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Fantasy Anime League (FAL) is a fantasy sport game with an anime twist. Players form "teams" of TV anime from the anime season. After registration closes, each anime collects points based on how many MAL users are watching, discussing, and scoring it.
Spring 2024 Week 3 of 13 Check Your Team Winter 2024 Final Results Winner: Rumpel1408 Check Your Final Rank! We need your help! Please spread the word of FAL and get your friends to join. If the game continues to grow, we can devote more resources to making it better and better. Join FAL on Discord After following the #how-to-verify instructions, go to #bot-spam (under Miscellaneous), type /asar join and choose FAL.
Questions About Ace The anime with the highest points in your active team can be declared as an Ace if: 1. you have not already declared it as Ace 2. it has not passed 70,000 users in "Watching" + "Completed" If you already declared the anime as an Ace and it still has the highest points in your team, you must wait until either: a. a different anime has the highest points, OR b. the already declared Ace has more than 70,000 users in "Watching" + "Completed" You cannot Ace the anime with the second highest points until the one with the highest points has >70,000 users watching+completed.

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Week 2: Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - Apr 14
20 repliesby Samii »»
7 hours ago
Week 1: Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - Apr 7
13 repliesby MistyBlue »»
Apr 13, 3:04 PM
Week 12: Wildcard/Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - Mar 24
9 repliesby Zoopiez »»
Mar 31, 5:24 PM
Week 11: Wildcard/Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - Mar 17
12 repliesby Zoopiez »»
Mar 18, 6:52 PM
Ace'ing a show with negative points - does it work?
LdoSul - Mar 10
2 repliesby LdoSul »»
Mar 11, 6:04 AM

Club Comments
belatkuro | Apr 3, 9:10 PM

Registration opened back in March 18. There were 2 weeks given to register. Plenty of time to register and change lineups. It's not the site's fault and just because you were late doesn't mean the rules should be changed to suit your convenience.

JohnKurokin | Apr 3, 7:55 PM
I didn't register in time for Spring 2024 because I was 2 days late. I have participated in every FAL so far, and I would like to see this rule changed. Registration could be allowed without a date limit, with the condition that the user only participates in the registered weeks, without counting the points that the animes of the team have added up to the registration date. That way we could all participate without worrying about forgetting to register before a certain date.

kelpforest | Mar 25, 2:01 AM
It works like the other actions. When you activate it now, it will perform the action at the end of the week - so the player who is above/below you on the leaderboard right now is the player who will get bombed.

tokomata | Mar 24, 8:02 PM
I know very few use it but question about bomber cards. They work on the target who was above/below you previous week or does it work after the new ranks get compiled.

kelpforest | Jan 8, 4:19 PM
For discussion points only one post per user per episode thread counts. So for example if in week 2 you comment in the thread for episode 1 it will count as a post at the end of week 2. If you then post again in the same thread in week 3 it wont count again at the end of week 4.

The_Weekly_Jay | Jan 8, 4:46 AM
I have a question regarding points being counted for episode discussions. Are points being counted for the total amount of replies under an episode or the total amount of discussions created around the show?

angel66666 | Jan 7, 12:59 PM
thank you

Zoopiez | Jan 7, 12:47 PM
@angel66666 Do not think they have started badge distribution yet or are not done.

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