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01-26-15, 5:56 PM
May 6, 1988
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September 2, 2009
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ultimate-otaku | 10-06-14, 9:18 AM
random ? no,i just liked ur profile pic and i saw you like bleach dat's all..anyway..thanks for accepting ^^

Chemix800 | 06-27-14, 5:12 AM
Tocmai am lansat site-ul
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Soulsfear | 05-06-14, 12:03 PM
Happy birthday

Puty | 03-15-14, 4:02 AM
Naruto: So Gai is stalling for the REAL heroes to save the day. But it was a sweet chapter overall. Maybe Kakashi will take off his mask when he'll be crying?
Bleach: Kensei and Rose dead? I hope not(though I don't know why I'm so into the Vaizards, Kubo overhyped and underdelievered every characters except Yuha Bach and Aizen maybe). Zaraki arrives, good but expected - expect Unohana also since Kotetsu is there too. Oh, and this new opponent - I thought it was psp kid again x).
So much stupidity and awesomeness in the chapter. Btw. Haschwald and YB are really only threat that matters now.
And... why Ichigo is rushing there? There will be no one for him to fight. It'd get kinda awkward when he arrives.
Btw. I stopped One Piece which I had started a couple weeks ago because anime caught up to manga. I can't et into it as much as in the anime form.
Naruto: 4/5
Bleach: 3/5

Puty | 03-08-14, 4:23 AM
Naruto: I hate the fact that BOTH Naruto and Sasuke are going to save the day. I hate how Kishi is trying to force on us that Sasuke is equal to Naruto. So we are waiting now not only for Naruto but for Sasuke revival sa well. And yeah, Gai moment and his resolve are great but like you said - It hasn't happened yet. Maybe Naruto or (oh, God no!)Sasuke will save him from death at the crucial moment. And you know what? All of these recurring characters... fuck it, I want to see Jirayia. I miss this guy. I was so opposing the idea of him coming back seeing how Kishi ruins basically every character he brought back, but now, since I don't care anymore I wouldn't mind ero sennin's arrival.

Bleach: Well, this is just begging readers for attention. Bleach is constantly at the bottom in the rankings. So having Yachiru fight is realy desperate from Kubo. Granted, that would've been a great idea... like 2 years ago? Now i don't care. I was dying to see her in action it was one of this unresolved things which Kubo eventually had to touch upon, like Isshin's past or Unohana's fight. And I looked forward to it. Yeah, looked. It's cool, yeah, but it would've been cooler when Bleach had momentum.
And, we basically stopped to have this characters fight. plot is non existent at the moment.

naruto: 2/5
Bleach: Bleach: 3/5

Puty | 02-15-14, 7:52 AM
Naruto: I hope it's not Jirayia. The only good thing about this war is that Kishi hasn't ruined him too. Kabuto, maybe? I thought the part with team Gai was ok, but yeah, waste of pages. I want to see Kakashi's fight against Zetsu. Madara left his blades, that seems to be important I guess.
Bleach: Well, I didn't like this chapter that much until Byakuya arrived. That was awesome. I know that Kubo pissed on Rukia once again, but, boy, that comeback was epic.
Yeah, Bleach has been struggling for a long time lately in the rankings.
It got a little higher when this arc was introduced but it quicjky went back to bottom.

Naruto: 1,5/5
Bleach: 3/5

Puty | 02-08-14, 9:10 PM
It's ok, ok. Shit happens.

Naruto: Ugh, Karin. Do I need to say more? And foothanger. Kishi stole it from Kubo.
And Madara is now butterflAizen of this series.
Bleach: Another major stern ritter is going down? The pace is once again horrid but now suddenly Haschwald and YB seem like only real threat.
Is there anything to this arc? Right now it is just "new villains appeared" and nothing else. It looks like Bleach will end soon. Well, maybe not because of the god-awful pace, but there re small amount of things which could happen next left.
Naruto: 1/5
Bleach: 2.5/5

Puty | 01-23-14, 9:05 AM
Naruto: Everyone is pumped out what will happen next? And we have a hint about Yamato's role in this whole mess. I loved Hinata's resolve. Don't screw this Kishi, let Naruto grow some balls. Unfortunately he didn't see Hinata's cry so it won't count. And look, good cliffhanger! I am curious what happens next, the last time was like months ago.

Bleach: I thought we are finally given a Soul King info, but YB is also a good subject because we didn't know anything about the guy. Ok chapter. Haschwald isn't fucking around, I like him.

Naruto: 4/5
Bleach: 3,5

Puty | 01-16-14, 11:22 AM
Naruto:I don't even remember Uchiha Izuna O.o and that flashback wasn't that long ago. And yeah there was no idea for the worthy cliffhanger so we got this cheesy fake stab from the guidebook of the shonen manga.
Btw. Was Gaara even in this chapter? x/
Bleach: Sigh, the shape isn't nothing special(MiniZabimaru), but kinda cool during the attacks. But frankly I think that I'm losing the interest in Bleach. I mean we'd known that Kubo has to introduce some new form of special power, something above the bankai. But it wasn't the real name excuse is so fucking stupid. I hate when something is introduced but then later someone says "real" and cheapens it. And yet, I don't want to rage about it, it's not worth it. I really wanted to like this arc, it started good, but now...

