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Five Figure Fridays: Digimon

Play Brave Heart in the background and join us in finding the coolest Digimon figures straight from the Digital World!

by rinkya
Apr 21, 2016 11:27 PM | 10,924 views

Digimon Art Rinkya

It was the happiest of times, and it was the saddest of times; the original Digimon series delivered both during its run. This author still remembers how he felt every time Brave Heart started playing in the background and when the kids said their goodbye to the Digimon world. But now we have a new series with the original cast to welcome both new and old fans into the fold. To celebrate this joyous occasion, we have decided to showcase some of the best and interesting figures published during the franchise's long history.

5. MegaHouse G.E.M. Digimon Yamato Ishida and Gabumon Figure

MegaHouse G.E.M. Digimon Yamato Ishida and Gabumon Figure Rinkya

As an opening act we have a figure of fan-favorite character Yamato “Matt” Ishida and his Digimon Gabumon that appeals to the fans’ nostalgic feelings. This figure was released in January 2014 by MegaHouse as a part of their G.E.M. series. The figure is a 1/10 scale completely pre-painted PVC figure. The figure is really tiny with the height of only 10.5 cm (4.13 inches). Yamato was sculpted by ATTM and the painting was done by Taumokei. With this figure you will get a stand and an optional head part that shows Yamato with a big smile full of joy and excitement. To have this figure of Yamato and Gabumon you will need about 11,855 yen (109 US dollars).

4. MegaHouse G.E.M. Digimon Angewomon & Yagami Hikari Figure

MegaHouse G.E.M. Digimon Angewomon & Yagami Hikari Figure Rinkya

MegaHouse has really produced a lot of excellent Digimon figures and we really have to include more than one on our list. This time we have a special 15th anniversary edition figure of Angewomon and Yagami Hikari which belong like Yamato and Agumon to MegaHouse’s G.E.M line. This is a completely pre-painted ABS and PVC figure that is 22 cm (8.58 inches) tall. The production and release of this figure was halted in the West by the manufacturer MegaHouse on the request of the original rights holders. They wanted to market this figure as a child friendly figure but in the end deemed that this figure could not be marketed in such a manner and abandoned it. So right now the only way to get the figure is from Japan and the secondary market. The figure is highly floaty, light and energetic, thanks to the sculptor Pinpoint’s choice of poses for both Angewomon and Hikari. Pinpoint perfectly captured that spirit of children’s joy and enthusiasm in Hikari’s cute running form. Angewomon also looks stunning as she is floating slightly above ground. The figure thus calls to mind a joyful day spent in a park. This figure was released quite recently in February 2016 and it can be yours for anywhere from 12,675 yen (117 US dollars) to 38,785 yen (358 US dollars).

3. MegaHouse G.E.M. Digimon Angemon & Takaishi Takeru Figure

MegaHouse G.E.M. Digimon Angemon & Takaishi Takeru Figure Rinkya

Once again we have a figure from the G.E.M line, but this time it is a figure of Angemon and Takaishi Takeru. This figure from MegaHouse was released in February 2016. This is a 1/8 scale figure that is 22cm (8.58 inches) tall. The materials used for this figure are ABS and PVC. The figure is a completely pre-painted figure. This highly-detailed and show-accurate depiction of Angemon and Takeru was sculpted, like Angewomon and Hikari, by Pinpoint. Angemon is shown levitating slightly above ground while holding Takeru on his shoulder. The figure is light and cute and adorable and manages to convey a feeling of trust between the two characters splendidly. The colors are done in accordance with the theme and the show with abundance of white and blue and gold for Angemon and the recognizable green for Takeru. The figure can be yours for about 18,730 yen (around 173 US dollars).

2. Bandai D-Arts Digimon Omegamon Figure

Bandai D-Arts Digimon Omegamon Figure Rinkya

The penultimate spot on our list belongs to Bandai’s Omegamon figure. This figure is a part of Bandai’s D-Arts line and it was released in April 2014. This wonderful Omegamon figure with the Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon is a pre-painted ABS and PVC figure. It is 17 cm (6.63 inches) tall. The painting was done with a lot of metallic paint and as a result not a single part looks like cheap plastic. The figure is highly articulated and all of the joints can be moved. The Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon are attachable so if you choose to, you can pose this figure without them. You also get an additional jaw for the Garurumon’s hand which is needed if you want to attach the Cannon. Two capes are also included, one red and one white. The white cape is made to look like it is waving in the wind and the red is a more classic version if you are not into waving capes. This Omegamon figure comes with a base but it really is not that necessary because he can stand well enough on his own. You can own this figure for anywhere from around 17,460 yen (160 US dollars) to around 69,420 yen (around 636 US dollars).

1. Bandai D-Arts Black WarGreymon Figure

Bandai D-Arts Black WarGreymon Figure Rinkya

And so, once again we come to our top spot. This time we have a figure of Black WarGreymon from Digimon Adventure 2! The Black WarGreymon figure comes from Bandai and it is the part of their D-Arts line. Bandai released this figure in May 2011 as a Tamshii Web Shop exclusive. The Black WarGreymon figure is a completely pre-painted PVC and ABS figure that is 14 cm (5.51 inches) tall. The painting was done with the shades of silver, gold and black which really suit this figure perfectly. Also as in the series, his back shield does not have a crest of courage. The figure also comes with an effect accessory of the charging phase of the Terra Destroyer. He is highly posable so you can choose almost any position you want. The price for this figure can go up to 35,000 yen (320 US dollars) but be sure to check the secondary market for some awesome deals.

These awesome figures deserve a place in anyone’s collection and we hope you found some of them to your liking. Now, you will have to excuse us, these figures sure made us nostalgic and we are going to catch up on some of our favorite Digimon moments. Until next Friday, enjoy!

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