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June 24, 1975
March 31, 2007
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Still shackled to the shadow that followed you.

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Amaya-dono | 05-04-15, 1:35 PM
because the second half of the movie is basically just chicago getting destroyed and everyone in chicago getting killed. very deep.

LolitaDecay | 05-04-15, 10:24 AM

Yus! Sam got in as a reserve so we're hoping he gets upgraded before August when I'm off. If it makes you feel any better, I was interviewed by an ex-JET who couldn't be any younger than 55 so you definitely stand a chance. I think the issue is more if you have health issues/lots of dependents like kids and partners coming with you.

The application process was pretty standard, (although you have to impress with your personal statement) but the interview was terrifying. I'm very good at interviews but shit was something else. They literally try to break you, so the emphasis is less on your answers and more about keeping cool under pressure. We've got each other on Skype right? I'm more than happy to share the application stuff I've got but bear in mind that the UK one is slightly different to the US!

But yeah, busy with all that and working at a shitty book shop. Normally, I wouldn't class a book shop as shitty but nope, this one truly is. ROLL ON AUGUST. How the hell are you??

Amaya-dono | 05-03-15, 9:32 PM
proud born faggot

Amaya-dono | 05-03-15, 11:33 AM

ONEESAMAAA | 05-03-15, 4:28 AM
ey heard this is where we talk about naruto

Amaya-dono | 05-02-15, 2:24 AM

Amaya-dono | 05-01-15, 5:33 PM

Amaya-dono | 04-30-15, 6:35 PM
m8 I will fucking fight you. only plebby plebs talk about anime on

norwichandnaruto | 04-16-15, 5:12 AM
Nah, I'm not really up to date with this youtube celebrity phenomenon. Not to mention that name, it's safe to say I wouldn't click on their vids if they were suggested to me.

norwichandnaruto | 04-11-15, 2:05 PM
Hey lad, my team won today. Scored the winner in injury time as well.

Xynical | 04-08-15, 6:03 PM
That guy's insane, good god. I thought it had something to do with him shitposting on MAL all day in the past, nevermind.

Xynical | 04-08-15, 6:41 AM
Hi, I saw your post from 2008 (picture below), and I'm curious to know what you meant.

Kittenia | 03-25-15, 9:05 AM
thank you gramps! ily and imy

Hias | 03-23-15, 11:27 AM

lanblade | 03-19-15, 5:00 PM
I use iSkysoft for Dailymotion.

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