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The Enchanting and Terrifying Corpse Party OST

Corpse Party wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for a great immersive soundtrack. Find out more about the memorable and sometimes horrific music that set the mood for the ghastly Heavenly Host.

by bunsnow17
Dec 3, 2015 10:27 PM | 8,576 views

Corpse Party Sachiko
Despite having fewer episodes compared to other horror or mystery based anime, Corpse Party is riddled with different emotions that will take you on a ride as the story unfolds. The anime does a great job of replicating and giving life to the story of the popular game of the same name. It's a story filled with memorable characters, an intriguing mystery, great development and of course, horror and tragedy. For any platform that centers around horror, music is one of the key factors that set the tone and helps create that feeling of dread and uncertainty. In fact, if you ever try to watch a horror film, you'll notice that you get scared less if you cover your ears rather than your eyes. Anime like Corpse Party isn't only a visual tale but also an audio one, with each factor blending to give you that similar experience as the characters stuck in Heavenly Host.
Corpse Party Seiko Shinohara & Yoshiki Kishinuma
Of course not playing down the significant work the creators did for the anime, the show features tracks both original and inspired from the game. The soundtrack itself is great and really makes you think about the events of Corpse Party long after you've finished watching it.


Corpse Party Naomi Nakashima
The opening track is probably the most significant track for all anime. It helps create hype and anticipation for the episode. It's also a way to preview the events that will happen later on. Corpse Party's opening track makes a good use of choir and an orchestra rendered in such a way that's both mystical and somehow dread-filled. The voices are great and the mixture of a rock feel makes it sound like the song can stand on its own even without the anime pairing. The fact that it's paired makes it even more impactful.

Overall Track Impact

Corpse Party Eye
If you listen in to the background tracks in the anime, you'll notice a similarity with the music treatment from the opening track. From the first time the students step into Heavenly Host, you get this feeling of mystery and horror, a feeling that's somehow something's lurking in each corner. The show does a great job of using synthetic music along with the deep tones of the piano. Mix this in with background music resembling that of voices and ghosts and you've got great atmospheric music. There are different tracks that relate to different scenarios in the anime. Interestingly, there are also a few tracks that were made but never released. You can easily find them online to have a listen.

With an OST that features more than 60 tracks, Corpse Party is definitely something that's been put a lot of effort on. Coming from a video game, the anime is a good indication of things to come in terms of anime and video games platforming off one another. Hopefully we get a lot more stories and great music from similar themed anime in the near future.

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