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07-15-10, 7:45 PM
October 8,
August 18, 2008
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oksi91 | 12-29-10, 9:20 AM

Hey guys! We decide to bring back our club to life! We have made a pretty big list (with pictures!) of all couples we know HERE. Check it out please, and help us by NOMINATIG new couples which we haven't yet noticed.The list will get updated everytime a new canon couple get confirmed!

HeavenZero | 04-04-10, 8:31 PM
Will you be my friend, also
Hey will you join my club, i am trying to start a game club where everyone who watches anime and play games will be able to find other people who plays the game they play.
Also so everyone in the club can find other games they might be able to enjoy~ Thats my goals anyways
add me~
please comment back

evil-sama | 03-21-10, 3:46 AM
CARDS DELIVERY from Ange Ushiromiya FC

will be deleted on 31 March

Blackiris | 03-14-10, 1:14 AM


Daphne4 | 02-26-10, 3:45 AM
Here's your Shion membercard~

ichigo_sama | 01-11-10, 2:17 AM
if you are fan of kimi ni todoke and you like Chizuru Yoshida & Ryuu Sanada couple please join Chizuru X Ryuu Fanclub

kokoro8 | 12-29-09, 12:35 PM
Card Delivery~

Ichigo-Sora | 12-29-09, 11:56 AM

Please upload it onto your own image host~

Tsuruya-san | 12-14-09, 9:58 PM
Here's your >>VOCALOIDs<< member card.

Your card will be deleted within a week. Please save it and host it to your own server.

PockyLoveLove | 11-12-09, 5:06 PM
No problem desu~ ^^

PockyLoveLove | 11-11-09, 1:48 PM
Ohayo~ :)

Special delivery from the Asahina Mikuru Fan Club~ :D

if you have any questions concerning the cards, the club or anything else, please don't hesitate to ask me :)

InnocentNyuu | 11-05-09, 1:46 PM
~heres your id card ~nyuuu :3

beansprxut | 10-30-09, 4:23 AM
You're welcomee !

x_DinosaurAnna_x | 10-23-09, 6:37 PM

x_DinosaurAnna_x | 10-23-09, 6:24 PM
Chatting ^^ you?

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