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Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 2nd Season
Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 2nd Season
Oct 14, 6:21 AM
Watching -/24 · Scored -
High Score Girl
High Score Girl
Oct 14, 6:20 AM
Watching -/12 · Scored -
Africa no Salaryman (TV)
Africa no Salaryman (TV)
Oct 14, 5:51 AM
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Black Clover
Black Clover
Sep 27, 10:30 AM
Reading 222/? · Scored -
Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
Sep 27, 10:30 AM
Reading 327/? · Scored -
Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Sep 27, 10:30 AM
Reading 314/325 · Scored -


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Soulsfear Oct 14, 1:08 PM
Ye..Sun-Ken Rock was really great,except that pacing of the last arc that headed to so called ending.
Well,Slime-san and Tate-san was legit..though it came out like rather way too late and both of them at the same time were airing basically...both WN/LN were popular/at its peak like half decade ago


Ye...who needs harems when we have Kaguya-sama manga xD Except for that Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai which is WSJ title is also pretty relaxing..I like the whole cast of characters more than the ''rather'' overrated 5-toubun no Hanayome where the manga is rated high yet It got predictable writting for at least 40 chapters already so you're not impressed/surprised by anything.Thankfuly anime made majority of the people realize how It's not really that much better than Benkyou (since 5-toubun is like rip-off of that to me) xD

I kinda see where you're saying it like that reminds me how Gamaran ''suddenly (?)'' ended back then.Had some huge potential but the world or half of characters weren't even builded to its reasonable extend.Anyway,when the main male duo too OP,we can always focus on some deeper problems where Cpt. Yami may get like 2/3 of the spotlight which would make for great change of pace.

3D is kinda..something your eyes don't want to marathon when there's 12 eps to watch but this along with Hitori no Shita and Gaoshou is really nice stuff.You can always just pay attention to the fights the most..xD

xD Canute is going to be good bud later on...what else,also women > men in the whole Vinland Saga manga it may look like from ''3rd party'' view.

these both were more like really fitting for the summer itself but I would say that Joshikousei grows on you fast after several episodes just like Asobi Asobase.Both manga of these animes are kinda not much impactful after you switch to them after anime.Given had like really strong last 3 episodes.

Ok.So far this season is..average.I mean there are some great titles but except for the certain sequels It's about the mid-point of the cour if they behave like they should to enjoy that higly till the very end.

Soulsfear Oct 6, 1:00 PM
I see.Well,this is kinda isekai too but the huuuuge timeskip of the world makes it look like that actually xD
Since David Production and its staff working on it (JoJo) it's actually's just the manga have pacing for each problem/solution kinda different what we would like.

Ye..most of the harems are kinda meh these days..that's why we're getting hordes of Isekai animes xD Wataten was great (anti)loli anime.Female only cast..great mothers without much of screentime but still great experience in the season it aired.Each season we're getting at least one great slice of life anime with something ''unusual'' mixed in which is great.

Well,since we have other kingdoms to see we should get at least 700 chapters in total if WSJ let him do it his way (the manga) xD

Alright,have fun with the 2nd season.High Score Girl - It's probably the best J.C. Staff anime besides Maid-Sama! (2010).The gaming bits and the monologues from the game characters that are ''screaming'' inside MCs head are also awesome.Not to mention post-ending bits were really great touch.I would probably recommend Mo Dao Zu Shi series as well...too bad 2nd season was kinda short.Could've worked even as trilogy movie I guess.

Summer had plenty of animes where the starts were actually meh but the direction/pacing etc. just went from after few episodes or the episodes in middle were the best basically.Given,Vinland,Joshikousei and Dumbell is worth a try for sure from the summer lineup (sequels I didn't include).

Ye...The last Gintama is supposed to be movie or at least that's what the first source said somewhere.
Soulsfear Oct 4, 2:28 PM
Same as manga..I don't care much about most of the characters in Dr. Stone and its characters/setting for some reason.While I enjoy it,It's something I don't look back at.Enen manga is like kinda inconsistent fun..while anime and It's almost SHAFT like direction at times makes it easier to get in for me,which is nice.There were other pretty good stuff that summer but who knows if they're your cup of tea (nowdays).

Ye,Black Clover manga started to get really lit like 100 chapters ago,while Act-Age manga is already awesome in 50 chapters (I'm waiting for its anime,either they can easily mess it up or make it awesome) xD Anime of Black Clover is limited by the fact (like Bleach/Naruto back then) that Pierrot does 2 longruns at once which is a shame.Still the cast and soundtrack is so good that your probably get used to it until the end (the animation and so on).

