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4 hours ago
January 13, 1994
Tartu, Estonia
October 24, 2009
2,191 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 125.8
Watching 33
Completed 435
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Dropped 61
Plan to Watch 25
Total Entries 682

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 25.1
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Completed 179
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Plan to Read 74
Total Entries 380

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Unknown :(

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needs slicing. will do later. for now enjoy the awesome layout by awesome Nate-tan <3

I wonder if I'm anyone's sempai here on MAL.. :3 I wonder if there's somebody stalking my profile everyday too shy to leave me a message...wishful thinking is wishful...

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puppydoglvr | 03-28-14, 2:39 PM
≡BL Obsession Newsletter≡

CapuChuuu | 03-07-14, 12:26 PM
Oh that's sad twin! *hugs* *caresses head*
Well I'm a different guy I just go with the flow. Lol
I think when you have a crush on someone and you feel sad and have mixed emotions that might be love already, twin! Lol :3
Oh that's cool then! What do you bake usually then? :o

CapuChuuu | 03-07-14, 11:38 AM
Oh you confessed or he confessed to you? I'm confused :S
I sincerely don't know but I'm havin a blast right now! Well I consider myself more of a young adult though that's why I don't have these thoughts yet. You might say that's pretty irresponsible from me but I have my issues lol. xD
Btw you like this coursemate? Lol xD
And cakes yay! Have you done custard before? That's my favourite! :3

CapuChuuu | 03-07-14, 10:58 AM
*hugs back* I ish good too! :3
I'm still studying too D:
It's my last year so I'm really busy and haven't been active for quite long time! I'm usually active only on weekends. :)
Other than crying over HW and laundry, what have you been up to lately? :3

CapuChuuu | 03-07-14, 10:24 AM
Twin how ish you? :3

puppydoglvr | 02-26-14, 3:32 PM
≡BL Obsession Newsletter≡

Ose_93 | 02-14-14, 7:21 PM
≡BL Obsession Valentine's Newsletter≡

Happy Valentine's Day fellow BL fans!


Celebrate with us by taking part in the
Mystery Love LE and by claiming a couple.

On a side note, I noticed that the Takao x Midorima x Takao LE cards have a post limit and decided to add some cards to both threads. If you weren't able to snag some cards earlier this month, or want more,
click here!. If you are a fan of Nekota Yonezou's Inui x Kaidou doujins, get some cards here.

BL Obsession

puppydoglvr | 01-31-14, 2:30 PM
≡BL Obsession Newsletter≡

CapuChuuu | 01-19-14, 9:27 AM
You're welcome! x3

Alf-tan | 01-14-14, 9:08 AM
you're welcome ^^

Yorozuya-MAYO | 01-13-14, 7:48 PM
Happy birthday! <3

Alf-tan | 01-13-14, 1:35 PM
happy birthday! :3

Kannei | 01-13-14, 7:15 AM
your welcome :D

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 01-13-14, 7:08 AM
Douitishimashite, hope you're doing well :)

CapuChuuu | 01-13-14, 12:51 AM
Happy Birthday Twin ♥

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