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The Fantasy Anime League (FAL) is similar to Fantasy Sports but with an anime twist. Basically, players form their own team by selecting anime from the upcoming season. Once the teams are chosen, everyone sits back and watches their teams rack up points according to criteria that is posted. You don't even need to watch the anime you've chosen. If you wish to be more active, FAL offers you some strategic elements.

If you are new to FAL, please read the introduction.

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FAL Fall 2016
Congress - Oct 9
1 replies by Numi »»
Oct 16, 4:46 PM
Sticky: Comments and Suggestions ( 1 2 )
Naruleach - Mar 25, 2012
91 replies by Zee530 »»
Oct 14, 10:26 PM
FAL Banners Spring 2016
Congress - Aug 11
7 replies by Petalview »»
Oct 1, 4:15 PM
Sticky: FAL Registrations Open until October 2nd 19:00 UTC
Miked - Sep 30
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Sep 30, 5:30 PM
FAL Fall 2016 Headcount
Congress - Sep 18
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Sep 18, 2:09 PM

Club Comments
Congress | Oct 23, 1:23 PM
Week 3 results are now available here.

Due to persisting issues with our data structures, detailed results are not yet available.

Paulo27 | Oct 23, 7:21 AM
Well, if no 50 people have rated the anime by this point, you probably wouldn't have been able to pick it at all.

Zerseus | Oct 23, 5:46 AM
I see, so it's either weighted score or unweighted score depending on the number of people that have rated the anime. Thanks!

kuuderes_shadow | Oct 23, 5:36 AM
It's "(un)weighted score". A score is only weighted if at least 50 people have rated the anime. If fewer than 50 have then the score is unweighted.

So basically, yes it is the score on the MAL page.

Zerseus | Oct 23, 5:31 AM
Just to be sure, what exactly are the unweighted scores that will be counted this week? Are they the ones that you see under "Scores" on the MAL page of the anime (it says its the weighted score when I hover over it) or something else?

kuuderes_shadow | Oct 22, 6:16 AM
The announcement on the official website seems to be saying that eps 1 and 2 will be redistributed at an as-yet-unknown later date.
It gives no indication of any later episodes (not just ep 3) being delayed or cancelled.

As for its effect on FAL, it may mean that some people don't pick it up who would have done, and some who have watched the first ep only might put it on hold, but I don't see it having any real effect on those already watching the series. Indeed if it goes back up within a couple of weeks it may prove beneficial to the series' prospects in the longer term.

Xykko | Oct 22, 5:03 AM
will wait till next week to see what the official news site say about this. After that i might swap it

StormSky92 | Oct 22, 3:34 AM
We'll see. It was said the production committee was unhappy with it, and the series has been pulled from every legal streaming site worldwide. It looks like episode 3 is still coming, but episodes 1 & 2 are gone for now.

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