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I work as a librarian (who also does all kinds of stuff) at a university, I do art commissions, and I like kebab (the spicy one. A good kebab has to burn twice).
I also like talking to people so if you want to have a chat, go ahead.

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infactuation21 | Today, 1:06 AM

GL Addicts!
Club Page!

Sanguis | 10-14-13, 5:45 PM
Duncton Wood wasn't too shabby. It's about talking moles that get themselves into heaps of trouble and it stretches into themes of love, greed, oppression and freedom. It actually reminded me of Lord of the Rings. Yes, a book about moles doing witchcraft and going batshit insane in the occult reminded me of hobbits and rings.
Idk I enjoyed it, it was very well written. I've read the first book, it's apparently a six book story.

True true, a lot of the characters were conflicted with their feelings and were trying to figure out what they wanted to do with themselves. When it comes down to it, that's what the whole show is about. Guess you could call it a "human drama" but with tanuki.
I guess if you're Japanese or just familiar with Japanese folklore it would make sense, maybe it's just common knowledge that tanuki can't transform when caged up. Maybe we're just uneducated plebeians. /shrugs
It was still a little jarring to see transform into that fantastical things and then be at the bottom of the food chain, haha. That show had like the biggest budget too, didn't it? It looked fantastic. P.A. Works have come a long way haven't they?

All you need to know about Valvrave tbh.
Ace of Diamond is basically about everyone yelling all the time, un-ironic use of the sparkly window light “but we all worked really hard” shot, and a completely unlikeable lead character. It's so unbelievably generic it makes my stomach churn, I was really hoping for something ridiculous like this but I got incessant drama. Grumble grumble, Madhouse and Production I.G., why you do this???
I've heard some.... interesting things about Kill la Kill. Waiting for Aniplex USA to dub or something, but apparently the show's an ecchi. Which doesn't exactly suit well with me but I'm hoping for some stupid fun like Gurren Lagann.
Samurai Flamenco better be good, if it isn't I may just cry. Also, Flamenco is a type of Spanish dance, so... do they dress up in fancy heels and dance to defeat the villains?

Yeah I've watched Kick-Heart. Funky stuff, it's like the only anime on my list that isn't rated because I can't make an opinion out of it haha.

Sanguis | 10-12-13, 8:03 PM
Nah I remember you. I was just surprised you actually replied! I thought it was one of those times where a person I'm talking to never decides to respond back because I managed to be incredible boring or say something stupid. But hey, I guess I didn't do that bad this time! (●´∀`●)
Nope didn't get of Murakami's books. Been rather busy, I have a ton of PDF's I'd love to read, but I don't have the time. At least I was able to read Duncton Wood though.

Watamote was my favourite, yeah it was cringe worthy but it was amusing. The voice actress for Tomoko made the show worthwhile.
In the end I couldn't enjoy Uchouten Kazoku as much as I wanted because I couldn't wrap my head around the character's emotions. I mean why didn't Yasaburou get mad? He was in the presence of the man who ate his dad. I was like "GET ANGRY! GET VENGEANCE!"
And the Tanuki could turn into mountains and buses... I don't understand how they couldn't just fight against the Friday Fellows, who were just a bunch of middle age men. And what was so frightening about Benten???? I don't?? understand?//?
It was such a shame though, I really do like the author's other works like Tatami Galaxy and Kaiba. ):

I'm actually not really watching anything this season. Waiting on mostly everything to get dubbed, if they ever get licensed. (Keeping my eye on Samurai Flamenco and Kill la Kill, which I'm certain Aniplex will dub and Nagi no Asukara which hasn't been licensed yet. ): )I'm watching Kuroko S2, Ace of Diamond and Valvrave S2. Lately I've been watching a bunch of obscure 70's anime too, haha. How about you?

Sanguis | 07-10-13, 9:51 AM
Alright! Guess I gotta go PDF hunting for it then. I recently got my hand on some new books, have you heard of The Series of Unfortunate Events and The Mysterious Benedict Society?
You like going outside?? ??? ? No, outside bad. Too much people!

You have quite the sense of humor. I lol'ed. And that's where your profile picture is from! I knew it was from Psycho-Pass but I had no idea who it was, I guessed it might've been Kougami with glasses at first but hoohah, t'is actually you.
C'mon maaan, the new anime this season isn't entirely shit this time around! It's kinda surprising how much I enjoyed Watamote too, it's either brilliantly written and hilarious, or the most hellishly depressing thing I have ever watched. What a perplexing show.
70-80% of Free! was the boys being really dull and talking how much they luuuurve swimming. If there's a not like a 150% increased amount of swimming in this show then I'm ollies out. The dubstep may be leftover goodwill from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and its Holy Wubstorm.

