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Luis_German 5 hours ago
Soulsfear Yesterday, 1:10 PM
That's good then xD TOP7 is actually legit stuff.
True..also there's May'n opening this season as well xD

Not really so far.Also Happy Sugar Life....propbably bad season to put this anime in,it's not going to be overshadowed by any anime really cuz most of the animes are going to be forgetable..this piece probably barely/nearly TOP10 of the season - who knows where they end it xD
Soulsfear Jul 13, 10:09 AM
Soulsfear Jul 13, 3:25 AM
Ecchi there is so unappealing that it doesn't need to be tagged lol..also the way you see characters get nude (with its mood I would say) is so oldschool xD If Black Clover gets by any miracle another 50 eps that would be perfect.Just to get to know more about remaining Black Bull members in anime form (and the fights itself) xD
Soulsfear Jul 12, 1:22 PM
lol Domestic na Kanojo adaptation..and who else than Diomedea to do it xD
Soulsfear Jul 10, 10:49 AM even the 4th opening uses the same animation style/quality xD Song is pretty good,the ending song as well if you interested in seeing that as well.
Soulsfear Jul 10, 4:22 AM
that's understandable to see it like that xD 1st episode adaptated 2 chapters,the pacing was pretty good I would say.
Hinamatsuri ended up as the best 1-cour anime of spring xD The reason why manga is so good/interesting after timeskip(s) is Hitomi and her life..for the whole manga actually xD
There's still High Score Girl coming..despite the CG I hope it delivers as adaptation.Manga of it is also pretty good but more of momentum based (reading/watching in one go is the best choice)
Soulsfear Jul 8, 2:48 PM
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro actually delivered..just like the manga,in its own (delusional) day xD Pretty hard to get that piece likeable..impact wise it's not up to par with manga (the director had some 2 pretty good pieces to work with back then though) so It's not like it's not done wrong I guess.His more recent Seiken Tsukai no World Break was good experience for me (though the OST is all I can remember lol)
Psychedelicious Jul 4, 1:36 PM
One day you will find a good job for you! :)
Nice! I wish I knew how to Photoshop!
I tried to get into excercising once. Does a lot of good!
Yeah my hours are very hard to follow, I mean this last Monday I did 11am-12am!
Psychedelicious Jul 3, 2:48 PM
Why is it so hard?
Agreed, it feels good to do something the whole day but honestly it's very physical
Psychedelicious Jun 27, 3:20 PM
Forklift* wtf
Soulsfear Jun 27, 3:08 PM
Golden Kamuy will get at least 3 seasons (cours)..nice xD
Psychedelicious Jun 26, 12:00 AM
Life has been pretty shitty but now I work again as a warehouseman/foetklift operator!
Psychedelicious Jun 25, 10:40 AM
I heard a lot of good things about Death Parade. Gonna watch it when I'm done with Kuroko, Academia and Zankyou! Also I'm back ­čśÄ
Soulsfear Jun 21, 2:08 PM
Yes..took only 4 weeks (for me) xD
Souten no Ken Re:Genesis was only 1-cour after all when it had separate entry for 2nd season long before that..would be weird for this to get 2-cour twice xD Was probably mindless anime of the season..easily forgetable within a week but good to enjoy at the heat of the moment..same goes for Ore-san I would say.That one episode where the animation was like the anime was cancelled/axed was also lulz (not enough fingers on hand for example) xD 3D Kanojo anime ending really didn't make me alright like manga did cuz manga (and theirs mangaka) could have legit reason for its not so accepting ending to your liking.Comic Girls actually ended like it probably should've - her first accepted ''entry/series'' was named ''Comic Girls''.Also check the Masotan ending theme song - they got more versions (various main VAs versions) xD

Also installed some FEAR Platinum to play.Just to enjoy the combat and slow-mo (replay value is the main reason) xD