Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: First Kiss wa Owaranai

Kaguya-sama: Love is War - The First Kiss That Never Ends

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Japanese: かぐや様は告らせたい -ファーストキッスは終わらない-
English: Kaguya-sama: Love is War - The First Kiss That Never Ends
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Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Dec 17, 2022
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, DramaDrama, RomanceRomance
Theme: SchoolSchool
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 1 hr. 36 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.781 (scored by 145265145,265 users)
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Ranked: #372
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Popularity: #915
Members: 266,853
Favorites: 1,884

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Preliminary Spoiler
Dec 17, 2022
*spoilers in marked section*

Have you ever thought if Kaguya-sama is pure romance rather than so much comedy?

Behold! The most beautiful and romantic movie of the year. This is the greatest story of Kaguya-sama has been told. The epic conclusion to the geniuses' war of hearts and minds since the first season aired in 2019. Ending the war once and for all in this merry Christmas gift offering from A-1 Pictures, Kaguya-sama ~ First Kiss wa Owaranai ~!

After receiving a massive disappointment from the outrageous uLtrA RoMantiCC, I felt angry with this show because it left me with a bitter taste since I’m a fan of ...
Jan 4, 2023
As a moderate Kaguya fan who's never read the manga I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Was it was wacky and goofy as the series? No. But that wasn't a bad thing. In fact I found the rather serious moments between Kaguya and Shirogane quite good and shows a different side of them. Don't worry though there are still plenty of comical moments. My only critique of the film is how little we got to see of the other characters. This truly focuses on the President and Vice-President's tangled, confusing relationship. As it should becuase, at the end of the day, they are the stars of ...
Feb 22, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Until now the anime's production earned a reputation of making miracles come true. It was impressive how much of a well-done adaptation Season 3 was considering the various production hurdles. This 'movie' would look like an even harsher challenge, since the announcement frankly came out of nowhere and it was delivered so quickly after season 3. For the most part, this release looks like another miracle. However, this time there are parts of the adaption that have been lackluster and some that are pretty bad.

I won't go into specifics in order to avoid spoilers. But basically, the movie is mainly adapting an arc of the ...
Jan 22, 2023
Like the genre, this movie had a perfect balance of Romance and Comedy. It probably made me laugh the most compared to all the anime I have watched. The romantic part kept me excited to see what was going to come. If you are a かぐや様 (Love is War) fan, this is a must-watch. However, if I were to criticize one thing, it will be the lack of pacing in the last part. I think I could have been improved but I digress. By the way, this movie takes right after "Ultra Romantic" so make sure to watch that first.
P.S Watched it at the ...
Feb 19, 2023
‟I want to love all of you” -Kaguya Shinomiya

It's Love is War ! The funny show where they can't express their love for each others to not feel inferior. Of course, after 3 seasons you probably know the deal. And funny it was, some of the most hilarious moments happened in season 3 and it even became the highest rated anime on MAL for a moment, which is pretty epic for an anime that I really like. Love is War started as a episodic comedy manga, and even with that fact, the time that we dedicated ourselves to read/watch it made us appreciate the students ...
Apr 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
It felt incredibly average. There were some painfully average clichés and stereotypical romcom elements, but it really didn't feel like the same quality it should have been. Of course this dives further into the romance element than the comedy, but there was depth lacking in both. The only reason I rate this higher than a painfully average 5 is because of the deep internal struggles portrayed in the film. The way Kaguya could emulate a courtroom and incorporate all of her personalities and gather the whole idea as a reflection on who she truly is as a person and why she's choosing a different side ...
Feb 15, 2023
+ It's very funny and has great comic timing! I watched this in a fully-packed theatre, and the jokes got a lot of laughs and cheers from the whole audience.
+ A great thematic compliment to Season 3! While "Ultra Romantic" was outwardly flashy and idyllic, this movie is quite a bit more grounded and poignant.
+ I enjoy how they keep the pacing tight and free of unnecessary fluff; manga readers will notice how they cut out a few lines or scenes from the chapters to focus the story on our two main protagonists, Kaguya and Shirogane.
+ There are a lot of bits of visual flair, ...
Feb 17, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Edit / Updated thoughts:
I just rewatched it in 4 episode chunks and I can safely say that 3/4 of this special is top quality and excellent, but the breaking point for me is the 4th part. From what I understand, it adapts a chapter that is further down the line and while it does tie up the story point set up in parts 1, it also sprinkled in scenes from other parts, which no only screws up the pacing of the whole thing big time, but also spoils what's to come for season 4. This Christmas period should have been one entire season instead of ...
Feb 22, 2023
Kaguya Sama has been quite highly praised throughout the years of its 3 season release, with the third season taking the internet by storm with how well-executed the climax of the story was. This movie aims to adapt one of the more controversial arcs of the manga, with some praising it for how great its themes are, and others hating it for its so-called "melodrama". I for one, found it to be my favorite arc in the manga, but while having some discussion about the arc in the source material on both /a/ and with my friends, I was kind of worried as to how ...
Feb 14, 2023
The First Kiss That Never Ends is a direct continuation of the ending of Season 3 and shouldn’t be viewed on its own or skipped over. It also continues the more slice-of-life presentation that the series evolved into. However, while this movie has the same type of writing and visuals as its anime, the actual plot becomes the most serious Kaguya-sama’s tone has ever been by far. Plus, it returns to focusing on Kaguya and Miyuki’s relationship again which is welcome (even for someone who loves the side characters and their stories like me).