Sanguis | 07-08-13, 10:45 AM
I shall read whatever I can of Haruki Murakami once I find any of his books! Although most likely I will leach off the interwebs and find a pdf to download because I'm edgy with illegal shit like that. I mainly like rainy days because that means I don't have to go outside. I am happiest when I am alone with internet connection and food thank you very much.
I sleep best when there's a raging thunderstorm outside. Good times, good times.

Oh, so you draw? Sweet, I used to draw but not any more, kinda lost motivation for the arts siiiigh. I'd like to think I'd be like Sakura Oogami because I would bitchslap my enemies into the next dimension. ...But in reality I'd most like just cry. Life is hard. I'll probably just wait till Gin no Saji isdone airing and possibly dubbed, just to see if Vic Mignogna voices the main guy.
"It's not my fault I'm not popular!" should be renamed to "It's not my fault 4chan found me arousing!" I guess people cringe at it because it could eerily similar to their own daily lives, haha!
Yep, same guy who did Tatami Galaxy. Have you seen the first episode? I can't tell if the main character actually changes himself into a girl, or if he just crossdresses. Anyway, hoping for the best for this~
Free wasn't as gay as I thought it would be, I guess I expected more touchy touchy. Also, the dubstep that played when they were aggressively stripping was fantastic because dubstep makes everything better. You could kidnap Haruka by saying there's a pool in your fan because that boy is H2Osexual.
And now, I'm secretly hoping one of them drowns so this turns into a psychological crime thriller, hoohah.

I can't get over how amazing that ED is though.

Thanks for the word of concern! Thankfully my little hiatus didn't last very long at all, but right my emotions at home can be accurately described as: (눈_눈)

Dekodere | 06-28-13, 6:08 PM
There is no wrong choice when it comes to Chihayafuru.

StarryKite | 06-28-13, 9:46 AM
>when they had sex at some point, both of them thought about Shun

Now that's crazy. -_-

Sanguis | 06-27-13, 8:22 PM
Hoohah I love MALgraph purely because of the achievements. I hope that one day, in the far future, I'll be able to attain all of them. But that would require effort. Well, just rate shows however you want to rate them, shouldn't be a problem. (Fun fact though, someone once flamed in my comments, calling me some awful things, just because I rated a show they liked low. Ah, people these days are adorable.)

I've seen Penguindrum and I plan on rewatching it, I'm sure by the end of it I'll be able to take whatever Utena decides to throw at me! Although I'm not too sure if I'll get out of it unscathed, as I don't have much of a preference for incestuous relationships. x__x Seems like the director is rather fond of confusing relationships. I hear that Utena us pretty damn repetitive though.

As long as Dumas' writing style isn't equivalent to a ninth grader I'll more than likely enjoy it. I haven't heard of Haruki Murakami, I don't see a whole lot of Japanese authors in my bookstores; so it may just be impossible for me to get my hands on one of his books. I read whenever I get the chance, so I suppose it's not really a preference. Or maybe it is, since it's practically summer all year round here in Africa. I'm actually really fond of reading on rainy days, haha.

It’s a bit of a weird left turn for Hiromu Arakawa to go from steampunk magical alchemy to agricultural college students, but it makes more sense when you hear she was brought up on a farm. That’s why the pictures of herself in FMA were of a cow, which always struck me as a bit self-deprecating. Whenever a manga author draws a self-caricature, it’s always some dopey little fat thing. I’d like to see a mangaka’s self-caricature be some muscled dude with a giant codpiece. I've read a fair bit of Gin no Saji/Silver Spoon, it was quite funny from what I remember. ...Moyashimon is something else I'm planning to watch, I heard its sequel wasn't all that good.
On the other hand I've never read Watamote. From what I've garnered it's about a, for lack of a better word, loser girl who... doesn't really do much with her life? I don't know, seems like it might be a bit aggravating, haha.
I plan on watching a few shows too, I would say which and post some thoughts but I don't want this to get too looooong. Uchouten Kazoku is my most anticipated series so far, you can never go wrong with the author of Tatami Galaxy!
Ah yes the swimming anime. I see you had quite the heated discussion about it with a friend of mine, well no matter. I'm gonna watch the hell out of it, although seeing how it's KyoAni I'm doubtful it'll be any good. (I'm watching it for the fanservice anyway, so who cares.)

Also I see you're quite fond of the ' 3 ' face.
' 3 '

Sanguis | 06-26-13, 7:59 PM
Someone's gotta counterweigh the fanboys, eh?

Yeah from time to time it was fun to watch. (Himari insulting everyone when she princess of the crystal or whatever never gets boring!) Plus the art was pretty great from start to finish.
I just wish everything else didn't annoy so much, sigh. I would pay to watch Himari strut her stuff into random buildings and spout out of a bunch of insults towards innocent bystanders. Haha, did you want Ringo to be in love with Tabuki until the end?
I'll watch Utena once I can find it's English dub somewhere. Although... I hear that Utena has some... interesting brother and sister relationships as well?

