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Divergence Eve
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Hitsuji no Uta
Hitsuji no Uta
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Labrys_ Apr 23, 4:06 PM
I've been more and more into manga recently. I started reading THe Breaker too, and it's really good!

yeah I'm really happy abotu the blame! pick, love that manga. Was surprised how big it was tbh lol.

Samw, I fucking love the phantom series. Like, I know it has many flaws but it's still a super guilty pleasire of mine.

yÝeah holy shit, I'm never going back to china lol.

FucK ! tht locks complicated as shit haha, but you're smart so you know that stuff :D

I'm extrmeely sorry for the late reply and the HORRIBLE writing, just got home from a card game called "wasted warlocks " where the more you lose, you drink lmao
Labrys_ Apr 11, 8:35 AM
Ah I see, I don't think I saw any but who knows.

I highly recommend reading Gunnm, one of the most polished manga I've read in terms of depth in both character variety and story. Here's all the manga I managed to take with me, it's not much, and I wanted more but it conflictedwith how much weight you can carry through the airport and other attractions my family wanted to see.
I also wanted to buy some JP ps2 games for future plays such as the visual novel of requiem for the phantom(phantom of inferno) and Valkyrie profile silmeria but alas, that didn't happen.

So I'm finally home from japan. I loved it there, and I really wanna go back one day. The trip was good. The only bad thing that happened was the fucking security customs at the chinese airport in beijing. My god, if I ever wonder what a literal hell on earth feels like I've already experienced it. We had to switch flight in Beijing because that's how my mom booked it, but man, I honestly never wanna go back there. We had to stay one night at a hotel like 30 kilometers away from the AirPort because air china cancelled our initial booked flight the first day of our arrival. We got to see some cool shit like the forbidden city, tianmen square and a huge entrance with a huge portrait of Mao, the supleme reader. But the whole time we were there I always felt uneasy, there were guards and people with black suits everywhere starting everyone down, since there's still a totalitarian state there I never felt safe lol.

In general there were just too many people though, and unlike Japan most people aren't very polite or courteous, and the traffic was beyond fucked up, literally everyone drives illegally there to get anywhere otherwise they'll be stuck in traffic for half an hour or more. Despite that we still made it in decent time to the airport so there were hopes left that we might not miss the plane after all. But then we had to wait in an almost unorganized line for what seemed to be hours, it was fucking stacked(constantly being pressed against someone else) and people were getting upset that they'll miss their plane and we also started to get worried. Some people even sneaked past others so there were a lot of turbulence which added to the stress. Chinese people are so damn uptight and serious it's ridiculous, they had several security checks everyone had to go through more than once for no reason. It's like they're suspicious of anyone being a terrorist, especially immigrants. Fortunately we managed to get out of that cesspool and make it just in time for our airplane, which was a fucking relief, because if we missed it we'd have to go through all that shit again because the worst part is that that toxic environment is what occurs on a daily basis, constantly there. Ughh I' m sorry for the rant, and I might be overreacting a bit but I'm just glad it's over.

Oh and to further explain how much I dislike China, we got to use some shitty wifi but almost all the sites I visit(youtube, Twitter etc. ) were all banned and the commection speed was at a snails pace even though it was a highly regarded hotel we stayed at. And not a single person could speak english fluently which made everything a pain in the ass because the "educated" people couldn't even understand half of what we were saying.
Labrys_ Apr 4, 12:29 AM
Alright so I might be terrible at searching but I didn't find any pce stuff over at super potatoe unfortunately(and it's frustrating when you can't read the kanji lol), but that's fine because we went to a mandarake store called Grandchaos where they have a lot of older second hand anime/manga so I finally found some battle angel alita manga, it seems pretty rare these days

Oh, is it the aircraft? Hmm Is it Lockheed Martin Aeronautics?
Labrys_ Apr 3, 6:24 AM
Nice, I found some other fun looking titles like Dragon Egg and Valkyrie no Densetsu, I'll see if I can find something if we go back to the shopping centres(which I'm eagerly hoping for). That might be the issue yeah, will have to crack it open once I'm home. I miss playing my beloved silent hill 3 ;-;

