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Retro8bit | Yesterday, 8:18 PM
Whew! Well that's a load off my mind, I honestly thought I may have been boring you with my posts since as I said, I am a n00b still when it comes to this stuff. But yes, I am learning a lot man, and enjoy hearing about what you know in the technical aspects of gaming. Never stop being a detailed as you choose to be.

A majority are particle board? Really? I thought maybe they were made out of plywood as it's much sturdier. Guess it has everything to do with costs. Do most arcade cabinets have backs to them? If you remember back to my Popeye arcade video, you'd see that they guy turns the arcade to the back and it is completely exposed. I hope this was only to do with the sake of showing the repair work on the video, and not how all cabinets are made. Gotta say I never actually looked back there, but I'd imagine it would collect a lot of dust.

Good idea with the smaller bed, in fact I too have a queen size in my room (I like extra space since I toss and turn all night), and lately I have been thinking of moving to a twin in order to gain more space there. Well either way, good luck with your project buddy! :)

Nice nice, your custom arcade stick looks awesome! Even has those cool gelatin bubbles in the knob of the arcade stick. I'd imagine if you were to color it that would make it really stand out. Though the clear look really brightens it up too I must say, you had good lighting on the picture.

You use strategy guides, I am actually pretty shocked by this. I know it does let you get 100% of the full game, but doesn't it also spoil a lot of it too? Especially if it is story based like many RPGs are.You may find this weird, but although I don't buy strategy guides anymore, I did at one time, and it was usually "after" I beat the game. Why? Because I wanted to use it to find the extra stuff I over looked, plus it was nice to have a book of the game as well, with the many pictures and maps. Felt like I was purchasing another part of the actual game. An expanded instruction booklet, you might say.

Okay so over all you seem to be a pretty balanced gamer when it comes to genres (sports games aside). Glad you're not like a majority of the gamers on MAL who seem to enjoy only RPGs, makes it hard to discuss other games since nobody seem interested in them.

RandomChampion | 07-22-14, 11:22 PM
LOL thanks

yea, we're both old timers around here. I barely use my profile/PMs though (as you can see from the month late response lol)...i'm surprised i have all these comments.

good to see you on mal still. i havent seen you around as much nowadays (then again, i havent been using it much either lol).

Retro8bit | 07-21-14, 9:31 PM
Sorry for the late reply bro.

Man I feel so inferior talking to you about all this technical stuff, so much of it goes over my head, even though I feel I am learning a lot from you. I apologize if my responses aren't quite as in depth as yours' since I don't have as much knowledge in the technical aspects of video games, arcade cabinets and the like as you do. ;_;

A nice wood frame eh? That sounds like something really classy to have for an arade cabinet. I assume you gotta sand it down and paint it? I think the orginal Simpsons Arcade game had a wood finish. Not sure if you can tell by a simple pic but...

Arcades are certainly a dying breed lately as you've seen. While they weren't exactly HUGE here, I would say we had a good amount of them. I have a buddy who lives in Cali, and he says they are slowly making a comeback there. You are starting to see more and more of them pop up, with some obscure cabinets to boot. Like Ninja Baseball Batman.

As for fighting games, yes I do enjoy them, but not as much as I use to. Most of the time I play them just because it's the genre my friends enjoy playing most, so I just go along for the ride. Me personally? I like it better when you have an actual goal in mind during a game. It's for this reason why I like platformers, survival horror, and action games best of all. But I am open up to any genre really. What style do you play? I remember you mentioning that you prefer old school games like me, but what about the modern stuff?

Retro8bit | 07-11-14, 5:16 PM
Not a problem buddy, and no worries. Like I said whenever you get the time. :)

Based on what you told me it seems like you should at least give it a try, although you are right about that arcade stick thing being pretty simular. One thing I have always wondered, is where can you get the parts for arcade cabinets? I have seen some on Ebay, like motherboards and circuit chips. What about the actual cabinet itself? Can you make your own? Or would that be too much work to shape out the wood, painting it as well as trying to track down some decent looking panels for it.

Ah Robotron 2084 eh? Good game by the way, you have good taste in retro gaming buddy. Never heard of Japanese Candy to Google I go! XD Oh I see, basically an arcade cabinet...but in Japanese style. Interesting. I take it those are made most of hard plastic. Oh and once again I am going to save what you said, this is some interesting stuff. I wish it didn't go over my head, but I really want to learn more about arcade cabinet restorations.

Did you by chance ever get to play Pac-Land back in the day?

Retro8bit | 07-08-14, 11:22 PM
Many thanks for the wishes bro! :)

And no worries, take your time. I know you're a busy guy.

