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Five Figure Fridays: Super Sonico

Lovely Sonico has spawned a small merchandise empire and we are here to show you the best ones that are out there!

by rinkya
Feb 25, 2016 11:54 PM | 10,968 views

super sonico art rinkya

In the Hunger Games-like world of Japanese characters, it is always worthy of your time to take notice when someone achieves the popularity level of characters like Super Sonico. It is hard to imagine that a character that spawned numerous franchises began as a simple mascot of a Nitroplus-sponsored music festival in 2006. The Tsuji Santa-created character even has so many figures based on her that going through all of them can really cause a sweet pain, but we endured in order to bring you these five amazing Super Sonico figures.

5. Orchid Seed Super Sonico SoniComi Winter Wonder Festival Version Figure

Orchid Seed Super Sonico SoniComi Winter Wonder Festival Version Figure

The figure that has the honor of opening our list comes to us from the manufacturer Orchid Seed. This Nico-chan figure was released as a special edition version at the Winter Wonder Festival that was held in February 2014. For those who do not know, this a festival that is held semiannually in the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. What makes this version different from the ordinary one is the outfit Nico-chan wears, and the fact that there are only 800 of these figures made. The figure itself is 33 cm (12.87 inches) tall. Ishiyama Satoshi is the sculptor of this voluptuous 1/5 scale pre-painted figure made from the mix of ABS and PVC. To get this unique figure you will only need around 45,100 yen (approximately 400 US dollars).

4. Super Sonico Dress-shirt ver. 1/6 Complete Figure

Super Sonico Dress-shirt ver. 1/6 Complete Figure Rinkya

There comes a time when a figure comes along and it just blows your mind. This dazzling figure of Nico-chan comes from Sky Tube and it was released in July 2011. This figure shows Sonico with her signature headphones, while wearing a mostly unbuttoned and provocative shirt. Because this Sonico figure is made from resin it goes without saying that it should be handled with care, we are especially stressing that when it comes to her cold-casted shirt which, if you desire, can be removed, rendering the figure nude. Taking all that into consideration, this 18 cm (7.02 inches) tall Sonico figure is a perfect choice for any series collector. This Sonico figure can be yours for around 46,000 yen (around 410 US dollars), or if you hurry you can find a great deal at the secondary market.

3. Nitroplus - Super Sonico Red Bondage ver. Figure

Nitroplus - Super Sonico Red Bondage ver. Figure Rinkya

It certainly looks like that Sonico is a regular guest at Winter Wonder Festival, because three figures in, and already we have two special editions that debuted at said festival in 2011. This time from Orchid Seed, we have a Red Bondage version of the regular Black Bondage version. Both figures are extremely detailed and alluring, but all of those qualities just stand out more on this special version figure. To make it even more desirable, only 400 of these 16 cm (6.24 inches) tall figures were made. Tanaka Masonari is the man we have to thank for creating this 1/7 scale PVC figure. With Sonico-chan striking an alluring pose, this figure will surely stand out in your collection for only around 50,200 yen (around 450 US dollars), or you can grab it at the secondary market for around 45,100 yen (400 US dollars).

2. Native Super Sonico Bath ver. Figure

Native Super Sonico Bath ver. Figure

Nothing beats a good bath after a hard day, and as we can see with this figure, Sonico definitely agrees! From the manufacturer Native as a part of Native’s Character Selection line, we have a figure of Sonico by the sculptor Zenko just about as she is leaving her bath tub which, by the way, is included in the package. Sonico wears nothing more than a tiny towel which covers only her front, while her back is completely exposed with heart shaped foam just under her backside. This Sonico figure is a pre-painted ABS/PVC figure which is 25 cm (9.75 inches) tall. For this kind of figure the secondary market is usually a better option, but to bring this one of a kind figure into your collection you will need to have around 51,400 (around 460 US dollars).

1. Super Sonico 1/2 Super Big Polyresin Figure

Super Sonico 1/2 Super Big Polyresin Figure Rinkya

During our run we had some huge and impressive statues grace our lists and this week’s first place can definitely stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Our top spot belongs to A Toys’ astounding 91 cm (35.49 innces) tall Sonico figure. Sonico is shown taking of her shirt which reveals her sexy white bikini. With a figure as big as this one, all the more reason it should be handled carefully, because this is a completely pre-painted poly-resin figure with some parts like swimsuit and particular parts of the headphones made from ATBC/PVC. The stand of this mesmerizing figure is even made wholly from wood. Mitsuwa-san, who is the sculptor, masterfully made Sonico both curvy and enticing while her face portrays a shy and cute expression. To own this figure, besides space you will also need around 86,000 yen (around 770 US dollars) or swing to the secondary market for a great bargain.

The massive media as Sonico sure gathered a lot of attention both from the media and the fans, and we hope we helped you navigate the land of Sonico merchandise!

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