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Synonyms: Code Breaker
English: Code:Breaker
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2012 to Dec 23, 2012
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Kinema Citrus
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: SchoolSchool, Super PowerSuper Power
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 6.731 (scored by 154039154,039 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #52692
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #660
Members: 312,567
Favorites: 638

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characters fight for their own sense of justice 
report Recommended by AmberFebruary
In both series, there's the theme of superpower in a world that has both criminals and those who stops them. The main protagonist from both series carries out tasks with their group in such a world. Both series' main protagonist are cold, powerful, independent, and sometimes sarcastic. Both series features action, drama, some comedy, and has a mysterious like background surrounding the show especially in regards to the powers used by various characters.  
report Recommended by Stark700
+Both main characters are similar, both are mysterious and are assassin. +Both are Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Super Power genre. +Both anime got secret organization or Crime syndicate. +Both anime main female character got a girl beside them. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Rei looks a little bit like Rin and the blue flames. They both have the action, Shounen and Supernatrual genres. Rei and Rin have the same seiyuu. 
report Recommended by xMichi
Both of these shows focus on teens with super powers who are being chased by the government, and other teens with superpowers saving them from the fate of a guinea pig. 
report Recommended by dead-leaves
Very similar animes. -Both about the main guy character has a very dark past, who is known for very cold and heartless. -Both about main guy meets a girl who changes him and he starts to become a better person -Both main girl character are very similar -Both main girl character finds out about the truth of the world, like how some people has special abilities and cleanse monsters / people who sinned -Both involve action and very sad -Both very good anime that will give you the same feelings 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both series plays the idea of a superpower theme involving a strong, independent, and tough main male protagonist. Thus, in both series, the male protagonist meets a female protagonist and the two form a strange relationship. Both series deals with power of fire as a tool of destruction. Both series takes place at a school setting and involves action, drama, and comedy. While Code:Breaker lacks romance, it makes it up with its more variety of supporting characters. 
report Recommended by Stark700
The theme of delivering justice to criminals is a theme present in both series. Righteousness are judged in both series although by a different method. The main male protagonist in both series are also quite independent and has a lot of skills in what they do. Both series offers plenty of action and drama. P-P contains more violence and a more serious theme while Code:Breaker has more a shounen style theme. Both series' organizations however has the theme of eradicating criminals/corrupt people in both of their worlds. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Main Character belong to a group which characters assassinate bad peoples to erase corruption in the city, in the name of their justice. The bad guy of the show is the Prime Minister in the two stories. Characters not hesitate to kill peoples who deserve it. The group of principals characters fight against other group who look alike (ex: Jaegers from AgK and Re:Code/Code Names from Code Breaker) 
report Recommended by Kag5n
They both have "clans" or "gangs" of people with special powers who are unknown to the public. Both protagonist get into trouble with people who have special powers. 
report Recommended by sunjay140
Though the anime has less action and seriousness the manga does Both main girls were left in the care of strangers because their parents wanted to keep them safe Both girls use nullification Both main guys use fire Both have shadow users So if you enjoy this anime you should also find this one to interesting as well 
report Recommended by mocha34345
A group of teenagers with super power ability. Both have enough dose of action and drama with a hint of comedy. 
report Recommended by decembeardream
Similar: 1. Annoying girl enters main character's life. 2. Main character protects said annoying girl. 3. Main character starts to "like" the annoying girl. Differences: Mythical Detective Loki - Girl doesn't possess any powers (based in mystery with super natural with norse gods). Code:Breaker - Girl possesses a power (based in super natural with government). 
report Recommended by luluapple
The same plot where it involves people with special abilities who are into the crime fighting business, except in the old anime the guys there were sanctioned by the gov't to fight bad people, while in the new anime the guys there work as freelance often hired as P.I's or do personal protection. 
report Recommended by RazorRamona200
Although an old anime. Code: Breaker really reminds me of Flame of Recca Rei Oogami mostly resemble Kurei's personality and demeanor. The blue flame of Rei and the purple flame of Kurei's Flame from Kureinai her beloved who was killed by the one who adopted him. Same as the sacrifice for each power that they have. Rei's sense of taste using his blue flame and Kurei's loveone as his Phoenix Flame. 
report Recommended by Carex
Both can be funny sometimes, both have characters that have intentions of destroying a person/people, both have people that have strange powers, and I find that some of the characters in Code:Breaker are similar to characters in Yumekui Merry. 
report Recommended by BakaBomb
Similar superpowers, setting, wide range of characteristic heroes. But Hitori is more comedic, and Code Breaker is more philosophical. 
