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Favorite Anime
Pri Para
Pri Para add
Aikatsu! add
Maria-sama ga Miteru
Maria-sama ga Miteru add
Futari wa Precure
Futari wa Precure add
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex add

Favorite Manga
Centaur no Nayami
Centaur no Nayami add
Aoi Hana
Aoi Hana add
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Onanie Master Kurosawa add
Kiba no Tabishounin: The Arms Peddler
Kiba no Tabishounin: The Arms Peddler add
ShindoL no Bunka Jinruigaku
ShindoL no Bunka Jinruigaku add

Favorite Characters
Ogasawara, Sachiko
Noda, Megumi
Kazesawa, Sora
Midorikawa, Hana
Miyauchi, Renge
Hino, Akane
Yukishiro, Honoka
Misumi, Nagisa
Himeji, Wakaba

Favorite People
Inoue, Junya
Inoue, Junya
Shindo, L
Shindo, L

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Time (Days) 209.3
Watching 137
Completed 988
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Plan to Watch 84
Total Entries 1216

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Time (Days) 37.6
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Completed 122
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Plan to Read 82
Total Entries 307

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100th Anime Completed - Strawberry Panic
500th Anime Completed - Bungaku Shoujo
1000th Anime Completed - ??!?

100th Manga Completed - Paved With Good Intentions

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Prankster_001 | 03-14-15, 12:45 AM
@Yoishi you really can't get enough of the idol animes but for me it's my 1-day break during lent so sad that's i'll will not be on Facebook for a day :(

Prankster_001 | 03-09-15, 12:25 AM
@Yoishi in speaking of Aikatsu there are 2 new characters again next month :) but this month of April is beginning of the Lenten season :(

Prankster_001 | 03-07-15, 11:17 PM
@Yoishi can't wait for the new season of Aikatsu next month and of course advanced happy white day :)

Prankster_001 | 03-06-15, 11:23 PM
@Yoishi yo fella i'm in the house again :)

LoLfestKing | 03-05-15, 5:54 PM
sorry for not being able to reply i know hina and raika are the best characters i love hina she is my most favourite cute anime character she is just so adorable (xx) died from
the cuteness

LoLfestKing | 02-10-15, 10:34 PM
hello yoishi thankyou for being my friend by the way have you seen papakiki it has the most adorable anime character

Prankster_001 | 02-01-15, 5:01 AM
@Yoishi i'm really love the Charcters in any idol anime like Aikatsu and they're really cute anytime i watch one and they're more unforgettable than the characters in other animes that i watch before :)

Prankster_001 | 01-29-15, 11:36 PM
@Yoishi can't wait again to watch Aikatsu bcoz of the new character again :)

Prankster_001 | 01-29-15, 4:13 AM
@Yoishi i agree and here's the reason why i drop some animes of this season bcoz some of these animes like Absolute Duo and Yuri Kuma are high on FS (fanservice) and yuri so i had to watch idol animes instead of these 2 animes that i mentioned :(

Prankster_001 | 01-28-15, 4:44 AM
@Yoishi the new episode of Aikatsu is out now but i'll watch it tomorrow w/ Cinderella Girls to make it a double idol anime combo :)

Prankster_001 | 01-27-15, 11:09 PM
@Yoishi hi there have u played the Winter Showdown mode in World of Tanks yet u should try it :)

Prankster_001 | 01-21-15, 11:23 PM
@Yoishi actually the title of that anime that i'm talking about yesterday is Koufuku Graffiti and yup it's a good show and since i like to eat and i hope this anime is much better than Jinsei :)

Prankster_001 | 01-19-15, 11:34 PM
@Yoishi hi there i'm now watching an anime related to food :)

Prankster_001 | 01-17-15, 11:22 PM
@Yoishi i had a M41 SPG in WOT but i sold it it's so sad bcoz i don't had enough creds to buy Chi-Nu at that time and later i sold also my Cromwell bcoz i want to try the new British tanks in the new Update btw i had a Grant (which is a British ver. of the M3 Lee) in my garage i want it to become a Firefly :)

Prankster_001 | 01-17-15, 12:36 AM
@Yoishi Ealier in World of Tanks i tried the new Personal Missions thingy and u can get a new tank and a female crew member but u must complete the Missions in each tank class (light ,medium and heavy tanks also tank destroyers and SPG's)

by the way i'm starting to like Aikatsu though because in the past i watched the anime M3: the dark metal but later i dropped it because of bad animation until i found some more interesting animes to watch for and i found Aikatsu to make it my remedy against M3 PS:have u tried the Idol Sorter yet u can search it on google :)

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