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Meokii | Today, 12:58 AM
I just noticed that.. It's been 2 months since your last comment and it took me this long to realise I haven't replied yet. I'm bad. rip

Retro8bit | 08-24-14, 11:16 AM
Yup, that's pretty much what I am doing as well.

Start up a scene? You trying to get others into those games too? Oh and I love me some Melty Blood bro! It's tops, maybe only equal to the likes of the Arcana Hearts series. Which I am still hoping for a 4th installment by the way. Hope you have fun at your lounge though!

It's really good dude, MK8 is such a solid racer in every way. Though still not quite my favorite, that would go to Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. A bit tighter, and more fun with the transforming vehicles, in my opinion.

Couldn't agree more, it's very easy on the ears! I am a huge fan of jazz, so that's one of the main reasons it appeals to me so much. :)

Retro8bit | 08-22-14, 5:09 PM
Sorry for the late reply. Haven't been on MAL (or my laptop) much these past weeks. Recently got a Wii U, so that's where all my free times been going. XD

Dude, have you had a chance to play Mario Kart 8? Man is that game tight! I get so addicted to it, and the graphics and level design are amazing! I am also loving the fact that they went the "jazz" route with it! It's basically everything you could want in a racing game!

OG-3 | 08-18-14, 3:02 PM
I don't mind, reply me whenever you can. I've also been flunking my response time for some reasons.

As I said, it's great that there are people like you who take time to find non-mainstream artists. I am generally lazy with my music except for some rare instances where I search for some sung poetry songs or local artists (but I haven't been able to find much, so yeah).
It's the first time I've heard of 'Diverse System', but it is indeed very interesting concept. Right now, I am browsing through some blogs and websites, trying to find something new and unheard. Seriously, thank you for mentioning 'Diverse System' is in our conversation, with it, maybe I'll be able to find something I like with my own effort.
Those 3 tracks by imoutoid were interesting and they stood out from the bunch. They had quite an unorthodox sound, but I enjoyed them. I have absolutely no knowledge in remixing whatsoever, but I could feel that those tracks were crafted very skillfully.
And of course, thank you for your continuous recommendations. As always, I've listened and enjoyed all of them. Well, I am quite easy to please, but still, thank you. And I also enjoy talking to you, as you introduce me to some pretty interesting things. And good luck with your moving!

OG-3 | 08-15-14, 1:28 PM
Okay, at first, I want to apologize for my late reply. I was a little bit busy and after that I was feeling unwell, so I stalled with my reply for quite some time.
Same here. I have no knowledge in classical music aside from what I learn in my music class (which isn't a lot), but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the music. Though, I can't still fully appreciate it for the same reason too. And sorry, I don't have anything to recommend.
Thank you for recommendations! I've recently run out of what to listen, so at least I'll have what to listen for the time being. Really enjoyed what you recommended me, especially Swing Holic and binaria. And thank you for showing me that son composed by Yoko Kanno. Damn, it's so good. I can't really find right words to express how awesome she is. I'll get around to watching Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop soon, I really want to hear more of her.

I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but I have the opinion that you spend quite some time searching for the music you listen, which I find amazing. I'm really lazy with it and when I find something I enjoy I just listen to it until I get sick of it and that results in me having nothing to listen most of the time. Because of that, when people ask me for recommendations, I have nothing in mind and it results in me being perceived as a dull person. The moral of my rambling is that I find it cool when people have a vast music library haha
And please, if you have anything to recommend me, please do so, I'm really craving for some non-mainstream music. I'm thankful, as always.

