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Top 10 Anime Fairies

Hey! Listen! Legends of the fair folk go back hundreds of years and continue today with all sorts of depictions. Some fairies will help you while others are wicked creatures and you can see both kinds here!

by NicWat10
Nov 17, 2016 2:12 AM | 193,641 views

Anime fairies of all shapes and sizes

yui sao anime fairies gif
These fairies might not be the kind that can make you fly via happy thoughts or can become invisible, but they have some pretty amazing abilities of their own. Since it is anime, some of them are pretty far removed from what you'd typically consider to be a fairy. But who cares!

Plus, most of them are super cute.

Don't let these anime fairies cast a spell on you!


From: Earl and Fairy

Despite looking like a cat, Nico is actually a fairy in cat form. Preferring to walk on two legs instead of four, Nico views himself as a gentleman and prefers to dress as such with suits and tailcoats. Nico hates being treated as a regular cat, frequently stating, “I am not a cat!” despite looking just like one.

Regardless of these protests, he does enjoy being stroked and has a fondness for catnip. His other fondness is alcohol although he does enjoy fine tea as well. Fighting-wise, Nico is not much help; when it comes down to “fight or flight”, he tends to go with “flight”. But what he lacks in brawn he tends to make up in brains, serving as a guide to his partner Lydia.

nico earl and fairy gif


From: The Seven Deadly Sins

king anime fairy
King is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and represents Sloth. As the Sin of Sloth, he can be fairly lazy but that does not make him unwilling to help the people he cares about. King possesses the power of Disaster, giving him absolute control over life and death as well as the authority to rule the Fairy Forest, making him the Fairy King.

In battle, he wields Chastiefol, a transforming weapon that most commonly appears as a spear. Each of the weapon's ten forms has a base mode as well as an upgraded version, all of which have their own unique abilities.

king seven deadly sins gif


From: Shugo Chara

Ran is the first of four fairies hatched by Amu Hinamori, representing Amu’s wish to become athletic and more honest. A cheerful little creature, Ran makes the most out of her cheerleading outfit by rooting for her friends in order to capitalize on her natural athleticism. This outfit extends to her pom-poms; bright pink and dotted with hearts, she is never without them (she even sleeps with them).

She also possesses the ability to merge with Amu, turning her into Amulet Heart and greatly increasing Amu’s athletic skills while also granting her magical powers.

ran shugo chara gif


From: Yume-iro Pâtissière

Vanilla is a Sweet Spirit, a small type of fairy that specializes in making desserts. As her name implies, her specialty is vanilla-flavored desserts although she is also skilled with batter-based baked goods. While Vanilla is normally a nice person, she is not fond of having to repeat herself and can come off as quite mean when someone does not listen to her the first time.

Despite lacking a tactful approach in situations where that would be best, she has a good heart and is at least trying to do the right thing even when her execution could use some work.

vanilla yumeiro patisserie gif


From: Monster Rancher

Pixie was originally one of the evil Moo’s Big Bad Four, the strongest of his minions. Despite her petite figure, she has great physical strength as well as speed, both on foot and when flying. Her special attacks allow her to summon walls of fire and shoot lightning at enemies, abilities that are powerful enough to damage the hardiest of enemy monsters.

Once her eyes were opened to Moo’s evil ways by Genki and his friends, she turned against her former master with her servant Big Blue (a giant golem monster) and became a powerful ally in their battle against evil.

pixie monster rancher gif


From: Sword Art Online

yui anime fairy
Originally introduced as an amnesiac girl, Yui was found and raised by Kirito and Asuna while everyone was trapped in the game Sword Art Online. In that time they became like parents to her and they helped her to recover some of her mysterious past.

When the characters found their way to a new virtual world called ALfheim Online, Yui became a small fairy that allowed her to act as a tutorial guide for Kirito, though she can still change back to her human body at will. While she may not be a fighter like most of her friends, Yui’s great knowledge of their game worlds has often been pivotal in succeeding during their adventures.

yui sword art online gif


From: Berserk

Although he is technically an elf, Puck has a fairy-like appearance from his head to his naked toes. Yeah, he is not really one for clothing, generally flitting about stark nude. Puck tries to maintain a lighthearted attitude in the cruel world of Berserk, attempting to remain upbeat in a world full of death and other cruelties.

His main role in the series is comic relief but he can be serious when the situation calls for it. Puck also has a sympathetic heart and tends to quickly befriend people who have managed to remain innocent despite the state of their hellish world.

puck berserk gif


From: Humanity Has Declined

Do not let the endless smiles on their faces fool you, the fairies in Humanity Has Declined are far from happy creatures that want to help you. These little creatures have technology so advanced that it borderlines on being magic as well as a complete and total disregard for the safety of human beings. They are just as likely to give you a lucky break as they are to land you in an early grave.

Their large amounts of power have left them little to want for (excluding candy and other sweets) so they tend to wander around in search of entertainment, often causing chaos for humans in the process.

yousei-san dance gif


From: Shaman King

Morphine is the spirit of a poppy flower and serves as the partner to the shaman Lyserg Diethel. She has the appearance of a traditional fairy and is a mute, although she does communicate with her human partner.

In battle, Lyserg can create a crystal pendulum around Morphine and use her to strike enemies or bind them with the pendulum’s wire. Beyond that, she can combine with Lyserg’s other partner, Zelel, to a suit of armor that amplifies his ability to control fire.

morphine shaman king gif


From: Pokemon

Lots of older Pokémon were changed to Fairy-types with the introduction of the Gen VI games, but Clefairy’s species is actually classified as the Fairy Pokémon. These small pink creatures live on mountains where they can observe the stars because they are actually aliens from outer space! Clefairy’s signature attack is Metronome, which randomly turns into any other attack a Pokémon can use.

Fun fact: Ash was originally slated to have a Clefairy as his main partner instead of Pikachu. But the creators decided that having a pink Pokémon as the mascot could turn boys off from the series, so it was changed to Pikachu at the last minute.

clefairy gif

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