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Ao no Exorcist
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Ao no Exorcist
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Rei looks a little bit like Rin and the blue flames.
They both have the action, Shounen and Supernatrual genres.
Rei and Rin have the same seiyuu.
report Recommended by xMichi
>Both revolves protagonist using blue flame.
>The flames are powers of evil, Satan Flame for Ao no Exorcist
>Protagonist has the same seiyuu, Rin and Rei
report Recommended by DeusXZero
the main character, rei ogami, has the same power as rin okumura [also the initials, RO and the voice actor], although the plot differs a lot, the feel of the anime is same.

the genre also aligns with each other being supernatural, shounen and action.
report Recommended by Exwire_LuxuS
Both of the main characters use blue flames as their main weapon—not to mention a katana as well.
report Recommended by -Zenryoku