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I tend to be a very huge moe fan so if you want to blame the demise of high art anime because of "Type B fan scum" like me you're free to rage, although I really don't care and find tears delicious.

My ratings are not an exact science so don't ask me why my numbers don't add up. They are all relative to each other. If I rate a show 8, it means that I like it better than a show I rated 7. Often times I have severe biases for anime that suit my whims and others against anime that just annoy me. But hey, life is unfair. :)

I am not pretentious enough to consider my reviews to be objective. A show could have perfect animation and a complex story (excel in many objective aspects), but if it bores the shit out of me, I'll still crap on it.

I'm of the strong opinion that any show or movie is more than the sum of the parts. I usually lead towards anime that produces exceptionally memorable moments even if it is lacking in other aspects.

For obvious reasons, movies and single episode OVAs are rated on a different set of standards-- I don't really think it's fair to compare a movie against a series.

I also am very quick to drop series I don't like, so the ratings for completed series will be skewed a bit to the high side. Usually, if I finish a series, there's some value of it to me. :D Shows I really hate I just don't bother adding.

Also don't take everything I say that seriously; I prefer to not have a srs bzness attitude when it comes to things like this. Raging over Japanese cartoons is pointless.

In general:
9-10------ One of a Kind, irreplaceable; They have caused a lasting impact on the way I see anime. May have flaws, but are generally ignorable because the goodness far outshines it. Typically, these are the shows that prevented me from ragequitting anime, because they showed me what great things you could achieve in this medium if you tried. In general, it must contain a very compelling cast so I could actually care about their story.

8------ Extremely good shows that have a presence in my mind but may have major flaws or other aspects that I really didn't like. Also frequently contains anime that I have no glaring criticism of, but didn't get me involved as much as it could. Regardless, I won't be denying they are undeniably fine things to watch.

7------ The baseline for recommendations; I can start calling these "good" as opposed to just having good aspects. These anime usually represent quality as a whole, and may have many flaws; but some of them can be overlooked. In general, represents a solid effort from the makers.

6------ Shows that I enjoyed, but generally have too many critical issues that prevent me from calling it good.Most completed anime will start at this since I have a tendency to drop shows very fast. They frequently have a number of redeeming qualities, but have glaring flaws that often dampen what's good about them. I'll recommend these to people who already have a vested interest in that show's genre.

5------- An average show, if nothing is better, watch it. Generally forgettable, but harmless-- worth a few lulz here and there.

4------- Generic and uninspired stuff; May actually be sometimes entertaining, but it's not worth it.
3------ Stay away. It's like having the screen constantly insult you. Who made this shit?
1-2-------- Avoid at all costs. Whoever responsible for this needs to hook up with a tentacle monster. The very polar opposite of anime-- seeing this makes me never want to watch an anime again.

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xm0123 | Yesterday, 4:15 PM
Oh hey, you want Key brand boner killer? Consider this tidbit. On Key's TvTropes page, there's an entry for "Questionable Consent." It describes something from the 18+ version of LB. Spoilers follow.

It also mentions a questionable moment in the 18+ version of Kanon too, one involving Makoto. Thank God for anime! XD

But I liked Shakugan No Shana! And Toradora! I see nothing wrong with that. Though you do mention the only real flaw; Riki is still bland as can be. The only time he isn't is in the Rin and Refrain routes, but here, he's back to being an observer, not a doer. Of course, Saya is just so amazing, I can overlook this, but the fact remains. (If you don't believe me, look at my favorite characters list again. XD)

But please stop mentioning H scenes! Stop altogether! Wait, funny thing, not here, but on another site, people were complaining about H scenes in VNs, and people started writing cliched dialog. Watch, this is every H scene ever.

"I-It's my first time, Sempai." "My hips are moving on their own!" "Itai! Itai!" "Right now, the most honest part of my body.......was my-" "-DAME DAME!" "WAAAAAAGH! So much came out!" Supposedly, rumor has it that many so-called Nukige also feature anatomic impossibilities, gallons of fluids, and other things that make me bang my forehead against a wall. Also, don't tell Zettai that every H scene I've forced myself to read never involved a woman on top.

xm0123 | 07-30-14, 7:52 AM
More Key porn!???@?! Why!?!? Where is the market for such a thing!?

That phrase, "A wall I'll never surpass again" that a Japanese expression? I've seen another VN author say those exact same words elsewhere. XD And he also did Saya's route. Oh GOD, Saya's route.* Still, that's a good comparison; Gene Roddenberry was indeed a visionary, but he wasn't the only mastermind responsible for Star Trek's success. Also note, Jun Maeda had nothing to do with Rewrite, aside from composing the title screen music. XD

I played the demo of Alpha Centauri way back in the day and enjoyed it, though I never really got into 4X games.