Retro8bit | 07-06-14, 1:38 PM
Thanks for all the info there bud, I think I have a better understanding of how the Dreamcast works internally now. Going to copy and paste your post into a folder in case I need to know that in the future. Especially since I am interested in the Japanese versions of the Dreamcast and Sega CD. Also, I give you credit for being a hardcore Sega fan, yet not biased at the same time. All companies make mistakes after all, and if you truly love them, you'll call them out on their mistakes. I believe that's what a "true" fan does. :)

On another topic, and forgive me if I already asked you this in the past, but do you rebuild arcade machines? For the longest time it's been a little dream of mine to own my own arcade cabinet of the old 1982 Popeye game. I played this so much as a kid that it was a big part of my childhood. Someday when I own my own house, I plan to have one in it.

Here's a video I found of someone who actually restored one:

(also, the guy says there are four screens, when there are actually only three)

3rdStrikeFreak | 07-05-14, 11:43 PM
I'll get to it as soon as possible as well. I got things to work on as well. Thanks again my friend.

3rdStrikeFreak | 07-05-14, 2:12 PM
I only have about 2 pictures so far of all the games I own. Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation. I'll get one more if your interested. Most likely Sega Dreamcast. As they are the only classic systems I own.

3rdStrikeFreak | 07-05-14, 10:54 AM
Dude your stuff is awesome. I also love how you opened the consoles as well. I'll be sure to send you some of my collections via email. :D

3rdStrikeFreak | 07-04-14, 1:13 PM
Yeah I do collect, but I don't have a site where I upload them. If you want I could send you images.

Meokii | 06-30-14, 2:19 AM
Uh oh bad news Da-chan. My mother is going to hog the computer all for herself so I won't be typing that much + YT mobile sucks + horrible earphone sounds, etc. T 3 T

Guess I'll post music when I get mine fixed. Wahh.

Retro8bit | 06-29-14, 2:39 PM
Aha! So that's why. Seems like the way you are talking about it, it would be way easier to just buy a JPN Sega CD. I know of some people that just bought a Japanese Dreamcast and really love it. Though I also heard there were some technical issues with the AC adapter. I think it has something to do with the power supplies being different for both regions.

Man that would certainly make things a lot easy to only have to us one cord to power both. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but you'd think with both being connected to eachother, and the fact that the model 2 Genesis rests right on the Sega CD itself (especially depending on the model, type 1 to be exact) that this would be an easy thing to do

So all aside, were you yourself a fan of the Sega CD? I really liked the system, was such a great novelty to play, even if the technology was too early for it's time.

Retro8bit | 06-28-14, 6:47 PM
Very nice buddy, the circuit board inside looked especially clean and well taken care of! I noticed in your blog you mentioned that you were going to "mod" it. Are you planning to make it region free or something? There were a lot of good games (many anime style) for the Sega CD that never saw the light of day outside of Japan. So many side scrolling shooter games for that system. I love those!

Also, I can never get enough of the boot up screen for it. Makes my ears melt everytime!

Meokii | 06-27-14, 5:10 PM
Yuki is really underrated. Her voice is soothing and sometimes it makes me fall asleep. Maybe one reason is because she doesn't have that much official songs compared to other Vocaloid, which is sad.

Human is not loli enough for me! But the beat is good. It actually sounds like an ending song of an anime xD (That English rapper tho)
Now スペース・タッグ is loli ^ _ ^ )b Is it a crime to like the off-vocal of this and the first one /shot'd Haven't really listened to Vocaloid in a while, let alone music with actual words on it.
....And then a music with less vocal appears, but now I kinda want to hear more of her voice. Wowow. I am the worst at reviewing ever. Kill me pls.

The second and third track are sounds that I'll most likely listen to when I'm on my bed and ready to sleep. Since I get so scared of silence and darkness, I listen to music instead of turning on the TV.

Evil and Flowers is in my *cough* ex's *cough* Tumblr before. He's into soothing and chill songs. Guess I can classify this song as that because the J-Pop that I listen to are really loud and bubblegum-y like [url=[/url]Fashion Monster[/url] and GO! GO! Fine Day.

ハロ/ハワユ instrumental version was on my Tumblr before. Thinking if I should make a cover of it as soon as I get my computer back Q 3 Q

Nidstang | 06-27-14, 4:08 PM
Nah, it's just another one of those cases where I end up researching and looking through pictures about a game I would like to play but can't. 'tis a shame.

I'm saving for a ps4 though, and not just for any game..

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