OG-3 | 08-12-14, 4:10 PM
I mostly listen to premade playlists so I don't have to press 'repeat' button every 4 minutes or so and for that reason I'm sure that I won't be really helpful with my recommendations. But well, I'll at least try.
From classical composers I can say that I really enjoy Haydn, especially his trumpet concerto Es-Dur, sometimes I just find myself randomly listening to it. Oh, and from impressionist 'era' (didn't really find a better word for it) there's Debussy, especially his Arabesque I. I also listen to some other composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and etc., but for them I mostly listen the tracks I like. And that is probably pretty weird, but from time to time I find myself humming to Beethoven's Ode To Joy.
As for jazz, I really like Chet Baker. Such a soothing voice is a pleasure to listen, especially accompanied by trumpet sounds. But my favourite jazz track is still Moanin' by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. Well, it's pretty embarrassing to say that I only got interested in jazz just because of 'Sakamichi no Apollon', so my tastes only ranges to the songs which were included in its soundtrack, so please recommend me something you like, because I really want to listen to more jazz.
Besides from that, recently I've come to enjoy electronic music more (which is also why I'm thankful that you shared your mixtape with me). I am also fond of anime soundtracks, especially those composed by Hiroyuki Sawano and Yoko Kanno (that explains why I love the soundtrack of 'Sakamichi no Apollon' so much. Though I have still yet to see Cowboy Bebop, and I heard that that's where her musical talent really shines).

Nothing much really, just spending my days doing particularly nothing significant as I am getting ready for new school year, I guess. And you?
Also, I've been listening to your mixtape and I like it so far. Thanks for sharing it with me.

OG-3 | 08-11-14, 5:16 PM
It's okay. Be sure you get enough rest.
And again, I want to say sorry if I ever sound like I'm bragging or something. When I'm speaking with a person who has clearly better English language skills than me, I tend to 'step up my English language game' and try to impress people with my knowledge which is clearly lacking. That is like some sort of complex I feel from not being someone who can speak English fluently.
So I apologize for turning this message into one big apology letter, I'm just saying that so I don't have to say sorry every time I feel my tone sounds like some snotty brat's (well, and probably to reassure myself).

OG-3 | 08-09-14, 12:53 PM
Keeping myself busy is one thing, but I'm a person who wants to gain something from anything I do and if I have a hobby that doesn't really bring me merits, I feel like I'm just wasting time doing it.
It's nice of you to care about your mother's well-being so much. I mean it's obvious that you have to take care of your parents, but many people are just too self-absorbed to do that.
I went to photography lessons for a year (though I stopped coming regularly after I fully grasped how to use DSLR camera). I always wanted to try using analog camera, but at first I didn't know how to really use it because I wasn't familiar with what exposure, aperture and etc. Then I bought DSLR camera, but I wanted to really know how to use it to its fullest capabilities and joined local photography club, but I wasn't too keen on it, so as I said, I stopped coming after learning how to use my camera. I mostly did the research about various lens, photography styles and editing techniques on my own. Though I make it sound like I was some 'big-shot' at photography, but I really only participated in one contest and got second place (which doesn't really mean anything). But well, to this day, I still have the knowledge I gained while I was hooked on it and I can operate cameras various cameras (even simpler analog ones). Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging or something, but photography is probably the only thing I can confidently discuss, since I have some knowledge in it.
I mostly like to read books set in historical setting or just allegorical novels. Though, the last book I was reading was Murakami Haruki's 1Q84 and I enjoyed it a lot. But I enjoy cyberpunk genre, especially in movies and anime. Well, maybe because I just generaly enjoy dystopian setting.
About hearing Japanese when reading something.. That actually happens to me too. I can't say that I am proficient in Japanese or anything, but I understand some phrases and I can read hiragana and katakana (and very very little kanji), so I know the feeling when such thing happens.
I don't really have a specific taste in music. When I find something I like, I just tend to listen to that one track until I get sick of it. Well, but I mostly listen to Indie and Rock music. Sometimes I get in a mood for listening some Jazz or Classical, but that's about it. These days, I just put 'Deep focus' playlist on Spotify on repeat and just have it in my background. It's mostly atmospheric rock with no lyrics, so I don't get tired of listening to it. How about you?