report Recommended by MenthaAquatica
A group of people fighting through a world full of darkness and secrets. A shadow that's trailing the world hidden deep within the society. A threatening conspiracy that no one ever knew. Code Breaker possesses all these mystifying elements much like how Zetsuen no Tempest does. And in this anime as well, powers not known to regular people plays in important role in the truth of reality that's operating far beneath the facade of normal daily living. And also, the story seems to revolve around a girl whose existence has something to do in the grand master-plan of things. 
report Recommended by NyeLink
Similarities: -Strong MC (knows how to fight) -reverse harem i think?? In Kenka Banchou Otome the girl pretends to be a boy and goes to the delinquent school for his twin brother sake and beats everyone and become the boss. While in Code breaker the girl doesn't pretend to be a boy but also strong. She beats other guys even thought she is a girl.. If you like strong female lead, like in KBOGBB, you will also like code breaker. 
report Recommended by HeavenlyGoddess
Both shows just exude cool. Both shows have fun Openings that you never want to skip and are equally entertaining with strong and interesting male leads. 
report Recommended by skyhei1995
Sasuke's and Hitomi's ideas and feelings are similar. Situation (Konoha-Itachi/Breakers) also similar 
report Recommended by Has_killed_death
Both main characters work for an organization of assassins. 
report Recommended by RJRavenger_BR
To me these two anime's have a similar feel. I greatly enjoyed both of these series. They may be set differently but they are both great anime's. So to explain why: Main male characters believe in fighting for justice and to right the world. They both have an "order" in which the fighters are from and to which friendships are made. The main males teachers/person they look up to, go rogue, however not quite in the same way. Both have cute male characters and pretty female characters. One character from each anime have bright red hair. The main character is thought to be evil at first by another character. Other than this they  read more 
report Recommended by KikiSohma
Both protagonists believe in equality (eye for an eye), are dogs working for an organization government/military, find out the truth of everything, have special powers, and fight to bring justice. Both shows are addicting. 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
-characters fight to protect innocent people destroying evil, fighting for justice. -character's who's protecting people from evil are to be unknown from the world/they don't exist. -both dark and deep anime -both gain powers from a master -both fight the evil in order to grant one wish 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
+Both anime got assassins, Crime syndicate and Secret originations. +both anime are Action, Mystery, Thriller, Seinen. +Both anime main male character got sad past. +Both main character got a female character beside them. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Similarities: Both involves pesky girl with special abilities messing with guy's life. Both involves a group of protagonist with special abilities. Both have the same bad ass antagonist, who proves to be a challenge for the protagonists. Dissimilarities: Pesky girl's special ability in one anime has a very dark side into it, while the special ability of the pesky girl in the other anime has the ability to help the protagonist. The pesky girl in one anime is irritating in the sense that she always insist that the protagonist follow the law, while in the other anime the pesky girl there is a bimbo. One anime has a little bit  read more 
report Recommended by Nasty001
+Both anime main character come to school but he got secret mission to accomplish. +Both main male character got a girl beside them and they are similar. +Both got Action and School genre. +Both got secret organization and crime syndicate. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Goverment secrets , great fights , main chracters have goals to accomplish. If you like guys with an ability if fire in therie hands they have it and blood!!! 
report Recommended by RosyXkid
Similar action with dark organizations. Young characters with superpowers and similar urban settings. Both series have the same general feeling. Loaded with action and, at times, emotional character stories.  
report Recommended by Valkyrie_Wings
Battle shōnen with super powers, similar characters and a bit of comedy. 
report Recommended by Frezlaj
Girl finds out she has powers her family wants to kill her to control her powers, Code:Breaker is more a supernatural team of anti heroes and a shady organization they work for. Ceres the leading man also works for a shady company as well what makes this show similar to this is the fact the leading man in Ceres is similar to the leading man in this show killing with no remorse a anti hero someone who only understands the purpose of fighting. Both shows have a lot of action and are very fast paced but Ceres is more violent and Gorey another big difference  read more 
report Recommended by bunnij
The main character finds out the supernatural secret involving one or more of her classmates. She then is dragged into a supernatural mess to help the person or persons she happens to find the secret of. The person she finds the secret out of and others aren't particularly pleased that their secret is out, but there is not much they can do about it. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both series deals with the world of crime and supernatural as the main male protagonist wishes to deliver their "justice". At the same time, another in both series tries to help people but in a different way. Both series' main male protagonists are independent, has a cold personality, and very confident in their abilities. Both series has drama, action, violence, and involves super power themes dealing beings with supernatural abilities who wishes to use their powers for their own ideologies. Both series' female characters also has a strong will to help others and be there for the main male protagonists. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Burning people to a crisp. Code Breaker was immediately what I thought of. Rang Wo Men Shao Ba would only take 10 minute of your time, try it out, it is fun! 
report Recommended by iamKetranLang