Lettuce "Bridget Verdant, Mew Lettuce" Midorikawa

Lettuce Midorikawa

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Lettuce Midorikawa (碧川 れたす)

Name Meaning: "Green River" (Midorikawa)
English Name: Bridget Verdant
Age: 13
Birthday: April 29 (Taurus)
Blood type: A
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 49 kg
School: Okumura Daifuzoku Junior High School
School Grade: Eighth (Second year junior high school student, by Japanese school standards)
Affiliations: The Mew Project, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Café Mew Mew

In the anime, Lettuce has a younger brother named Uri. She also made dolls as a pastime. Her parents, Yomogi and Eizaburou Midorikawa, always encouraged her to be herself, and someday, she will have real friends. Lettuce still had her so-called 'friends' from school, called "The Three Beckies" in the English dub, though she still hasn't told them she is a Mew Mew.

Lettuce has light skin and dark green hair with two long braids at the back. She has blue eyes and thin glasses. Lettuce wears a dress and an apron like the other Mew Mews, but hers is green.

Mew Mew
Lettuce's hair turns a lighter green and she doesn't wear glasses. She wears a green body suit, with green garters on her arm and left leg. She has a green choker that her Mew Pendant dangles from. She has white lace lining on her chocker and garters. She has long white antennas on her head that reach her feet. Lettuce's Mew Mark is on her chest, with two curves that resemble a fish.

Lettuce is a sweet but shy and timid girl, who is also clumsy and ditsy. She is very polite and always speaks formally, even to her friends and family, who she speaks to all the time. Lettuce's family is very positive and they told her that she would be able to make friends when she thought she couldn't. Lettuce becomes more confident when she joins the mew mews and leaves the three girls that bully her (though in Mew Mew Power she still talks to them). Lettuce does not like to get involved in fights unless it will prevent her friends from being harmed. She is a shy, thirteen-year-old girl eight-grader (second year junior high student, by Japanese school standards) who attends Okumura Daifuzoku Junior High (Excaliber High School in the English anime adaptation) and works at Café Mew Mew. Lettuce's favorite foods are shortcakes, grapes and stewed foods, while her least favorite foods are shiitake mushrooms.

Lettuce's D.N.A is infused with the D.N.A of the Finless Porpoise, a cousin of the dolphin, so Lettuce's legs can transform into a porpoise's tail when she is underwater (if she is in possession of Mew Aqua), greatly approving her ability to swim. She is the third girl to join the mew mews and, at first, is afraid to use her powers, but this changes because of Ichigo Momomiya and Mint Aizawa's encouragement.

(Source: Tokyo Mew Mew Wikia)

Voice Actors
Sakuma, Kumi
Spinelli, Elisabetta
Quinto, Letícia
Portuguese (BR)
Schroeder, Erica
Simonyi, Piroska
Yang, Jeong Hwa
Uzan, Naama
Frippiat, Géraldine
Gómez, Dilma
Juuni, Ryouko
Pallavicino, Valentina

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