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Feb 15, 2023
"If that high-maintenance, unpleasant half of Kaguya Shinomiya... were to receive a kiss from Pwesident... I'm sure we'd die of happiness."

-- the following is a discussion on love and life, my personal take on it and how it relates to kaguya as a whole, as well as my overall thoughts. slight spoilers concerning how our leads handle love and a late-movie conversation b/w them. reader discretion is advised. --

Love isn't an easy thing to commit one's self to. There's a reason why the shiftiness of marriage or settling down or a simple label is so prominent in media: it's real. Even if your partner is ...
Dec 27, 2022
Chainsaw Man (Anime) add
"I'm a devil hunter with Public Safety. You have two options: I can kill you like a devil, or I can keep you as a human."

-- the following is a discussion on why denji is easy to root for and how the adaptation was handled. slight spoilers concerning an ed are contained within. reader discretion is advised. --

Life is hard. I find even myself rolling my eyes at that statement, but the truth is the truth regardless of how oversaid it is. Life is hard. The struggles people face day-to-day vary from person to person, but everyone has experienced misfortune in one way or ...
Dec 24, 2022
"We've made it this far, so let's go."

-- the following is a discussion on how time is discussed in the yama no susume series and a look at this season in particular. a spoiler or two lies within. reader discretion is advised. --

Time. Time passes whether we like it or not, a constant that consistently chugs away. Sometimes the clock seems to be moving in slow motion as we gaze at it longingly, and that gaze is repeated when we wish for more of it, a fun event draining it at a rapid pace. This change is only present in the eye of the beholder, ...
Dec 18, 2022
"Well, your happy little fairytale future... doesn't exist!"

-- the following is a discussion on how the landscape of not only anime, but animation itself has been altered. reader discretion is advised. --

Names that frequently fill the minds of people when they think of "animation" vary from person to person. Whether they be founders, directors, artists, voice actors, or anything in-between, the pillars of this industry aren't agreed upon universally. With something as subjective as media, it makes sense for there not to be one individual at the top of the totem poll... well, until now.

Shouta Aoi has crafted something once deemed impossible with "Endless Love", ...
Dec 4, 2022
"I don't even know how I feel."

-- the following is a discussion on how a rushed, mediocre manga ending can be made worse and why that ending fails to deliver. acts as a discussion of the whole series, intended for those who have already finished it. reader discretion is advised. --

Have you ever heard "The Distance" by Cake? It's a wonderful alternative rock track that came out in the 90s' by a band that deserves more recognition for being incredibly creative and fun. The song is about a relationship. A racing junkie, spending time practicing and practicing, neglecting his lover. This obsession destroys the idea ...
Oct 1, 2022
"Sorry, honey. Mama lost her courage for a minute."

-- the following is a discussion on how poor animation and misunderstanding can ruin something previously fun. very brief run through of events to illustrate bad pacing. reader discretion is advised. --

I've been late to the party for most recent anime events. I started my days with Sword Art Online around its release, but that's the only hype train I was apart of back then. In the years following, I frequently saw The Devil is a Part Timer shine brightly on Netflix pages and never gave it the time of day. I tried a few other shows ...
Sep 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
"It felt like she was telling me that one didn't need to be family to share in the pain."

-- the following is a discussion on everyone's favorite mc and character underuse. --

I feel like Rent-a-Girlfriend gets a mass amount of hate for simply being what a lot of its contemporaries are too - a romance with a weak male MC.

There's a reason why Kazuya is so hated, even by people who just have a general idea of what this show is. He has an innate ability to make situations more awkward and his inner-monologues don't really help. Whenever it seems to be going a little ...
Jul 9, 2022
"But hey, as long as they're happy, it's all good."

-- the following is a brief paragraph or two on my overall thoughts, followed by a conversation on how this show feels lifeless. reader discretion advised. --

Shikimori was one of those shows that felt like nothing right out of the floodgates. No pointless three episode rule or anything - completely dead on impact and a perfect example of how a slice of life show can fail.

Hidden by good animation, character gestures and boring frames show an inherent laziness. Not everything needs to have references or obvert goofiness to spice up the visuals, but having a ...
Jun 25, 2022
Spy x Family (Anime) add
"I'm just a simple father trying not to stumble around too much as I protect my happy little family."

-- the following is a brief paragraph or two on my overall thoughts, followed by spoilers about the warm feeling this creates. reader discretion is advised. --

There's always a level of anticipation when it comes to new things. Spy x Family had the displeasure of being the most hyped show of the season behind Shield Hero's second outing, a role it soon took over as time passed on, and has luckily earned that spot at the top with an outstanding first season.

Spy x Family follows the spy ...
Jun 24, 2022
"You can't get by with someone else's words precisely because it's a crucial moment."

-- the following is a brief paragraph or two on my overall thoughts, followed by spoilers about how this show handles progression well and moving on. reader discretion is advised. --
(this was written when MAL had the full season at 12 episodes. all, now 13, episodes were seen when this review was written.)

So many shows try to handle romance. So many shows try to handle comedy. Naturally, the marrying of the two genres was something that was bound to happen. It's been done time and time again and the fact that new ...

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