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JoeOllum Jul 10, 3:41 PM
Woow really bedliner? haha that made me laugh but also sad.

All those semi-auto rifles seems like keepers to me. Especially the SIG with the extended trigger, not a pretty looking rifle but seems to be accurate and solid.

Would love to see some pictures when you finish the trench gun.

I need to get a hunting lincense and see if its possible to buy or import a K31 here. I really want one too.

JoeOllum Jul 10, 7:51 AM
That Vz 52/57 sounds sweet I have always wanted to shoot a Vz 58. Never seen anything on the Vz 52/57 before.
How far are you on your semi-auto collection?

Is the trench gun conversion only a heatshield and bayonet lug or internal parts aswell? Do they use the same pump action?

Is there really anything bad you can say about a K31? It seems like its the most fun and smooth bolt action rifle.
JoeOllum Jul 9, 6:47 PM
Hey man, did you ever find a krag? :P
AreyKyoya Jun 22, 8:45 AM
Wow! That's quite Impressive! I am impressed!

I see. I will check out the Whole Page in due time. (^▽^)
Valkyrie_Wings Jun 19, 6:26 PM
In addition-

Tenshi no Tamago! Now that was an experience. It's cool you've seen it too. I used to like to whip that one out to newer anime fans when I used to take part in a club back in school.
Valkyrie_Wings Jun 19, 6:17 PM
Hey, no problem. I absolutely love Xenosaga. KOS-MOS is my favorite fictional character of all time! I love that whole era of games. And anime, even.
.Hack is an amazing franchise. Some of the PS2 games were truly excellent. I really enjoy the manga as well, and the anime are just plain nostalgic for me!

So Aku no Hana is worthwhile? I'm enthralled by psychological elements, so I've had my eye on that one since it came about.

I do enjoy Vocaloid; I'm a fan of the Project Diva vita games. Looking forward to the newest one. I don't indulge in vocaloid as much as I used to, but I appreciate it for what it is. I'm really immersed right now in punk/metal/alternative from 70's-90's. It's taking up all of my musical energy and most of my free time, haha.

I am definitely going to give those a listen. I trust your recommendations since we seem to have really similar preferences, so I'm looking forward to them. I'll let you know when I get to hear them all :) Just wanted to leave a reply preemptively so you know I'm around! haha

Valkyrie_Wings Jun 18, 6:45 PM
Just wanted to say, I'm browsing profiles and your anime and manga favorites lists are awesome! Plus you like KOS-MOS too...!

VampireXxBrianna Jun 18, 12:13 PM
Yes, I think Thunderbirds are 90s. Not sure though. Not real big on cars.

My scholarships are all related to where I live, and because of my GPA. I have two scholarships related to owning a home in my area and a third one because my GPA is between 2.5+. My GPA currently is 2.9 because of issues I had concerning Depression and bullying which made me fail some classes. I still regret letting it get to me.. I had a 4.5 freshman year. My third scholarship is a full scholarship(idk how much money exactly) but I have to do an interview for it this summer to see if they want to accept me for it. My one scholarship is $40,000 which is $10,000 a year, which only covers my 4 years for Purdue. But I have to go to Law School as well so I will have a lot of student loans.

May I ask, what is the difference between an undergraduate and a graduate? I have gotten many college pamphlets and they tell me about the lists of majors they have for undergraduates versus graduates. I have gotten no pamphlets for Purdue but I have gone to Purdue on a visit and saw their BEAUTIFUL dorms. God their dorms, their hallways, it's all very beautiful. So huge and clean.

Purdue is known for its engineering. I've seen their engineering classrooms. We participated in certain classrooms to see how they work. We went to a digital arts type one, and some sort of engineering one. The engineering classroom looked scary lol.

I am going to apply at Purdue and Ball State and Indiana University. Because, Im not sure I can bring my GPA up in time to get accepted to Purdue. That's kinda my dream though. At first, I wanted to go to Ball State, but now I want to stay close to home and go to Purdue.

I think I am going to take the SAT again. I'm not sure if my friends are but I think I am. I'm not sure how to go about signing up to take it again though.

