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in my mental space
harem ending
August 26, 2010
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i am also reading visual novels
yandere vn

love and peace!


thammies portrait. don t open it unles you are his friend

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Blaze862 | 01-24-15, 2:55 PM
I post a comment before, did u read it?

Blaze862 | 01-24-15, 12:46 PM

DarkneX | 01-17-15, 8:02 AM

Greetings, our fellow club member. I’m sorry that this came so late. However most of the staff members (including me) have been busy. But I have come here to inform you that you are (since the 1st of december) able to claim your favorite tsundere of choice.

To start Claming go here.
The waifu Claming is always opened and claims can be done here.

However; as of right now our current card maker has disappeared, so claim cards might come a little late, I ask you to please be patient as you have been until now. And if you wish to contribute and maybe even want to become the next card maker, please send a sample to Chloe_Tsundere and ask her for more details.

Difficult and troubling as times may seem now; remember that tsunderes sometimes bring about even more of that feeling; however in the end there is always something sweet to anticipate, after dark times there will always be a light. After ‘Tsun’ there will be ‘dere’.

As always, we thank you and hope to see you in our club.

Blaze862 | 01-08-15, 12:52 AM
Hi, I was wonderin, in the The (Not so) Secret Pervert Union Club, for this pic:
I was wonderin, what character is that? Also, do u have the link of the pic on the bottom with the bikini? Since you're the Creator of the Club!!!

Ethabn | 11-02-14, 9:06 AM
claim your waifu

bunny1ov3r | 10-21-14, 3:17 PM
Chitoge from Nisekoi

Athalon-Zero | 09-25-14, 1:42 PM
*pokes for favor*

encephalic | 09-25-14, 12:22 PM
*takes out umbrella*
*does tentacle monster things with it*

encephalic | 09-25-14, 6:41 AM
*transforms into big, mean tentacle monster*
*even more massive orgy*

encephalic | 09-25-14, 4:59 AM
*runs away with Elsie on back*
*throws Elsie into cloning machine making a giant army of Elsies*
*can't remember which one was tthammy's* >_>

encephalic | 09-24-14, 8:10 AM
*sneaks into profile*
*looks at Elsie*
*readies blindfold*

Athalon-Zero | 09-17-14, 5:36 PM

Athalon-Zero | 09-17-14, 2:23 PM
*sees thin strap floats in the air >////////////////////////////////////////////////////////>*

Athalon-Zero | 09-17-14, 2:10 PM
y must thin strap be so thin >/////////////////////////////////>

Athalon-Zero | 09-17-14, 2:05 PM
*stares @ the 0.1cm thin strap >////////////////////////////////////////////>*

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