*Oh yeah, I couldn't wait any longer. I saw the first four episodes of LB EX. And remember, this time, I have not played the VN version. Saya's arc was simply wonderful. If you want more details, consult Zettai's wall.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-30-14, 12:27 AM
I approve of that, eat your heart out UBW route xD.

Right, at least Himegoto actually made clear and evident it'd be about traps so those not about it could avoid it. Compare with my usual nega-example Needless, where after 4.5 years and 50+ monthly chapters of un-trap-ness they made the main boy a trap and kept forcing him to crossdress in increasingly forced ways as the characters kept praising him more and more and he got more and more trapservice and whatnot to the point the entire series became ruined for those who didn't worship traps; yeah, no, at least Himegoto warns you xD.

I know, as the OVA went back to mamocentrism. At least Illya is good xD.

Kirino was more or less the same in both seasons, but in the first she was relevant and they remembered other characters existed. Even then, Kirino wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't for the terrible ending, but as you say it's all Kyousuke's fault xD.

I know, it's like if they can shoehorn a breast scene they MUST no matter how forced it looks and how much it calls for butts or something else. And yes, maybe they'll spank Yanagi at some point xD.

Akito_Kinomoto | 07-28-14, 8:50 AM
I caught your conversation with xm about Clannad.

Ah, now I know what happened. All that happiness Tomoya got at the end? Well, all the bad stuff had to go somewhere; poor Madoka. XD

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-26-14, 7:23 AM
I think the problem isn't Himegoto itself, but the fact Himegoto actually focuses on its fetish when for example Vividred was too busy making Himawari bounce; if Himegoto was like all the "failed fetish focus" shows then it'd be about a trap who wants to be MANLY and is always drawn looking like Kenshirou or Joutarou or Ippo because that's his ideal and all the fanservice would conveniently end focusing on girls while he barely gets to crossdress xD. No worries, though you could always be like Topaz and me and call it Boobholder. The Tasogare butt artwork only came when there series was done, perhaps in ASSpology xD.

Prism Illya is cool, so far it's the best fanservice show this season tho that's like being the tallest dwarf. Aside from that it's been fun too, tho the latest episode had some silly Sonic Adventure 2-style moments xD.

I think for Ayase the thing is she is NOT a yandere, as I've seen a lot of people call her that. She also becomes slightly more likable in S2, in fact everyone but Kirino does well in there xD. Right, I saw your comments and it sounds pretty bad. Go Tomoyo being better than Inami xD.

Right, at least they try. The latest game has a female gym leader in spats, a lot of her fanart focuses on that xD.

I think a chest bump would hurt, but after the idiotic wrestling ep from Sora no Otoshimono with TWO chest drop attacks that would be the most counterproductive thing ever and no buttdrops that actually would be a good idea it's clear Japan can and will shoehorn breasts regardless of how well it fits. I would love it Yanagi bumping things with her ass was a running gag xD. Sounds like a plan, go Hayamin! Hey, go focusing on the positives xD.

xm0123 | 07-25-14, 4:10 PM
WHAT!? WHAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!? Jun Maeda had MORE control over Tomoyo After!? I refuse to accept this!!!!! By the way, Mio's route was one of the weakest routes in LB, so this sounds disastrous. :P

Oh goodie! I know basic usage of a plot-o-matic! XD Also, I wouldn't forget a detail like, "Ryou becomes a nurse". I'm not outdoing the effort put into Tomoyo After, are I?

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-25-14, 3:50 PM
I dunno, DxD still managed to get a third season so I guess people are just stupid xD. And that it didn't, but I was trying to be cheerful. And yes, that reminds me of how lately pantyshots always get censored or not shown, to the point the main guy in Mangaka-san wears a skirt to know how to draw a girl lifting hers and they can't show HIS pantyshot, not that I wanted to see it but you get my point xD. That's not the problem, the problem is fucking Himegoto has trap pantyshots and THOSE are shown fine, worst show of the year instantly :/. Also please do NOT use Arms as an example of poor fanservice, even if Boobholder sucked ALL their other fanservice shows are awesome and top-tier like Ikkitousen, SekaTsuyo, Queen's Blade, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaoh and Hyakka Ryouran; just because the last Digimon season sucked the rest don't stop being awesome. Hell, their former "worst" show Hagure Yuusha no Estetica was still ages better than the original source from what I heard and by far the best show in their season that didn't take a year to get RAWs, that counts for a lot xD.

Right, Specials are almost always bad. There are exceptions, Dekinai was pretty weak but the OVA was decent other than ending with manass because just because the TV series did the same xD. The Prisma Illya OVA was asswesome compared to the mixed bag TV series, too. And yes, having to clarify FEMALE butts is sad, though this one Japanese anime Wiki has the butt article be about female butts only and manass has its own article I avoided xD.