I want to buy a car but I also know I won't use it lol. I mean sooner or later I'll need one to drive to work and such, because I have to start working when I'm in college, I'm sure.

I hope we can get through me going to college. He is younger than me so he will still be in high school. He wants to be an engineer so he is going to Purdue.

Which Purdue did you get accepted into? Purdue Cal, or Purdue Lafayette?
VampireXxBrianna Jun 18, 8:18 AM
The only reason I picked Purdue was because its not possible for me to go anywhere else. Our family doesn't have the money to get me my own car and our car is very very old. It's a Thunderbird. Purdue is like 10 minutes away from where I live, so it doesn't take long to drive there at all. I want to live on campus but I don't think that is included in my scholarships and that's the only relative money I have for college. No one made a college fund for me.

Hmm we didn't have the DBZ movie around here. I don't particularly watch DBZ but I wouldn't have minded seeing it.

Purdue isn't particularly hard to get into. You only need a 1010 on the SAT (the new SAT I think.) and a 3.2 GPA. I got 1050 on the new SAT was is really high considering the new SAT most people just got 900. So 1050-1090 is the highest score.

Purdue is the only school I can apply to because everywhere else is too far but I actually wanted to go to Ball State in Eastern Indiana.

Honestly when it comes down to buying a car, I'll probably ask for my family's help. I'm not planning on being totally estranged to my family when I leave.
My plan, however foolish it may be, is to move in with my current boyfriend once I graduate college, but you know, being a realist, it may not happen. But, for personal reasons, I can't stay in this house much longer. It's damaging to be here.
VampireXxBrianna Jun 17, 5:09 PM
Ugh I hope my college classes aren't like that.

But if you skip class how do you know what they did in class? Do you get schedules in advance? If so, that's probably what I'd like to do. Then, I could study on my own without a class environment. I would feel so much more comfortable.

In college, there is only lectures or do you do work in class?

You're really smart, I can tell you didn't need the lectures anyway.

No, I don't. Movies are very expensive and I actually don't have the attention span to usually watch a movie. The last movie I watched in general was A Girl Like Her, which was about bullying, on Netflix. But the last time I went to the movies was when my mom had recently died and The Hunger Games came out. Her friend brought my sister and I to the movies, I guess to create a good memory idk.
All her friends were talking to us when she died, but after a couple weeks they all vanished. No one was really here when we needed them...

Hmmm anime doesn't show up in the theatre around here, so that's interesting about DBZ.

I do not have my own car. I don't have a license yet because I don't really go anywhere that I can't just walk to. But I'm supposed to get a permit this summer so by the time I go to college I'll be able to drive myself...I really don't want to. I rather walk or have them take me to Purdue everyday because I have anxiety and I'm afraid being behind the wheel will give me anxiety, especially since I don't even like car rides in general.

Anyway, even when I get a license, I'll never get my own car. They're very expensive and I don't have a job currently.
VampireXxBrianna Jun 17, 8:20 AM
AP US History is a mess at my school. A couple of my friends took it and told me never to take it because it's very very difficult and you don't feel prepared.
I took regular so idk why I would take AP anyway. Barely passed regular. I just did a lot of extra credits every friday and did group work myself (assholes..)

I heard college is like that. Where you won't be able to just be asked a problem and solve it, you'll have to think more abstractly about it, and I have a difficult time with that, because throughout my years we just found stuff in a book and answered it.

Wow 6-7 years he taught it! You sound very intelligent and dedicated. That's actually really neat.

My teacher for biology was boring. She never sounded passionate about her teaching and she always let people sleep in there. I had her 1st hour which is at 7:30 in the morning freshman year so my friend used to sleep in her class but I heard she doesn't have the table tops anymore so we probably can't sleep anymore. I'm going to have her next year for AP so...ugh

My grandparents are...something. I don't want to discuss it on public comments but yeah.