1st Hitori no Shita started out as kinda average (chinese) anime but eventually had some pretty good stuff several times.2nd season feels like totally different aproach to the world building/plot which doesn't move that seriously like it should but for some reason it is - laidback wise xD The fights are also way better there and MC isn't that OP as he could be...his true character is so balanced out by now that he's actually the most likeable next to Hou-nee xD
High Score Girl was one (of the few) Big Gangan title(s) that got full adaptation..and that's rarity + the 3DCG animation is so easy to get used to..and the opening is so catchy that it can be used for all the episode starts xD

That's understandable..I also managed to empty my list of LN/manga to read after few years which is nice.
Last season my TOP 3 to 6 was rather really competitive and neck to the end I didn't change any positons and 6th spot never got higher.Only Enen can get to 6th if we get the classic ''BONES'' ending we had back in Soul Eater (since Enen manga looks like it can end even sooner depending on how anime will do I guess?) xD

Gintama was kinda like Benchmark for ''characters'' to me so I felt rather silent mood wise for certain amount of time when the anime/manga decided to end that way - was easily acceptable as well.
Soulsfear Sep 29, 1:29 PM
Ye..this season had few really adicting 1-cour animes or leftovers from previous season as well (2nd cours).
Black Clover is still kicking for now so there's that xD Joshikousei no Mudazukai is like ''joker'' of the year I would say.

Ye..probably try most of it as usual,except for the shorts (3 to 15 mins per episode animes).Hope Hitori no Shita 3 is ready for this Fall since the date was ''frozen'' like that since 2nd season ended.High Score Girl II is something I look forward to just because It's the only series J.C. Staff care about - complete adaptation while not being WSJ manga as source xD
Soulsfear Sep 28, 9:39 AM
It's alright.How're you doing.
Soulsfear Sep 27, 1:17 PM
Thx for re-accept (ProAssAsSin)
BT-kun Dec 23, 2015 4:53 PM

Merry Christmas~ Best Wishes From Me To You!
BT-kun Aug 19, 2015 5:46 PM
Ichigo-san! It's been a looong time!

Do you still remember me? ^^
Bleachway Jul 28, 2014 12:12 PM
Happy B-day!
KidBoruto Oct 3, 2013 12:37 PM
Hi friend, it's been awhile. What have you been up to lately?

I'm watching Tower of Druaga, and will be playing Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3) soon.
Jets Sep 22, 2013 8:58 PM
So with the summer anime currently coming to a close, it's almost time for the fall anime. Are you excited for it?
Basically, the following are the summer anime that I've been watching:

I still haven't exactly decided on what I'll watch from the fall, but the following are some that I think I'll watch:
Bleachway Jul 28, 2013 6:29 AM
Happy B-day!
Hideaki-senpai Jul 28, 2013 12:49 AM
happy b-day!
Crazy_Cofee_Cat Jul 2, 2013 2:07 AM
არაფრის~ XD ხდება ხოლმე ეგ არაფერი....ახლანდელი შოუნენები ყვ ელა ერთნაირები არიან და არც იყო გასაკვირი მაგრამ მე პირადად ძალიან მომეწონა ^^ აკუ ნო ჰანა არ წამიკითხავს სხვათაშორის,მაგრამ ერთი პერიოდი ვაპირებდი კიდევაც...კიდევ კარგი ანიმეზე უკეთესი არტი მაინც აქვს >.> თუ ღირს ალბათ გადავავლებ მალე თვალს :დ
Crazy_Cofee_Cat Jul 1, 2013 3:03 AM
გილოცავ დამთავრებას~აშიტა ნო ოუსამა სკიპ ბითია...ნუ თუ მაგ მხრივ წავედით ყველა შოუჯო/ჯოსეი სკიპ ბითი იქნება XD არა,ისე კი გეთანხმები ეს ნაკლებად ჩახლართულია და წესიერი ჰეფი ენდიც ქონდა 200+ ჩაპტერის მქონე მანგასგან სადაც მთავარმა პერსონაჟმა მხოლოდ მეორასე ჩაპტერში გააცნობიერა რომ უყვარს -_- მიხარია თუ მოგეწონა ^^ რაც შეეხება არტს მგონი ძველი მანგაა და არც იყო გასაკვირი...ნუ მთავარია პროპორციები წესიერი იყო თორემ მაგაზე საშინელი არტი ბევრგან მინახავს...მაგალითად Battle Royale 2 - თუ დრო გექნება შეგიძლია უბრალოდ არტს შეხედო და ნახავ განსხვავებას...აი ამაზე მართლა ვეღარ გავძელი და პირველივე გვერდებზე თავი მივანებე :დ...ჰოში ნო სამიდარე?