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Japanese: フェイト/ゼロ
English: Fate/Zero
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2011 to Dec 25, 2011
Premiered: Fall 2011
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: ufotable
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 27 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.271 (scored by 867747867,747 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #3012
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #79
Members: 1,512,592
Favorites: 33,684

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jan 8, 2012
When I first started this anime, I thought it was very good, but then it took a turn for the worse and became piss poor. Why you say? Maybe because every character falls into a generic archetype, such as, Irisvile (weak defenseless female), Saber ( strong female), and a boring protagonist who hardly ever shows up, and is apparently cheating on his wife. Now getting to the story, for the most part, it consists of Irisvile clinging to Saber's underwear while acting as a defenseless female who has no where better to be but involved in this Grail War which the shows speaks of a ...
Oct 22, 2017
I'm sorry, but this anime is simply atrocious.

I honestly don't understand the appeal of Fate/Zero at all. It's been praised by so many and it has a really high rating, however, I just can't stomach it. Mind you, there are some minor spoilers of first four episodes just to be able to shed light on why I rated the show so low without being automatically reported. Not that it won't happen regardless.

First episode has to be the most boring, pointless episode I ever watched. Absolutely no effort was made to spark the interest of the viewer or to summarize the story properly. It threw at ...
Aug 17, 2023
As someone who has not previously watched anything related to the Fate franchise, I went into Fate/Zero with no expectations. I knew of the popularity and praise for Fate/Zero on its own, however it never caught my attention and never became something I wanted to prioritize; for whatever reason, it didn't give me a good vibe. Now, having completed the first season, I can safely say that my vibe was correct in steering me away.

Fate/Zero has a lot to offer. A war for a mystic object, the Holy Grail, is happening, and magic-wielding contestants are given the ability to summon legendary heroes to do their ...
Jan 6, 2016
Let me say it straight: I'm reviewing only the first part of the show, since it is a split cour. Everything written here applies only to S1. Also, I'm a huge fan of the original VN and Nasuverse as a whole. I guess, the review definitely has some bias.

Sometimes, a show needs exposition, because otherwise it is impossible to tell a complete and logical story. The exposition is needed to set up the characters, the stage and the events leading to the main part of the series. The first cour of Fate/Zero is such a case: it is just an infodump containing everything necessary to ...
Nov 22, 2018
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
Fate is an anime. At this point I'd usually give some detail about the main story, or characters, but it's a bit difficult to given what I saw. The first episode was 45 minutes in length, which I've got no objections to, GTO comes to mind as another anime with a long first episode, and one that was executed quite well to establish the main character and basis for the story. Fate's opening episode was about as disconnected from the notion of being enjoyable as possible. 45 minutes of consecutive exposition, just one character explaining to another how the story worked. This isn't me trying ...
Jul 21, 2016
This review is going to trigger butthurt Type-Moon fanboys, so bear with my opinion if you've got even the tiniest bit of maturity.

Fate/Stay Night, a show, more like a visual novel or better eroge, which roughly translated to porn game in English which gets overly hyped recommended.
However, this is a prequel to the cringey harem/romantic comedy antics trash that is the main series, thus I thought it'd be something else, having a different director etc.

In the end I was wrong.

Story : 4
The plot isn't any different than the sequel: same holy grail war, same classes, same plot devices that ruin the whole show, totally predictable ...
Jan 15, 2016
Note: This is a review for both seasons.

Story: 1- Just as it says, the story is put simply...pathetic. It starts off with an hour long episode full of cringe worthy exposition. Where...get this...the majority of time that could be used for less wasteful things such as getting us to care about the characters is spent on more exposition, more exposition, and even more exposition. All the while they talk in circles! Oh but don't worry, you'll get even MORE exposition with each and every episode accompanied by cheap forced melodrama and pretentious preaching which holds little to no substance or value. Oh and can't ...
Jan 15, 2019
** Story **
Season 1 is completely unnecessary. There were no real conflicts. Each story arc leads to a hero battle, however, the fights inevitably end with a third party interruption, with absolutely no resolution. This implies the conflicts weren't necessary at all to the overarching story.

