain more knowledge into the love and hearts of humans. He’s also the one that conveys the fact that Loki and Balder have a special bond between them. Normally he follows around either Balder or Loki, and acts as the voice of reason in their trio. Since this is the case, he attends school when Loki starts, and also joins him in the going-home club. He is concerned about the future, and works hard to help prevent Balder’s demise.

When it comes to Yui, he remains stoic yet offers his support when it comes to her relationship with Loki. Since Loki doesn’t open up to others, Thor takes it upon himself to explain their past and the special bond between the three of them. He doesn’t wish for Loki to kill Balder, but doesn’t know the answer that will move Balder off his destructive path. Once Balder is consumer by destruction, Thor lends his support in opening up a path for Apollon and Yui so that they can reach out to him.

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