Sheryl "Galactic Fairy, Fairy 9" Nome

Sheryl Nome
Macross Frontier
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Macross Frontier Deculture Edition
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Macross Fufonfia
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Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime
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Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa
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Macross Frontier Music Clip Shuu: Nyankuri
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Macross FB7: Ginga Rukon - Ore no Uta wo Kike!
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Macross Frontier
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Sheryl: Kiss in the Galaxy
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Sheryl Nome (シェリル・ノーム)
Age: 17
Birthday: November 23
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Height: 165cm
Weight: 54kg

Known as the "Galactic Fairy", she is a pop idol from Macross Galaxy fleet. She constantly tops music charts, and it is said that it is impossible not to hear her songs if you live in this galaxy. Naturally, her popularity is soaring high in Galaxy's sister fleet, Frontier. Due to her beauty and singing talent, she is a very proud and self-assured person. Sheryl has recognized the singing talent of Ranka Lee and often offers to help her 'behind the scenes' to realize her dream of singing. Sheryl's first encounter with Alto Saotome was when he served as a backup 'performer' at her first fleet concert. Eventually she also develops a crush on him.

Sheryl ~Kiss in the Galaxy~

Voice Actors
Endou, Aya
Chae, Ui Jin

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