Gankutsuou is the loosest adaption of the book around, but it's also widely regarded as the best. So something must be up here. This will be a perfect chance to rewatch it as well to freshen up my memory a bit, hoohah this should be fun!
You wouldn't happen to have any other books to recommend? My summer is going to be a long one, so I might as well make it worthwhile.

To branch off to another topic: A new season of anime is on the horizon. I don't know how often you watch shows whilst they're currently airing, but are you planning on watching anything?

HinaNoBaka | 06-25-13, 10:02 PM
O-Oh thank you. ;u;
I can say the same for you as well~

Sanguis | 06-23-13, 6:39 PM
Yeah I've noticed that my scoring is a little harsh. Although I said in my about me that just because I rated something low doesn't necessarily mean I loathed it. A 6 translates as "pretty good" for me, actually, and I could most likely recommend a couple of series I've rated as a 6 to some people. 4 and 5 are "decent" while 3 and lower is what I consider to be truly bad. I guess I just have a tendency to be miffed over small details, which leads me to rate things lower, I don't know.
I guess that makes us opposites for when we rate things, you give something bad a higher score if it did one thing right, while I give something good a lower score if it did something wrong, haha.

You needn't worry kind fellow, I have the full intention of re-watching Penguindrum! I think it might be a similar case I had with a movie called Perfect Blue. I could only truly appreciate Perfect Blue by watching it a second time, because I knew what would happen and because of that I could pay more attention to whatever hidden messages/symbols I might've missed before hand. It made my viewing experience much more enjoyable for the movie, and, well, there's just some series you need to watch more than once to fully enjoy it.
So I'm hoping that may be the same case as Penguindrum, however there is a main difference: I thoroughly enjoyed Perfect Blue when I first watched it. Penguindrum gave me a headache, I was not fond of the whole bro/sis relationships it had, the mood/tone of the second half came off as bizarre for me, and of course I reaaaally didn't like Ringo.
I've heard good things about Utena, so I plan to watch it as well. I have a feeling I'll like it more thsn Penguindrum too.

Gankutsuou was easily one of the best shows I've ever seen. Masterfully crafted all the way through! And unfortunately, no I have not read the book yet. I have the PDF for it on my computer somewhere, it's one of the books I ended up downloaded when I decided I would read for the majority of my summer. And let me tell you, I downloaded a LOT of books, I guess I'll put it up top on my priorities list. The book won't ruin my feelings for the anime will it? I heard the anime is one of the loosest adaptions around.

StarryKite | 06-23-13, 7:45 AM
Also in novel it's stated that they'd like to name their child Shun if it was a boy.
Now that's disturbing. Yes, Saki loved him, but isn't 12 FUCKING YEARS and an awesome guy by her side finally ENOUGH TO MOVE ON COMPLETELY? -_-

StarryKite | 06-23-13, 7:44 AM
I wonder what shall happen later. Satoru and Saki both talked about "improving their world" and stuff, but I see no any other solution but keeping the previous harsh control over kids. Bakenezumi would try to rebel again sooner or later too.
Why do they need them? Okay, they turned them into rat beings in order for people with no Cantus not to mess up with Cantus users (though it's already Body Horror). But why controlling them and keeping them as "social servants"? Even the most dirty work can be done by Cantus users without much time and trouble.

TheWindWaker | 06-22-13, 6:07 PM
After learning you were not out to insult and actually wanted to listen it became much easier to have a conversation with you yes. I like nice people, I just don't fine that most people are nice (which could be because I'm off putting, I don't know, I'm pretty ok with not being surrounded by a ton of people so I never really thought to make major adjustments shrugs). I will admit I'm quite shocked I just had a civil open conversation about things of this nature on MAL of all places. I am especially defensive here given the culture.

(and upon hearing you were an /a/ frequenter, I admit prejudices flared up a tad, I'm only human and if there's one place I would expect civil talk even less frequently than MAL it'd be 4chan, very happy to be proven wrong on both fronts for once)

Anyways, yes. Have a nice day and thanks for the talk. It actually wasn't that bad.

TheWindWaker | 06-22-13, 6:00 PM
Mm ok I will address one last thing then I think I'm pretty much spent on the social justice front. Your bit about how man hating hurts feelings brings to mind a pretty famous quote that circulates around. "Misandry hurts feelings, misogyny kills people." That pretty much sums up the key differences. Of course it must suck as a perfectly respectable decent male human being to have to deal with the patriarchal society backfiring in your face, but that should be taken all the more as a reason to dismantle said patriarchy. Because once it falls, it will be better for everyone. No hurt feelings, no hurt pride, no hurt bodies. No hate from anyone necessary. That will be a nice day, and more than anything that is the goal that most people are aiming for, nothing more nothing less. But I can't act like we've reached it when we are nowhere close.

I think what just ultimately happened between the two of us is a textbook example of the system failing both sides miserably, which is ultimately a really good lesson to learn from. For me at least.

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