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Jun 5, 2017 1:28 PM
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✧ Club Rules! ✧

1. Bullying is not tolerated by any means. Any bullying will result in an instant ban.
2. Please be respectful to not only admins of the club but to every other member as well.
3. Follow the rules and guidelines of the site, this club wouldn't exist without it.
4. Spamming is allowed but please don't spam to much. If you do that you will be warned and then kicked If that happens again.
5. Please PM any of the club's officers or admins If there is a problem as to prevent any drama from occurring within the club.
6. Any kind of NSFW is not allowed in the club but there's a channel in our Discord Server for that!
7. If someone does not follow the rules, will be happen something:

✧ 1st time not following the rules: You will be warned;
✧ 2nd time not following the rules: You will be kicked (One day of limit of kick);
✧ 3rd time not following the rules: You will be ban.

If you have more questions about this please contact an admin! PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE!

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