No grades from me this week.

Puty | 12-25-13, 5:53 AM
Fuck, Christmas times and what you know, Naruto is better than Bleach and Kubo reveals his true self.

Naruto: Gaara deveopment. Ok, it's like 2 years late, but it is welcomed addition to this stale fight. I think it's actually ... ok chapter. Clifhanger is weak, but I'm pleaseantly surprised.
Bleach: Another trash-like chapter. What the hell? Nothing happened. Kubo should give us a look of the Renji's new sword to compensate for this eventless chapter ffs. I once read that Kubo did give Ichigo small bankai because he is too lazy, and Renji's bankai was given as the example. Kubo has(had?) to make effort with Renji's fights. I'm afraid that his new blade will be as luckluster as Ichigo's.
Naruto: 2.5/5
Bleach: 0/5

Puty | 12-18-13, 10:03 AM
Naruto: Obito will help with defeating Madara, he will reveal his weakness or sth. He is up to something. At this point I don't care for the inconsistencies so i won't rage about them, and seeing godlike Madara only proves my point that we shouldn't have to deal with whiny Obito at all. I seriously couldn't care less about what's gonna happen in this manga.
Bleach: Sorry, but I hated this chapter as well. Pissing on the Vaizards wasn't enough for Kubo, so he had to take a shit on their poor unmasked faces. Because guess what? All their (already)pathetic effort was meaningless. Small dude was still alive and wrestle dude recovered his eardrums. There was no fucking character in the last couple of chapters. There were tools. Hisagi & co., vaizards > to show how seemingly powerful is this wrestler guy whom we don't know anything at all about, but it's ok, he exists only to showcase Renji's growth.
Naruto: 2/5 Something happened, i don't even remember what.
Bleach: 0/5 - this is some awful writing by Kubo.

Puty | 12-13-13, 6:40 AM
Naruto: Some Gaara action is always welcomed, even though you know he's gonna fail in his attack. I gave up on keeping track of Naruto inconsitencies so I'll just let this eyes thingy slide. Just don't care anymore.
Bleach: I care a little more about Bleach than Naruto, so we have another strong disagreement. To me it was like 0/5 stuff. Kubo continues to piss on the Vaizards. Both Kensei and Rose were beaten offscreen in the past. That was the last chance to redeem them. Nope, they were just used as tool to hype up this wrestle dude. I hated this chapter. They didn't use their masks. The masks that make them(now when yama-ji is gone) THE STRONGEST shinigamis in existence. Because Kubo forgot and will later come up with some bs explanation to cover that up because someone will point it out to him. Oh, and I actually didn't like the merciless swing from Rose. Because firstly, it makes them no better than sternritters. Just knock him out for the fuck sake. And secondly, it made them look more pitiful. Yeah, you are so great that you can slaughter this defensless dude, but on every other occasion you have your asses handed to you.
All that to dispose the captains nobody gives two shits about and replace them with Renji, Rukia and Ichigo maybe. Fuck.

Naruto: 2/5 for Gaara
Bleach: O/5. Hated it.

Puty | 12-10-13, 6:12 AM
Well, Kensei had a chance to be Roronoa Zoro of Bleach, but I recall him being KO'ed offscreen by mere Vanderweeiss or whathever name that arrancard was. So i can't take him seriously.

Puty | 12-06-13, 9:20 AM
Naruto: What you know, Madara is doing badass stuff which would've been excitining like... 2 years ago. He was the villain this manga needed, but we were stuck with Tobi, the villain this manga deserved. Now it is predictable, Naruto will command the legendary beasts because it is telegraphed he resembles the sage of six paths.

Bleach: I don't know. The power of cheering just blew my mind. It's not the first time in Bleach, though. Orihime cheered and Ichigo defeated Grimmjow. Is this the worst possible, uninspired thing, or we shouldn't take it seriously anymore? Is this deliberately cheesy? And hey, I thought the Vizards finally do something useful. Oh, well.

Naruto: I don't know, 2/5? It tries, just too little, too late.
Bleach: 2/5

Puty | 11-29-13, 6:29 AM
Naruto: Change of heart is comple- oh, wait no. But Obito was about to resurrect everyone, geez. Thank God fot Madara. But wait, I take it back. Now Madara? Geeeez, we couldn't have that from the beginning? Madara is awesome, but at this point - i don't care.
Bleach talk about chapter about nothing. You're in troubles if Naruto is more eventful than your shit. Fuck, another stupid killing off your powerful subordinates. And what is the Haschwald power anyway? I can't tell what is this supposed to be. Madarame, Yumichika and Hisagi beaten up offscreen? What the hell. Wouldn't be nice if we saw that than that stupid executions? Also, Ikkaku has a frickin bankai for the fuck sake.

Naruto: 1/5
Bleach: 1/5

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