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Aku no Hana
Aku no Hana add
Another add
Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone.
Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone. add
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team add

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Blame! add
Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga add
Shakugan no Shana
Shakugan no Shana add
Dengeki! Pikachu
Dengeki! Pikachu add
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai add

Favorite Characters
Akazawa, Izumi
Kamizaki, Risa
Fuyou, Kaede
Grants, Tear
Kusanagi, Motoko

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Itou, Noizi
Itou, Noizi
Kanno, Yoko
Kanno, Yoko
Kawai, Kenji
Kawai, Kenji
Shirow, Masamune
Shirow, Masamune
Sakamoto, Maaya
Sakamoto, Maaya
Takahashi, Yoko
Takahashi, Yoko

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08-13-11, 5:20 PM Edited 04-12-14, 9:22 PM

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Red_Keys | Today, 7:49 AM
It's true though :S

animeoppai | Yesterday, 7:30 AM
so beautiful, i cri evry tim

animeoppai | 04-14-14, 9:59 PM
yes, very.

girlyman | 04-10-14, 8:38 PM

It's wolverine. By the artist from blame

Nidstang | 04-01-14, 8:01 AM
Phantom, I remember, was my 10th anime, and it's always been a show I've cherished throughout the years. One of the best ost's in my opinion.

Yeah what you describe Sunday Without God to be is sadly the case for most shows being produced. Oh well, not like I'm watching anything, hearing you talk about it makes me really feel like watching something again though, but I don't know what, and chances are I'll drop it. I remember watching Akage No Anne last year on easter break and it was such a memorable anime(I don't care at all about the original, non-anime version to be honest). Feel free to recommend me something, it can be whatever, I usually am more inclined to watch something when someone "tells me to do it".

Aylaine | 03-14-14, 9:19 PM
The descriptions are what seem off to me the most, yeah. I've seen that website too. I have several problems in my life, faults and the like just as anyone would, but none of them are on my two results for the most part. How accurate would you say these descriptions are? In senior year of high school, a classmate was always volatile in behavior because she believed heavily in these kinds of tests, as well as astrology. Whenever situations played out in such dissimilar fashion, she could not explain nor accept that they happened due to her way of thinking.

It's likely because INFJ doesn't completely describe me, but then again these tests can't perfectly describe everyone either in my opinion. INTJ huh? Are there aspects of other types that also apply to you as well, or does INFJ describe you accurately enough?

Aylaine | 03-13-14, 5:55 PM
INFJ. However I must be upfront with you, I think these aren't quite accurate in describing people. For example, that is the result I got, but I'm likely a combination of two results. While I have my weaknesses as a person, they aren't usually outlined in any of the tests I've done. They mostly outline that people who help others do it to feel good about themselves; which isn't why I personally help people.

If anything, I'm INFJ + ENTP, but I feel I'm really in the middle of the spectrum that these tests grade me on most of the time. To be accurate, I believe this is because of my past, which you already know about. Comfortably, I sit between the two distinctive personalities that I used to live by.

What are/were your results?

Aylaine | 03-13-14, 10:34 AM

No? Hmm. It would have been interesting if you had. Finding people similar to themselves might be odd for others, but it's always been exciting for me. So far though I've only met two people who are that similar to me.

That specific test, no, however I have taken the MBTI before. Let me take this test, and on your reply I will show my results!

Aylaine | 03-11-14, 9:17 PM
Ohh no, that won't be necessary. I often scare people away with long messages, that's all.

I see.

I'm a terrible writer in my opinion, but I like conveying my feelings on text if it can help someone or if they want to hear my experiences. Still, I'm very glad you enjoyed my story. Wasn't quite sure what to expect in your response, honestly! My reason for helping people now, does it make sense?

Aylaine | 03-11-14, 10:22 AM
My apologies if my post was too long. I tend to put a lot of emotion and detail into personal posts. I hope my story was satisfactory though!

toridoshi | 03-10-14, 8:57 AM
It's just a club here on MAL. I make cards for it, host club events, talk with the members, make layouts for it, etc. It's pretty fun to do in my free time.
The club is currently having a character competition, so I've been working on having that setup well and informing all of the members about said competition.

Unfortunately, I doubt I could ever run a club irl.
I'm pretty quiet and nervous around people in person, so I have some problems with social situations.

Common_Sensei | 03-08-14, 9:37 PM
I like MBTI because it seems like it's a little better targeted than most assessment methods. I've been pretty consistent with MBTI over the years, too. There is also a 9-type enneagram system out there but I forget what type I was last, because I jump all over the place on that one. 'course, I'm a sucker for personality quizzes too, I like comparing myself to all kinds of characters and finding out more about each one. ^^

RJay96 | 03-08-14, 3:34 AM
Don't you worry, i will continue to practice.

And eventually i will probably do something like that, but time will tell. I am writing something at the moment which is simply made for me to practice with, won't be a novel i will show to the world.

The main one i want to do however, definitely. I think the story has a lot of potential and i would hate to see that potential go to waste. I am aiming to get it published with an agent and publisher once i actually get something done (and it's all refined and touched upon).

Common_Sensei | 03-07-14, 7:19 PM
An INTP, eh? You sound very logical! ^^ I swing between extroverted and introverted depending on mood, work, etc. Everyone needs some "me" time, you know?

Aylaine | 03-07-14, 5:31 PM
Very well! Excuse the lateness of my reply please.



Because of my past, I can easily help people by taking their problems, analyzing them, then breaking the issues down and finding logical solutions. After that, I can apply feeling to the process, so that I don't come off as a robot. This is how I've been helping people to this very day. Many problems can only be addressed by the individual themselves, but if they can see an alternative way, a different perspective to consider, or just more options then they've thought up by themselves, then they will have a better idea of what to do then they previously did.

Sometimes, that's all that it takes. Making a difference, then seeing it in action brings me a lot of joy. Giving others the chance to grow, to overcome their problems, it can make a huge difference in someone's life. I stride to help that difference take place, so that others can experience happiness too.

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