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[OPEN] Official Member Cards/Badges! 2.0
KonoDioDakeda - Aug 20, 2018
29 replies by indiglow »»
Feb 27, 8:17 PM
Sticky: Newsletter Sign-Up!
JustSomeoneYK - Jun 1, 2017
49 replies by indiglow »»
Feb 27, 8:15 PM
[CLOSED] Anime Alphabet Roulette {February}
SukiiFu - Jan 25
13 replies by SukiiFu »»
Feb 26, 5:17 PM
Sticky: Introduce Yourself! ( 1 2 )
JustSomeoneYK - Jun 1, 2017
60 replies by Kira_Oneechan »»
Feb 22, 10:08 PM
Charlotte1412 - Feb 7
5 replies by Nicktf1 »»
Feb 9, 11:03 AM

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Club Comments
xHoney | Feb 25, 1:51 PM
*cries* goodbye dango *sniffff*

SukiiFu | Feb 23, 7:43 PM
Thank you all for your hard working in this club ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐

TheBigGuy | Feb 22, 3:11 PM
It was fun while it lasted. Thank you.

irenevanessa133 | Feb 22, 2:23 PM
Hello everyone! I was the first owner of this club and server but then the time came and I asked to Virus take care of this family. He really did a very good job and I'm very proud of the Staff who did their best to keep the club alive and active!
As you can see on MAL, most clubs are dead, even big ones didn't resisted and they closed ... So I think it's better for all if this club close too .. Please I really liked to be here and be part of this family and I really appreciate all your love and devotion you had to us. Thank you!
I think it's time to say goodbye to Dango Daikazoku :cryy:

Tarandeep_singh | Feb 22, 1:52 PM
Will miss you all T^T

CountingClouds | Dec 14, 2018 5:38 PM

Spread the sugafetti!

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