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Best yuri couple of all time???
Lilac_warrior - Mar 24, 2018
22 replies by TanyaTheEvill »»
Feb 10, 9:07 AM
Happy Sugar Life discussion
Lilac_warrior - Mar 22, 2018
11 replies by shizu_kesa »»
Nov 17, 2021 6:34 PM
Deleting my account.
removed-user - Nov 14, 2021
1 replies by Sabishii-Luisana »»
Nov 14, 2021 3:47 PM
Sticky: Introduce Yourself ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
SuiNoByakko - Jul 17, 2014
523 replies by kenchin01 »»
Sep 14, 2021 1:46 AM
Yuru Yuri ~ Holiday
EmceePinks - Oct 30, 2018
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Oct 30, 2018 3:36 PM

Club Comments
narjes334 | Jan 5, 5:52 AM
Please read her tale of shim chong manhwa it's a great shoujo ai manhwa

Rhiannon-Senpai | Nov 17, 2021 1:10 PM
You're welcome ^^

Sabishii-Luisana | Nov 16, 2021 5:49 PM
@Jentheworld thanks! I forgot to mention I've watched Aoi Hana, but I'm definitely adding RG Utena to my list ♥

Jentheworld | Nov 16, 2021 8:29 AM
@Sabishii-Luisana I've also finished Aoi Hana anime and it's really good, the atmosphere is well-created and the watercolour backgrounds resemble a lot from the original manga. But the anime and manga have some differences as I heard from other people, so it'll be better to complete both of them.
I also want to recommend Revolutionary Girl Utena because it's unique in both the plot and settings. Although the plot will be quite disturbing to audience who just want to see pure yuri, I could say it's very touching to see the relationship change between Utena and Anthy, and the ending was so touching that I cried. The movie is also good, with more yuri scenes between them, but I prefer the TV version more and I think watching TV version before the movie is better.
Last but not least, both Aoi Hana and Revolutionary Girl Utena have amazing op, ed and ost. I hope you'll like both works!

Sabishii-Luisana | Nov 14, 2021 3:43 PM
@-Hotaru_ thank you!!! OMG! you're awesome! *-*

asuramaru1 | Nov 13, 2021 6:43 PM

Rhiannon-Senpai | Nov 13, 2021 12:31 PM
I recommend Kase-san and Morning Glories is a very good, relaxing, cute shoujo ai. If you want a deep, complex shoujo ai, Utena has it. A very good shoujo ai short is Kanamewo. A very promising shoujo ai is Geu Yeoreum, a Korean ONA (Original net animation). It seems to be the most realistic shoujo ai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D8UK0z42ig
Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto are very safe choices for quality shoujo ai that is pretty realistic and doesn't get weird and fan servicey.
As for yuri & shoujo ai manga & manhwa I made a list of my favs on mangago: https://www.mangago.me/home/mangalist/172830/

Sabishii-Luisana | Nov 13, 2021 8:42 AM
I need a yuri recommendation TT-TT I haven't watched any yuri in a long time. Can any of you recommend me a good yuri? Nothing with lolis, please.

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