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07-10-12, 3:58 PM
May 3, 1987
My hole in the wall - Milwaukee, WI - USA
April 20, 2007
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<( ToT )> I READ too much....;-;

By the way, if my user icon has a picture that you don't like then, tough luck. I change it at least once a week and I try to make them decent so as to not scare anyone. I cut out any indecent nudity like I'm supposed to, so.... XP

YAOI!!! @_@ *drools* :o~ haaaaa

I really prefer to read manga than watch anime....MyMangaList....that, for me, would be a LOT'll take me forever to get everything on there too......o___o;;;; I have too much manga to add to the list. Most of them come up with no results when I try to add them....It's funny really. o_o;;;
Most of the manga I read is yaoi....XD......o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
On my List, as far as genre tags go, I labeled genres and themes for MOST of the ones I could remember. I've been watching anime for years. Some of them I just can't remember the story line enough to tag them. n_n;;
I didn't finish tagging either. I'm working on it.

MY NICKNAMES: If anyone is trying to figure out who the hell I am. XD

Any one ask me for manga they want, either I already have it, or I can tell you where you can get it. I mean SCANLATIONS! Not the published stuff....why buy published when you can get it for free to read on your computer. <--the words of a poor person. n_n;; If anyone wants links to Manga Scanlators and they just can't find it themselves, just ask me.....I have too many to remember. I have links to just about ALL the Yaoi/Shounen-Ai Scanlators. >.> or you could just go to Manga Jouhou and Baka-Updates....XD

Girls more than Boys,
Children more than Adults,
Loneliness more than Crowds,
Sidestreets more than Main Streets,


Yaoi Addicts Unite!


And now for some hotness:

Cute and funny icons:

Info about me:





For some reason I can't stop watching this video! I wish I could dance....and I want their LEGS! <>_<>
I like the song too....>.> No one else has to watch it if they don't want to...>.> but I want it here so...XP thbbbbbbbbbbbb
The girl in the turquoise top and white shorts, looks like she's having a lot of fun!


Caramelldansen for those who want it!

One Piece!!<3

NOTE: If the pictures are cut off, just save them. It'll save the whole pic for you to view and then you can just delete them afterwards if you don't want them.

I Claimed:

Usami Akihiko X Takahashi Misaki

Sagara Sousuke
Roronoa Zoro

A handy thread to see. Colors!

Dragon Cave
Look at the pretty dragons! ^_^

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You could conquer Westeros with all these dragons ^.^

sayami | 01-05-12, 10:08 AM

January 2012 Edition

LiiKun | 10-27-11, 1:16 PM
*pokes chibi* ^_^

BeautifulViolet | 10-06-11, 8:29 PM
hi got ur request thx btw small world we are from the same town.

BeautifulViolet | 10-01-11, 10:27 PM
Well hello there ^_^

Hows it going.

Beezheen | 05-03-11, 5:01 AM
Hi there.

Bara_Rock | 12-31-10, 5:56 AM

To find your card press CTRL+F & type your name.

oksi91 | 12-06-10, 8:38 AM

Hey guys! We decide to bring back our club to life! We have made a pretty big list (with pictures!) of all couples we know HERE. Check it out please, and help us by NOMINATING new couples which we haven't yet noticed.The list will get updated everytime a new canon couple get confirmed!

mysterygirl177 | 08-30-10, 4:46 PM

yonnigo | 07-14-10, 1:35 PM
Hey I know you are not on much if you decide to come back....We have more then 300 members in the all you can eat club. :)

TakuTaku | 06-26-10, 3:41 PM
hi :3

GTC | 04-22-10, 3:32 AM

And Don't Forget your Club Card!!!

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