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Just a girl that likes to draw, watch anime, read vns, and listen to k-pop/rock (although I prefer rock)
I'm a huge fan of key/visual arts. In particular, I love Little Busters!, Rewrite, and Clannad (love to death -- favorite) to be specific, although I enjoyed Kanon (2006 anime only), Air (kyoani anime only), Planetarian, and Angel Beats! as well.

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Isshuukan Friends | Little Busters! EX | Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei | No Game No Life

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Tasuku- | 05-23-14, 2:03 AM
Is a little late but Happy Birthday!!

Good luck with your exams and graduation.

Yeah you should finish Mushishi soon and start watch the second season, so far the stories has been a lot more... 'darker' I guess, it still just as wonderful as the first season.

And after play Air VN I realized than the anime was just as rushed as LB! (holy shit, is that even possible!? lol).
The story is super interesting and better developed than in the anime (ALOT), the pacing is good, the music is fantastic, the characters are good, especially Misuzu and Yukito (voiced by Midorikawa-sama). Minagi route in the anime was sooooooo rushed but in the VN it's probably one of the best heroines routes in Key, it has a lot of symbolism on it and great development and dat bad ending!
And the true route is just... T_T its probably one of my fav routes in any VN, srly I think maeda has something against long-haired blonde girls. Is there any long-haired blond girl in Angel beats! ? If there is, I bet she's gonna be the most tragic heroine. T_T

Btw, I never realized but I see that you like Sachi from Grisaia alot, I recently got obsess with her ED song, it's just too beautiful, and she has probably the most hilarious quotes in the game, seriously she made me laugh a lot sometimes hahah

Kosurin | 05-22-14, 5:54 PM
Happy Birthday! :D Hope you have a good one!

TenYasha | 05-22-14, 4:16 PM
Happy Birthday!

Aviz | 05-22-14, 8:42 AM
Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day.

Tasuku- | 05-17-14, 3:01 AM
Aaaaand do you liked how J.C staff handled the last OVA for Saya's route? Now i'm worried about Sasami's. How do you think they're gonna cram her route in two episodes? ;_; I'm just hoping that they make the embracing scene well.

I can't wait to see Kuro animated <3 I'm a freaking animal lover lol

astro-kun | 05-12-14, 4:00 PM
Glad to hear. I'll message you about the details later (maybe much later, since we are still finalizing things).

astro-kun | 05-11-14, 1:56 AM
Hi, how would you like to beta test the Clover Day's patch?

mhaeooow | 04-19-14, 2:22 AM
konnichiwa!! thanks for accepting my friend request :3
by the waaaay~ i like your kawaii drawings~! x)

Aviz | 04-04-14, 4:39 PM
Thank you very much!

Tasuku- | 04-02-14, 9:00 PM
About EX 3

BTW, I see that you already watch Mushishi 12 and 14... do you liked it? Episode 14's story is just too good and sad ;_;

egnaro315 | 03-18-14, 12:54 AM
Ah Thank you! xD
I'll be looking forward to more of your cute chibi drawings in the future ^^

Tasuku- | 03-17-14, 9:33 PM
My interpretation is...

Yeah, that freaking notebook. Nobody could think that a freaking notebook would be the "detonating" of everything. For me it's not just a notebook, for me it's a freaking notebook made by the devil.
Actually I remembered read one crazy and silly theory which says that Masato forgot the notebook on purpose because she hates Saya because he knows that she will take Riki away from him and Masato is soooo jealous when we talk about Riki and he knows that Kyousuke eventually will do something about her. So basically Masato carries everything from the darkness... loooooooooool.

Nice to heard that you like Mushishi so far. It has some really god-tier stories like episode 12 or 14 <3 Tell me your reaction after watch those episodes. :D

Tasuku- | 03-17-14, 4:44 PM
Yeah, that's the only thing Kyousuke could so for Saya since things get out of his control. Actually I think his biggest mistake was no intercept Saya from the beginning but well, he had not idea that Saya was a outsider until Riki got involved with her too much. Thinking about it... doesn't everything started because Masato forgot that freaking notebook? xD Damn you, notebook! D:
I'm dying too see how J.C staff will ended her route, since her ending in the VN is sooooo sugestive, reading the final scene you can think whatever you want but I think that couldn't work well in anime.

I loved Sasami's route, especially the scene when she embraces Kuro, that Song for Friends T_T

And I see that you're watching Mushishi? Do you liked it so far?
It's one of my favorite animes and I love the atmosphere in it. <3
It really feel like a therapy, all your angry and bad feelings will go away after watch it haha.

Tasuku- | 03-11-14, 1:06 AM
Hey, hi there, fellow Key and Kyousuke's fan! I just realized that we have been MAL friends for some time but we never actually talk with each other lol

I just check your tumblr with all your chibi drawings are they're fucking kawai~ especially Saya and Sasami's ones <3. I hope you make a Marika's one (Nisekoi) when she make her debut in the anime.

Btw, I see you completed the EX routes from LB!.
What do you think about them? Saya is my favorite heroine route and I love Sasami route since I'm a animal lover so I'm very excited to see them animated even if it's J.C staff lol.
I can't wait to see Saya OVA 3 since things will get more dramatic and interesting from there.

Tennouji_ | 02-13-14, 8:25 PM
I'm really glad that you also like mai waifu. ;D

And your work is really lovely~. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. ;D

BTW, did you just only finish Sasami's route or did you finish the others as well?

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