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April 27, 2007
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SunWukung | 05-21-13, 8:09 PM
Hi there, how long.

Me too I watch Danball Wars and I have that see it, tho yet don't find it.
Btw, how is Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes?


konnakude | 04-22-13, 5:47 AM
It was nice to hear from you after quite a long time. I started to get worried if you had left the subbing business. ;)

I'm picking up my editing stuff. Joined Stardust too, lol. Saitei, my original group is now only a duo, as our second translator is busy with preparing N1 exam in Japanese, so it's just 2 of us. We could have released more if we had more manpower. But I guess it's the usual problem of all fansubs. :P

Sent you a friend's request too. Somehow I was so sure that I've done it already, but noes.

SunWukung | 01-01-13, 12:36 PM

Happy New Year, lady.


SunWukung | 12-27-12, 11:12 AM
Thanks, dude.

SunWukung | 12-26-12, 11:55 AM

Sorry, Who is the character in the picture?


ridojiri | 10-26-12, 8:11 PM
I ended up writing a review on Panzer World Galient. does my writing coalesce with your opinion of the series?

konnakude | 01-20-12, 12:02 AM
Hi there! I've got this link from the ppl I know. Idk if it's working but sincerely hope so that you can retrieve all you necessary files. Cheers!

MS06FZ | 08-22-11, 3:23 PM
Largely, yes. The "disappointing/terrible shows" section raised some controversy (a large portion of the audience LIKE MD Geist and the inclusion of Char's Counterattack, Akira and Royal Space Force as disappointments was controversial!)

The main complaints were I didn't give Tezuka enough coverage and I missed a load of classic shows in my "essentials" list (Dirty Pair, Captain Tylor, Sailor Moon etc).

MS06FZ | 08-22-11, 2:16 PM

I was the guy from Ayacon this weekend doing the old-school panel and I'd like to say once again thanks for the support and the trivia that came up in our conversations on Saturday.

I namedropped Astroganger.

Echelon | 05-31-11, 5:18 AM
Is it me or has /m/ been terrible for the last month or few? ... lol.

Echelon | 05-25-11, 2:49 PM
I just skimmed through Mechablitz' review for it and it sounds hilariously awesome, haha nice.

Echelon | 05-25-11, 2:40 PM
Mera mera?

Echelon | 05-25-11, 12:30 PM
Washing that SEED after taste away with a little E7? Heh. Probably one of my favorites from Bones, although I found it to be pretty comparable to Gundam X at times... which I liked a good bit more in the end. Not as much angst, lol.

Echelon | 05-23-11, 5:53 PM
Haha oh wow, yeah I've seen bits and pieces of Chouja Reideen before... not sure what to think. Even weirder that CA of all people were the ones to sub it, lol.

Echelon | 05-23-11, 3:55 PM
Well I only have more bad news for you then... haha. See I don't really mind stock footage myself at all, like I can't even recall it being bad in Ideon which everyone seems to pick as popular one to nag on. I guess it was kind of laughable in Dougram because of the wacky budget, but oh well. SEED on the other hand is one of the only shows I've seen across all the mecha I've watched, that bugged me when it came to stock footage. It doesn't help that the fights mainly boil down to huge beam spam... some good funnel action, but I think that wasn't until the very end like usual.

I don't quite mean CGI per se' (I haven't seen Chouja Reideen so maybe you are thinking of what I am), but just like how SEED is one of the early 2000's shows where anime stopped being cel drawn and like all early 2000's anime to me, it just looks ugly as hell. But I think it's funny coming from Bandai/Sunrise of all people, it looks way worse than other early 2000's shows I've seen... and the insane use of stock footage just makes it seem like it barely had a decent budget.

Also the flashbacks/recaps are very, very bad. That just like normal stock footage in other shows is something that doesn't always bother me, but seriously I can put it this way, SEED has so many flashbacks/recaps of like, certain deaths, and because of that you eventually stop caring about those events completely. At least that's how I felt, it was just like... holy crap, I know, good riddance to this character, move on please. It's very bad, lol.

Sorry to say.*laughs*

Dang, I saw you gave Wing a 9 though. kanon-chan here seems to be a fan as well. It seems either really hit or miss from what I hear... I have been planning on rewatching it someday, I haven't seen it in probably 10+ years since it aired on CN/Toonami. I'm not sure what to think, but just to be a completionist I do want to see it and sadly GSD for myself someday, lol.

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