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June 24,
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September 2, 2010
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To MAL Friends since I'm barley on kik me DragonTamer97 just tell me who you are n I might add you xD

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phuntom | 52 minutes ago
Haha I am so lazy, so I can never deal with kids. XD Nice. Are they new?~

Spidermastermind | 4 hours ago
Yeah, I too prefer waiting for an anime to finish airing before watching it.

You can send me a friend request on my innocent profile too if you want.

Draon | 6 hours ago
lmao XD I know the feeling. It's funny, I've explained to both of my sisters that once you graduate high school you get this weird feeling one day, that everyone is now gone and you have not fricken idea what to do :3 They never believed me until they graduated :D

Sounds like you're still having fun, post-graduation and all ;3 Enjoy it now until college rips you a new one <3 lmao JK XD

Oh~ Sounds like a fun trip :3 A little more fun before its time to hit the books eh?

So I looked into the Munchie club earlier. So sad, so many memories :'D. Maybe I should make the return of DK ;3

Meioh | 7 hours ago
Do you like lolis? You may love it then. It's my all time favorite OVA/episode. ^______^

Let me know if you check it out...

phuntom | 8 hours ago
Haha you're lucky. I need a job XD Currently babysitting and it sucks.
So, have you been watching anything recently? :)

Meioh | 9 hours ago
It had the twin lolis if that rings a bell. ^_^

Meioh | Today, 7:23 AM
Did you see the bonus episode?

Draon | Today, 4:25 AM
Yush, it tends to be rough handling both X3 Work full time + School + other job related things = no life :( At least until december when I graduate :D

What's next week?

Spidermastermind | Yesterday, 11:15 PM
I didnt expect a girl to have watched so much hentai and ecchi. You've watched much more than me. I have a feeling that you're a guy thats just pretending to be a girl on MAL.

Kagurami24 | Yesterday, 10:45 PM
Hehe Yes Ichi knows~ Thank you very muches! I glad you like ^-^

phuntom | Yesterday, 10:34 PM
Yea. What I said came out totally wrong. XD Neat! How long have you been working?

Meioh | Yesterday, 9:38 PM
I'm doing tasty, hehehe.

Did Inyouchuu Shoku scare you? XD

phuntom | Yesterday, 9:27 PM
Yup, I know what you mean. The things we do for money haha. XD What do you do?
Hamburgers! Can never go wrong with hamburgers. :D

Kagurami24 | Yesterday, 6:58 PM
Go Ichi! and i love your dp, super sexy!

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