OG-3 | 08-08-14, 3:19 PM
Yeah, my class covered what current end etc. is and their units, but we haven't been introduced to what capacitance, inductance and etc. is. What we covered in class was just a very basic and shallow introduction to electromagnetism.
Oh, it's okay. I'm actually more comfortable when other person is dominating a conversation. Well, but since you asked... It is somewhat embarrassing to say that I don't really have any hobbies at the moment. Some time ago I was hooked on photography and that's about it. I also enjoy reading, but I haven't read anything besides manga and books required for school for quite some time. I don't have any useful skills or hobbies and that makes me quite miserable, but well, that's my fault, since I do nothing about it. (I apologize if that sounded whiny and/or irritating, but I don't really share my concerns with people I know, I thought I may as well complain to someone I don't know online lol)

OG-3 | 08-08-14, 7:43 AM
Hey, fellow INTJ. You are the first INTJ I've met online too. Though I know some people irl that are INTJs.
I opened all the sites you've referred me and tried to read as much as I could understand. It's a bit hard reading it without having any real knowledge in this field, but still, it's interesting.
I think I get the general idea about diodes, but when it comes to triodes and more, I get lost.

OG-3 | 08-07-14, 4:53 PM
No, it's alright, that actually seemed quite interesting to me. Thank you for your detailed explanation.
Kind of reminded me of a topic I was learning last year at physics' class. It was about electrical current in vacuum. Though I'm not sure if dekatrons and the topic I was learning are even similar to each other. Physics isn't my forte, but it felt quite nice reading your explanation and finding something I could understand (even if it wasn't that much).
If you don't mind, I would like to read more about dekatrons, but I wouldn't be very interesting to talk to since I don't have any knowledge in these things.
But still, I'm thankful that you went all the way to explain it to me.

OG-3 | 08-07-14, 2:59 PM
Sorry, but no. I don't even know what it is. Well, I googled it, but still didn't get it. :D

Retro8bit | 07-30-14, 5:58 PM
Hey bud, since you are huge into the technical aspects of gaming, think you'd ever have interest in making your very own game? Here is a true classic from dedicated people in RPG Maker, though I am pretty sure you've already heard of it:

How's your week been going? :)

Retro8bit | 07-24-14, 8:18 PM
Whew! Well that's a load off my mind, I honestly thought I may have been boring you with my posts since as I said, I am a n00b still when it comes to this stuff. But yes, I am learning a lot man, and enjoy hearing about what you know in the technical aspects of gaming. Never stop being a detailed as you choose to be.

A majority are particle board? Really? I thought maybe they were made out of plywood as it's much sturdier. Guess it has everything to do with costs. Do most arcade cabinets have backs to them? If you remember back to my Popeye arcade video, you'd see that they guy turns the arcade to the back and it is completely exposed. I hope this was only to do with the sake of showing the repair work on the video, and not how all cabinets are made. Gotta say I never actually looked back there, but I'd imagine it would collect a lot of dust.

Good idea with the smaller bed, in fact I too have a queen size in my room (I like extra space since I toss and turn all night), and lately I have been thinking of moving to a twin in order to gain more space there. Well either way, good luck with your project buddy! :)

Nice nice, your custom arcade stick looks awesome! Even has those cool gelatin bubbles in the knob of the arcade stick. I'd imagine if you were to color it that would make it really stand out. Though the clear look really brightens it up too I must say, you had good lighting on the picture.

You use strategy guides, I am actually pretty shocked by this. I know it does let you get 100% of the full game, but doesn't it also spoil a lot of it too? Especially if it is story based like many RPGs are.You may find this weird, but although I don't buy strategy guides anymore, I did at one time, and it was usually "after" I beat the game. Why? Because I wanted to use it to find the extra stuff I over looked, plus it was nice to have a book of the game as well, with the many pictures and maps. Felt like I was purchasing another part of the actual game. An expanded instruction booklet, you might say.

Okay so over all you seem to be a pretty balanced gamer when it comes to genres (sports games aside). Glad you're not like a majority of the gamers on MAL who seem to enjoy only RPGs, makes it hard to discuss other games since nobody seem interested in them.

RandomChampion | 07-22-14, 11:22 PM
LOL thanks

yea, we're both old timers around here. I barely use my profile/PMs though (as you can see from the month late response lol)...i'm surprised i have all these comments.

good to see you on mal still. i havent seen you around as much nowadays (then again, i havent been using it much either lol).

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