Oct 22, 2017
NiBer (All reviews)
I'm sorry, but this anime is simply atrocious.

I honestly don't understand the appeal of Fate/Zero at all. It's been praised by so many and it has a really high rating, however, I just can't stomach it. Mind you, there are some minor spoilers of first four episodes just to be able to shed light on why I rated the show so low without being automatically reported. Not that it won't happen regardless.

First episode has to be the most boring, pointless episode I ever watched. Absolutely no effort was made to spark the interest of the viewer or to summarize the story properly. It threw at you an enormous amount of information about many miscellaneous things in an incredibly monotonous voice and without any proper order. Throughout the entire episode there was nothing that kept me engaged whatsoever. As if I'm supposed to be intrigued and eagerly listen to ominous, rambling, mumbling old men in robes telling us something of great importance is coming.

Second episode had some seriously annoying and edgy characters introduced. Waver Velvet - incredibly annoying character who all he does is whine in a super annoying voice. Waver Velvet's familiar or whatever it's called, the summoned guy, the 'i'm the strongest'. *googles* Rider, right. Awful character. And he has over 5000 favorites?
Then we got the edgy scene where they brutally kill a kid with apparently some straight out of hentai tentacles to appear to be dark and serious. Then I realized, this show must have been made for fourteen year olds, and reading through the comments nothing was more obvious than that. "This got so dark!" or "Giglamesh is so cool!" were some of the comments I encountered.
Ah, yes, you dear naive teen, just wait five years when you realize how bad one-dimensional characters Ryuunosuke Uryuu (literally read his description) and Caster (I'm evil cuz I'm evil! Fear me!) are.

At this point I was already exhausted from nauseating boredom and cringing from awfully designed characters, but I decided not to give up yet, because I believed there had to be something interesting about the show. The fight scenes must be beyond interesting, should be absolutely ecstatic, I'm sure, because that's the reason so many people praise the series. I was deeply disappointed.

To be honest, I didn't even remember the third episode even though I just watched it so I went to skip through it again just to remind myself what was happening in it. Ah, yes, we were following the life of aforementioned Waver and Rider, more old men in robes mumbling and towards end apparently some affair got revealed, at which point I couldn't care less about. I watched it three times and haven't remembered a thing, that's how much of an intriguing episode it was.

Final episode I watched before deciding to throw this back into abyss, was FINALLY some actual action. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, and dear slaughtered children. Something was actually happening in this episode, besides idle chat or boring monotonous speeches. Unfortunately, sixty seconds in I realized I'm not going to have fun watching it nor I am planning on continuing the anime past this point. The first fight was turned into a series of inner and outer monologues and made my immersion completely impossible and I couldn't keep bearing it.

I tried to like this anime, I tried watching it three times, but I cease here. This anime is simply not for me. If I were to summarize it in one word, I'd have to use the word 'childish'.