Idk why I didn't just say summer lol

Wow! That sounds like quite a change, but yeah it sounds like it will take a while before you can start it. I take it you're done with getting a drivers license? And what company is it if I might ask? I wish you luck as well, friend.
Labrys_ Mar 30, 3:58 AM
Oh regarding my sisters art - I don't mind showing it at all but I gotta ask her when we're back in Osaka in a few days where I can shoot some of her art with my shitty iPad camera haha
Labrys_ Mar 30, 3:54 AM
Oh indeed! I feel spoiled tbh lol

Does the Engine PC duo have decent games? Never heard of it before, but it looks cool, will keep an eye out for it. I haven't seen Hard Off yet (though I have been to book off) but it should be here somewhere. The modchip thing is a marvelous idea, unfortunately I'm not knowledgable at all when it comes to modifying consoles, much less the ps2 - but it would be fun to learn! But first I gotta make sure the disc spins in mine. One day it just stopped for some reason but I think it's a pretty minor/common problem that shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Yeah it's amazing here, even though it's not even bathing season yet(hopefully that makes sense in english lol) but it's still super hot here in the air and there are beautiful coral reefs we've witnessed underwater. I really hope you get to visit it some day.
CDRW Mar 29, 6:12 PM
Hey, how are things going?
Cpt_Mathix Mar 29, 2:08 PM
Glad you like my scripts! If you find any bugs, tell me and I will try to fix them asap.
Labrys_ Mar 29, 7:00 AM
We're in Japan mainly to visit our sister who is studying there(manga cartoonist stuffs) which I'm really happy about cus I've always wanted to go here for other obvious reasons lol. We are situated in Osaka, and some region within that huge city but I can't remember the name right now. I gotta say I love it, there are tons of otaku shit here and anything else you could ever want since there are so many store streets it feels like you can just get lost forever. Although it's mostly mediocre light novel adaptations and various other new crap littered around the shops it's still a sight to behold as a fan of the medium as a whole, and there are vintage stuff in abundance as well, not only for manga but also games, we went in to a store called super potatoe which is like an eldorado for any hardcore gamer - there were tons of quality games from older generations and all kinds of systems, so I knew you'd fucking love that store haha. Since I don't own many systems/haven't played a lot of them I looked mainly at the ps2 directory and there so many games I wanted, but alas my ps2 isn't JP and it's also broken so I have to fix it.

Oh I forgot to mentioned that right now we're in a small Island called Zamami, which is a part of Okinawa. So now we're experiencing the tropical side of Japan which is quite the contrast, we went whale watching today :3
Labrys_ Mar 28, 6:35 AM
Same, I have lots of motivation issues to deal with, hoping to regain some along the way. Yeah my sleeping schedule gets way more fucked up these days. Like, I thought it was bad enough during high school but later when I had a steady schedule for an introduction at a retirement home I had to get up 5 AM to take the bus after being awake up to 3 in the morning... I'm glad those days are over(for now).

Wow that sounds cool, I hope it goes well for you!

I love all kinds of music, same with playing actually, jazz is one of the harder styles to tackle though so that's why I'm hoping to learn a lot eventually. Although I haven't been motivated much to start playing during my free time hopefully I'll become more active and willing if I manage to get in the musical school. As for the sound files... well I have them but I'm a bit modest about it so I'll so what I'll do haha, and besides I'm in Japan right now so I can't show anything even if I wanted to ;^)
Sethniisan Mar 16, 5:00 AM
So you don't play ;( ? OMG where are you???? I can't find u so please come to my place tq ;)
Sethniisan Mar 14, 6:27 AM
Do you play Naruto 4?
Sethniisan Mar 14, 6:26 AM
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deserada please cook Omurice for me!
Sethniisan Mar 14, 6:25 AM
Deserada please cook Chicken Alfredo for me!
Sethniisan Mar 14, 6:25 AM
Deserada please cook Hamburger and buns for me!