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12-04-14, 8:32 PM
Tucson, Arizona
September 6, 2008
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1.....................A complete failure in every way
2........Barely watchable---don't waste your time
3...............Serious flaws, proceed with caution
4........................Downsides outweigh upsides
5....................Recommended with reservations
6........................A solid show with some issues
7......................Very good, but not quite great
8.......................Excellent, with room to kvetch
9.......................Nearly flawless---watch it now

Cuz Lists Are Fun...
Favorite Anime: Haibane Renmei
Favorite Manga: Onani Master Kurosawa
Favorite Anime Soundtrack: Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Soundtrack (JPN Edition)
Favorite Anime BGM: Pokémon (Original Series, JPN Edition)
Favorite General Anime Character (Male): Spiegel, Spike (Cowboy Bebop)
Favorite General Anime Character (Female): Kuchiki, Rukia (Bleach)
Funniest Anime Character: Harima, Kenji (School Rumble)
Most Baddass Anime Character: Piccolo (Dragon Ball, Z)
Most Annoying Anime Character: Ikari, Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Favorite Anime Related Person: ABe Yoshitoshi
Hottest Anime Character: Hawkeye, Riza (Full Metal Alchemist)
Cutest Anime Character: Aisaka, Taiga (Toradora)
Least Favorite Anime: Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun (The first real non-shounen show I watched, what a horrible way to start)
Most Overrated Anime (IMO): Death Note
Most Underrated Anime (That I've Seen): Planetes
Anime Most Likely to Show to My Friends: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Anime Least Likely to Show to My Friends: Kiss x Sis
Anime That Gave Me The Most Chills: Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
If I Had to Watch One Anime Over and Over Again for the Rest of My Life: Pokémon
Anime That Made Me Cry: Clannad: After Story
Manga That I Wish Would End the Most: Bleach
Anime That I Would Most Likely Watch While on LSD: Serial Experiments Lain

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EvenJellyOn | 03-21-14, 5:57 AM
Cool pic.

Neverarine | 01-24-11, 5:05 PM
lol it is colder than i would like in my house... but i dont understand how people can take the heat... anything over 90 and i just start sweating even if im not doing anything D:

Neverarine | 01-24-11, 3:01 PM
not to be stalkerish and creepy but... i lol'ed at your last comment on theintentional's page when i saw it... it barely got over 0 degrees today for me... and its like almost 60 degrees in my house...

_geni | 01-23-11, 1:53 PM
Yeah, it's probably better than having five blizzards in a row, haha. Name's Sky, btw. :)

_geni | 01-23-11, 12:25 PM
Hmm, Arizona sounds nice right about now. :)

TheCbass | 01-16-11, 9:23 PM
hahaha u dont say man lol how is it going?

TheCbass | 10-27-10, 12:08 AM
lol nice yea tiga was so cool hahaha she was just kicking ass everywere lol. I really would like another season hahaha.I graduated on 07, been at the university since then lol i lived in the dorms for 2 years hahaha so i had some nice experiences and some blackouts hahaha no more of that i felt in one of those lol and now my friends just are never going to forget it hahaha... IDK if im going to go cuz today my friends told me to acompany them to a cor maze o.O i was like wtf is that hahaha but now i know. If u liked tiga, idk i feel the main character from MM! looks and seems to be alike hahaha u should wach it =D

TheCbass | 10-24-10, 5:10 PM
hahaha nice i know what u mean about the weather lol every time i go back to mexico for a visit i wanna die lol so humid where i was born. But im glad its getting cooler lol. Man ive been watching anime like crazy hahaha im thinking that after im done with the current seasons im gonna just keep watching 1 at a time lol: Ive watched a few nice series, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Lovely complex, Kimi ni todoke, Toradora (Very Funny) Working!! loved it specially since i used to work as a waiter lol Im watching Minami-ke(and its sequel)

As of season wise this is what im watching:

Arakawa under the bridge season 2 - funny ashell this director also worked on bakemonogatari and others
MM!- LOVING every minute of it lol
Ore no Imouto - LOVING it as well haha
To love-ru second season - As well loving it
Bakuman - Pretty nice series
Sore no Otoshimono Forte - Ecchi as hell hahah loving it second season aswell
Soredemo.... to long lol - Its from the same direction as arakawa its ok i guess lol

LOL its just too many i need to be paying attention and downloading them from the fansubs haha like i said next time im gonna go slow hahaha

FMAB- is the shit btw its just too good hahaha.

What do u do on Halloween? Also are u still in high school or do you go to the UofA?

For me i dont do much in Halloween but this year i might attend a event hosted by the Japanese and Taiwanese association at the university = Free food and one of my T'A' from a class tells me i should go lol im jsut not good in big groups lol

TheCbass | 10-24-10, 4:21 PM
hey man how u been =D its been some time since i droped a line hope you have a nice weekend and how do u like the weather?? isnt it amazing that the heat is finally going out of tucson lol

Birix2 | 10-12-10, 8:46 PM
Why thank you :)

iwatch2muchanime | 06-16-10, 4:10 AM
lol np my mang

iwatch2muchanime | 06-13-10, 6:18 PM
lol that's a sweet picture you have there though

TheCbass | 06-10-10, 4:24 PM
oooo nice yea ill play with that some other time.. BTW if u like FMA the manga just ended and it came out a few hours ago if u havent read it yet. Also lol yea i found about genshiken right after saw Welcome to the NHK lol they have some elements alike but they are different story wise pry nice to watch if u are fan of anime and manga stuff

TheCbass | 06-10-10, 3:48 PM
hahahaha yea i understand some people have different likings, ive personally started watching anime since i was little aswell, im from mexico and its weird cuz latin american culture loves anime too, there is not a single Hispanic friend that has never watched Dragonball Z for example or Captain Tsubasa, or Saint Seiya or Ranma ½, or Sailor Moon... you get the picture so yeah ive been watching anime since little and it wasn't until last few years i got into it again. I started watching naruto right about when shippuden came out, then FMA, etc and ive been liking these harem ecchi animes alot, they are just so funny and entertaining lol and overall short as hell so u can jump to the next one easy. I recommend you to watch Genshiken 1 and 2 they are prty good choices and also how can you change the style of your anime list?

TheCbass | 06-10-10, 3:10 PM
LoL what up tks for accepting hahah ive been using this website since along time but it was recently that i realized i could list and record the animes or mangas i wanted to watch or i was watching so i decided to create an account =) nice to know there are more ppl in Tucson that like japanese culture.

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