This weekend- nothing. I'm going to complete Big Order today, Mayoiga tomorrow..
OH. Forgot! This Sunday I'm going with my boyfriend to see Finding Dory. I'm dropping my sister off but she's not going to be with us.
VampireXxBrianna Jun 12, 5:46 PM
I feel like our education system shouldn't be the way it is. People that all learn at different paces are shoved into one classroom, given a teacher that may or may not be very suitable for our own needs(or anyone's as I've seen in the past..), and this curriculum is shoved down our throats faster than we can all learn the material. It turns out, when you have all of the work that is given to us, we do not have time in our schedules to learn AND do the work. Most of us, including me, find what we can from other people with more time or find it online. Some of us even do work during school or right before the class, because there's just simply no time.

For example, math. How my school teaches math is very stupid. We go from Pre-algebra in 8th grade, to Algebra 1 in Freshman year, then Geometry in Sophomore year, but then we go back to Algebra 2, like they expect us to remember everything we learned two years ago. It just doesn't work that way.

The ironic thing about my Psychology teacher is, she knows how our minds work, and even disagrees with a school schedule, and yet piled on so much work because of how our curriculum is. She had a deadline before our AP Exam and had so much material to teach us, that we had units every week. 12-14 pages every week. I know that may be the norm in college, but we had a lot of other things to be doing, and we are in high school. And..I know it's not the norm, but for reasons that I don't wanna get into, just like the reason I'm not allowed to cook, I also am given a bed time. Yes, ah, 18 later this year and I have a bed time..what a life.

I dislike Biology no matter the time I'm given, to be totally honest. Or maybe it was my teachers I had. I'm not sure. All I know is I never liked learning about genes or ...uh...what else did we learn in Biology? Haha.

One thing you should always know, possibly you forgot, maybe I didn't tell you, but my mother was murdered in 2012, so I live with my grandparents. I have a deadbeat "father" and my mother had me in high school so she dropped out, and never really had jobs to move out. So, I've always lived with my grandparents AND my mom. Now that she's gone, it's just us....

Thank you for the link. I actually will check it out tomorrow, as it's 7:46 PM at this time, and I will be going to bed soon haha. I'm so tired.
AreyKyoya Jun 10, 9:17 AM
I see. No I did not. I just saw your Profile once so I remembered it and wished you!

Yes. I am aware of it!
Do you document your work anywhere?
VampireXxBrianna Jun 10, 7:11 AM
Wow...that's a pretty nice meal for that amount of money.

Ah Engineering. Do you enjoy math? (I've been told any aspect of engineering involves math. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Ah no, it's fine. I was just telling you that I have no interest in such things. Hmm cooking? Well, for various reasons, I am not allowed to cook. Even though I am almost 18, as I will be this year, my grandma doesn't allow me to use the stove or oven. For personal reasons that I rather not get into right now, I will simply just say, 'My grandma likes to complain rather than get stuff done.'

Well, my memory is very bad. It's atrocious. So, I have to be honest, I never got very good at memorizing names. Pavlov was interesting, but we actually spent most of our time learning about Freud, since my teacher loved Freud. The first couple units were about Biology, which at first, made me regret taking the class at all. I hate Biology. I don't wanna learn about the brain or the systems. I enjoyed learning about Savants, eating disorders, and mental disorders. I have always taken a liking to what goes on in people's minds, and how they function. It was also very helpful because I have experience with some of the medications we talked about and also mental disorders.
VampireXxBrianna Jun 8, 6:23 PM
That's so adorable. You were/are so excited. I love when people get excited, and it shows even in text. It's a beautiful thing to me. It's one of the small things in life that I appreciate.

I just got my Japan Crate today. I had a Tonkatsu Umaibo. It was DELICIOUS.
I would love to have the money to buy all of those that you mentioned. Sounds delicious.

What do you work doing, if I may ask? I'm curious after hearing about AIs.

I don't really have an interest in graphic all. I'm a really simple person when it comes to interests. I like listening to music and going on walks. I like watching anime and going on forums. I liked my college course of Psychology, even though I was really bad at the tests. I like food. A lot.

I like MAL because it's a place for me when I don't have a place in my own home. To be completely honest.
I like the people here, even though most people don't.
I love the list format, I like the forum challenges, I like everything about MyAnimeList.