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07-28-14, 9:01 PM
December 27, 1990
Saint James, New York
July 30, 2008
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huge anime and manga fan. Loves all genres and is an anime club president

I-CON aftermath
04-18-09, 5:26 AM
I-CON 28 anyone?
03-04-09, 3:41 PM
360 days
08-20-08, 5:41 PM

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Wainy | 02-10-10, 2:12 AM
Hello, since you are the fan of Sawada Tsunayoshi, would you like to join the Tsunayoshi Sawada FC ? XD

The Tsunayoshi Sawada FC is new, but we hope more people that like or love Tsuna to join us!!

You can link to Tsunayoshi Sawada FC by following:

gAbCh17Yy | 01-30-10, 12:31 AM
Hey there, I see that you are a fan of Sawada Tsunayoshi :D If you love KHR manga or anime you should join the new Katekyo Hitman Reborn! FC xD

Link to the club:

scytheboy13 | 08-26-09, 4:18 PM
thats not very supportive :-D

scytheboy13 | 08-26-09, 8:25 AM
I like welcomings, so, Hitman REborn, Im never gonna catch up

scytheboy13 | 08-25-09, 8:20 PM
its the 25th and Im on

Ouran12 | 08-24-09, 9:20 AM

Ouran12 | 08-24-09, 9:01 AM
well, i haven't gone on it in a few years but i'll PM you my sn ^.^

scytheboy13 | 08-23-09, 9:40 AM
dude..... that is the AWESOMEST hitman reborn pic i have ever seen i probably wont be on until the 25th

Ouran12 | 08-23-09, 8:54 AM
yup ^.^

Ouran12 | 08-22-09, 3:08 PM
i tried tennis in 4th grade..
i hit the ball but other than that i was so bad >.<

i have my good and bad days with bowling :P

Ouran12 | 08-21-09, 1:30 PM
ehh, you could say that :P
haha, but thank you ^.^

do you have any sports you like?

YamiLoire | 08-21-09, 8:43 AM
Oh wow that sounds awesome, I have my next convention in October XD we don't get many here =( yay for reading! What type of books do you read? =]

YamiLoire | 08-21-09, 4:13 AM
Yay good good XD umm all my hobbies are on my profile really but I like drawing and sleeping too lol and I write my own stories or at least plan to xP you?

Ouran12 | 08-20-09, 1:04 PM
just about to go to soccer, AGAIN.
i feel like i say that a lot :P

YamiLoire | 08-20-09, 10:08 AM
Yeh I'll go next summer lol I do but I never use it sorry DX

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