Strong premise, dilly-dallying execution.

Story rating: 3/10

** Art/Aesthetics **
As a Tsukihime fan, I absolutely love the character aesthetics.

Mar 11, 2019
This review covers both seasons because they're both parts of the same story and reviewing them individually is stupid.

Fate/zero is yet another badly written anime by the shitty writer gen urobuchi and this review explains why.

I'll talk about the good aspects of fate/zero and then the majority of the review will be the bad aspects (because there are too many) the mediocre aspects are anything that i don't end up mentioning

The Good:-
1- Great Visuals that make the scenes and the backgrounds in the anime look great, but the anime doesn't have alot of animation in it.
2- high quality instruments and sound effects, but the soundtrack ...
Jul 16, 2021
Many people consider this as the better anime of the Fate franchise (the franchise is awful in itself). The first problem is that is a prequel of a bad show (Fate Stay Night), and it tried to be more serious when the original show was stupid. I'm gonna tell you the main issues that this prequel have (this review covers both seasons of Fate/Zero):

1) The battle royal premise. It is a battle royal that will lead to another battle royal full of sexualization, lack of tension, teenagers with revolted hormones, stereotypes, edgelord shit and meaningless dialogues (many of them are memes currently). Reliance on the ...
Oct 6, 2021
I decided to check out the Fate series because I read so many good things about it, however I came away highly disappointed.

I read up on which series to start with and Fate/Zero was a general consensus for where to start. So I started watching and found myself very confused. I had some sort of idea of the broad story but couldn't put the pieces of the puzzle together. I stuck it out though and I made it to episode 17 and couldn't take anymore. It was just too painful to watch.

My takeaway is this:
1) I felt that the story ...
Feb 5, 2020
I initially heard about the Fate series over a decade ago when there was a sudden fervor to create content from the manga, video games, and the anime. It dominated the anime sections of online quizzes, Google Images, art websites, comment sections, and so on.

Given that I had been drawn to anime by that point, it comes as no surprise that I was interested in checking it out. Unfortunately, I didn't have the means of getting my hands on the series. When I saw it become available on Netflix, I knew that there was no longer an excuse to wait. It was finally time to ...
May 8, 2019
My first foray in the ultra ubiquitous Fate series! I can't believe this is what people lose their shit over! Gen Urobuchi already has a permanent spot on my shit list for when I watched Suisei no Gargantia empty a whole clip into its own foot halfway through the season, or when Psycho Pass was worse Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for entire 22 episode runtime. Two leads are setup to be these very interesting morally grey characters with complex reasons for being the Holy Grail War... and then the plot proceeds to do literally nothing with them. We learn very little about ...
Feb 1, 2022
Preliminary (3/13 eps)
I will preface this "review" by saying that I am more or less just expressing my thoughts about this anime from what little I have seen, and should mention that I was recommended to start with Fate/Zero by multiple people to watch the series. As of this review being up, I am watching Fate/Stay Night, the first entry released in the anime series.

To sum up, I have a strong suspicion that Fate/Zero expects you to understand lots of plot points going into its first almost hour long episode. In the first twenty minutes, we are introduced to upwards of at least six characters, and long ...
Jan 15, 2024
(ENG vers.)
Reading the synopsis of this anime, the concept of the world and the story seem very interesting, but all the interest in it is wasted with a progress that is completely boring to watch. In the first few minutes of the first episode, countless information is thrown at the audience in a very poorly thought out way, making it extremely difficult and tiring to understand the plot, with almost 50 minutes of just loose dialogue without prior context. This is tedious.

Other than that, most of the characters are not at all charismatic and their fights are not exciting, both due to terrible direction and ...