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All About Blood Lad

Blood Lad adapts Yuuki Kodama's comedic supernatural manga of the same name. Take a look to learn more about Blood Lad and what it has to offer!

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Blood Lad is a series with 10 television episodes and one OVA. It may focus on vampires, werewolves, and other creatures that can be found in the Demon World, but the driving force of the series is the characters trying to find a way to bring a human back to life.

The basic ideas of Blood Lad aren’t entirely unique, but the series has a main character who doesn’t act the way the audience would expect. Blood Lad tries to use this character’s unexpected behavior as a source for its humor.


Staz Charlie Blood from Blood Lad

Staz Charlie Blood is a vampire in the Demon World, but there’s something unusual about him… He avoids attacking humans! He’s a hard-core otaku who’s obsessed with goods from the Human World. In particular, he is especially fascinated with Japanese games, anime, and manga. Since he has this obsession with these human goods, it makes sense that he doesn’t feel compelled to attack humans.

But Staz is one of the territory bosses of East Demon World, and he actually has quite a bit of strength. Other characters in the Demon World may view Staz as a lazy moron, but they are forced to acknowledge his strength and what would happen to them if he gave up his position as a territory boss.

Fuyumi Yanagi and Staz Charlie Blood from Blood Lad

One day, a human girl named Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally wanders into the Demon World when a black curtain that serves as a portal between the Human World and the Demon World suddenly opens in her bedroom. Staz finds Fuyumi, and falls in love and bloodlust at first sight. But just as he gets to know her, Fuyumi is eaten by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost. Staz is determined to bring Fuyumi back to life, and he’s willing to become her vampire bodyguard in order to achieve this goal. Fuyumi is also determined to be brought back to life, so she can resume her regular life in the Human World.

Bell Hydra from Blood Lad

They encounter a girl named Bell Hydra, who is a treasure hunter and a high level user of spatial and teleportation magic. It’s revealed that Bell is the owner of the Black Curatin that brought Fuyumi to the Demon World, but that it had been stolen from her before Fuyumi had gone through it. And it turns out that Bell had The Book of Human Resurrection in her hands, which could have helped Staz bring Fuyumi back to life. Unfortunately, Bell sold the book to someone in the Demon World before she knew that Staz needed it.

Wolf from Blood Lad

Bell says that The Book of Human Resurrection was bought by Wolf, a hybrid werewolf who serves as another territory boss. He’s also Staz’s rival and friend. But when Staz goes to see Wolf about the book, he responds that it sounds like it would be too difficult of a book for him to read and that he doesn’t have it.

Liz T. Blood from Blood Lad

It’s revealed that The Book of Human Resurrection was written by Staz’s older brother, Braz D. Blood. Staz can’t stand his brother, but he comes to the realization that he’ll have to talk to Braz in order to make any progress in locating the book. But before Staz can see Braz, he is caught by their younger sister, Liz T. Blood, who serves as a prison warden. Family ties don’t seem to mean much, though, because Liz sends Staz to the worst prison in the Demon World.

Braz D. Blood from Blood Lad

Braz comes to the prison to meet with Staz, where he learns about his younger brother’s desire to bring Fuyumi back to life. But Braz will only help if Staz agrees to make a deal with him. This deal includes unlocking Staz's full power that had been sealed when he was younger in order to defeat a particular monster. Staz ends up agreeing to the deal, which now allows him to have more power and strength than he had before. This allows him to defeat Akimu Papladon, a monster that Braz wanted Staz to take care of. After Staz completes his end of the bargain, Braz starts working on trying to help Fuyumi. But just when it looks like Fuyumi will soon be resurrected, she’s kidnapped. The remainder of the series focuses on Staz trying to locate and rescue Fuyumi.

Who Should Watch Blood Lad?

Blood Lad characters

Blood Lad should appeal to viewers who enjoy stories featuring supernatural characters that are told in a more humorous style. This series is on the light-hearted side, so the characters and their actions are never too dark or frightening. Viewers who may not necessarily be a fan of vampires, werewolves, or other supernatural creatures can likely find something to like about Blood Lad if they enjoy watching comedic anime.

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