The first half or so of the movie is the usual Kaguya-sama ...
Feb 15, 2023
"If that high-maintenance, unpleasant half of Kaguya Shinomiya... were to receive a kiss from Pwesident... I'm sure we'd die of happiness."

-- the following is a discussion on love and life, my personal take on it and how it relates to kaguya as a whole, as well as my overall thoughts. slight spoilers concerning how our leads handle love and a late-movie conversation b/w them. reader discretion is advised. --

Love isn't an easy thing to commit one's self to. There's a reason why the shiftiness of marriage or settling down or a simple label is so prominent in media: it's real. Even if your partner is ...
Feb 20, 2023
It feels like watching a bunch of anime episodes at once, though with how the story goes, I guess it's fine as a movie since the "episodes" are cohesive with the next. You would definitely need to watch the previous 3 seasons before you watch this movie, it picks up right after the end of the last episode of season 3.

It was a great movie that heavily focuses on Kaguya's and Miyuki's problems and how they go about them. You have your usual Love is War moments just like in the animes, which is nothing to be surprised about but still pretty good. There are ...
Apr 3, 2023
"I lack the confidence to share my emotions… I want to be ordinary”

Kaguya truly has gone above and beyond in telling a story worth your time. It's filled with moments of hype, laughter, and gloominess, but in the end, a love story that makes you feel warm.

Kaguya first has impeccable writing for this movie to tie the knot, from where we left off in S3. Most of us fans are happy that they got together, yet this story has so much more to offer. Even more of a suprise is the depth we continue to get from our main couple.
It has great pacing throughout ...
Aug 30, 2023
Here is my review of this anime in 2023!

Story (10)
The story is a continuation of the last season where they are kissing on the tower with full of balloons. After that, they are gonna become more straight to each other feelings. It's really interesting to see how they are going after that scene. Not only that, almost all side characters also have a good ending! There are lot of kissing scene on this movie.

Art (10)
The art of this anime is incredibly good! I love how they were using glow, color, shadow, and animation style. The backstory scene and Kaguya Yandere's side effects were very cool! ...
Feb 19, 2023
Simple Review. Went to the theatrical release on Valentines Day. Once I entered, I was surprised to learn that there were a bunch of dudes filling up the seats with a staggering 10:1 ratio of men over woman. Felt like I was watching with the bros so it didn't feel awkward watching a romance movie on my own.

As the movie started and throughout it's runtime, I'm having a blast and laughing my ass off! (I'll explain why shortly) At the start, it's simply good and great! It's basically how you would expect watching this regularly on your couch binging 5 anime episodes in, but ...
Apr 10, 2023
This is the best movie in the term of romantic genre alright this movie is take place after the season 3 so before you watch this movie/ova you must watch the entire Kaguya sama series now for the review this movie has a same animation style with the series no difference however this movie did a great jobs with the angle for the character and the main story is only focus on Kaguya and shirogane after the end of the season 3 and without spoiling anything there a lot development between Kaguya and shirogane and not just that in this movie we also can see ...
Jun 7, 2023
Continuing on directly from the final episode of Kaguya-sama: Love is War Ultra Romantic, this film is all about the fallout—namely the complete and total destruction of the status quo. While neither of our main pair has said the words, their feelings are out in the open and it's impossible to put the genie back in the bottle.

Overall, most of this film is a character piece on Kaguya. The Kaguya we've come to know and love is one who has made a core group of friends that she doesn't need to keep at arm's length. While her pride still gets in the way, she knows ...
Feb 16, 2023
The First Kiss That Never Ends is a love letter and a romantic rollercoaster made for devoted Kaguya-sama fans. This is a movie that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside with deep, wholesome, and intimate moments. The film brings to life the most important plot points from the manga in a stunning and fun silver screen experience that's been years in the making. While the movie's presentation may not stray too far from the regular episodes of the show, it still manages to heighten the viewing experience with moments of elevated lighting that remind you that you're watching something special.

As I settled in ...
Dec 2, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Progressively, the series has struggled with maintaining certain elements of its original novelty act, and the need for change or evolution is unavoidable, but the story is also obligated to excite in other ways either to compensate or justify itself. The humor has undergone a radical redirection in approach over time, which frankly falls extremely flat in this film during major confrontational moments. In particular, Kaguya's internal monologues are simply idiotic, and the necessary discourse should have been framed alternatively, perhaps even separated from silly comedic caricatures. The genuine substance behind all the shenanigans, however, harbors long-awaited satisfaction, especially in witnessing the reversal in dynamics ...
Apr 2, 2023
It's an absolute masterclass. Anyone who isn't like 30 years old plus will love kaguya-sama. It simply does not get better than this. this is cinema. if you have seen kaguya-sama, you don't need a review to watch it. if you haven't seen kaguya-sama, I pity you. Very few romcoms can seamlessly transition between romance and comedy like this one. Anti-climactic moments are a staple of romcoms, and kaguya-sama does it perfectly. The one criticism of kaguya-sama has been it's romance. The art is great, the animation is breathtaking, the sound is great, loveable characters, interesting plot. But what about the romance? that's where the ...