I understand, no worries! Aye, much like there's a difference between being a sadist and being rude, even if some animes don't get it xD. I liked more when Anya from Geass asked Suzaku if he was masochist because he kept making his life harder. Also a sadist Tomoyo would be awesome xD.

Misty has denim shorts so meh. Ironically one of my fav Pokégirls is Hilda, the female lead from the Black & White games, and she also has the shorts; but she has a buttshot whenever she sends a Pokémon out so who cares xD.

I agree it was a pretty slow ep, and I thought of you from that random punch, but go Yanagi's useful ass! Meh, I like it mostly because Yanagi is cute and funny and has a great VA, is still better than 90% of Summer shows xD.

xm0123 | 07-25-14, 1:13 PM
I don't think Shaft had anything to do with the first LN. I think Nisio is the one with such foresight, believe it or not. And I love all of the OP from WA2, not just the guitar bit.

Anyway, I'm about to engage in Clannad spoilers, and I'm gonna do something I've done before for this series; play dramaturg. You'll see what I mean.

xm0123 | 07-25-14, 8:56 AM
I don't know if I wanna see Aldnoah. I'll stick with Gundam for now.

I know nothing about Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica, but I'll take your word for it. XD

Only OST vids! :P And LOL, Clannad more sensual than an actual hentai. And wait, sexism? I'm guessing that's spoiler details, but I'm gonna guess they make Tomoyo less independent and badass. If so, I don't support that. XD

That, and no one except hardcore Elfen Lied fans ever have any praise for them, and now I know why!

Fun fact: that line of Hitagi saying she has a great voice actress was actually in the original LN. Despite, you know, books not on audio not having actual actors in them. XD One of the meta jokes I actually liked from it. And true, I dislike Hitagi past the first season, but Chiwa's voice for her is not only stunning, but so well performed too. If nothing else, it inspired me to download "Staple Staple". XD

xm0123 | 07-24-14, 4:35 PM
And that's why my homepage is Google Search. XD

Turn A's like if Ghibli made a mecha series, this would be it. There's a conflict between the Earth humans and the humans of the Moon. The Moonrace wants to live on Earth, but the Earth humans don't take kindly to foreigners. The Earth people's technology appears to be limited to early 20th century tech. They are aware of things like mechas and computers, but regard them as products of "The Dark Era" or Dark History, something like that, something to be avoided. The Moonrace is way more technologically advanced, but some of them are arrogant, and their flagrant usage of "Dark" technology only fuels prejudices.

Like 00, this show is VERY complex. None of the characters can be summarized with one sentence. There's good and bad people on both sides, and the issues at hand cannot be solved by simple matters. It's like reading an 800 page novel. Not the ones where the author bullshitted a bunch of words just to inflate the wordcount (and the price), but one wherein it has to be that long in order to get all the pertinent information across. In other words, Turn A is Games of Thrones if you just reduced the nudity and bloodshed to a PG-13 degree. XD Also, voice acting is good, animation is okay but not grand, and soundtrack is amazing. Yoko Kanno needs to do more orchestra works!

I think why I'm enjoying this one is perhaps 00 was too complex. Yeah, I found it boring, but I don't think its characterization, world building, and stuff like that was bad. Turn A, however, has more accessible dialog, more moments of characters acting like people and not talking heads, and I like how the mechas aren't always used for combat either; adds to the world setting.

Anyway, I can say that the only worthwhile thing to come out of Kud Wafter is the music. I've heard some people say Tomoyo After was good, but never as worthy of Clannad.

The Kuroneko in Bryn is nowhere near as charming as the Kuroneko you're thinking of. Arms is now on my hit list, and one of my many issues was the random fanservice strewn throughout. You're better off reading a summary of the manga version. XD

The dub's better? Well, I can believe that; there are several Funimation dubs I prefer over the original. Still, even if people like Monica Rial are giving award worthy performances, it doesn't change the fact that this is the one anime you want me to avoid forever.

He seems to be better at it than some other manga authors.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-24-14, 7:55 AM
I'd add TNK to that list, they're the morons who thought making an official image of just a trap mooning the viewers was a good idea xD.

That too, boo! Figured Vita would be safe, except in fanart because mentioning a loli can grow older is a bad idea xD.

I agree with that, but at least they remembered asses exist which is more a lot of crappy fanservice anime does. Cool then, I'll have to watch it xD. I wouldn't be surprised, just look at the last Akame ga Kill special that thought breasts were the only fanservice that exists or something. Nourin was a dumb show in general xD.

Hey, now, people can be M and dislike a woman that sounds like an old ratchet, ahem! Nope, especially because pre-timeskip Sasuke already sounded older than 12 like Naruto and the other kids did xD. Only they kept their voices in Shippuuden and Sasuke, well, didn't. As if it wasn't bad enough Sasuke's voice did Ash Ketchum and Naruto did Brock's, sadly Sakura didn't have Misty's xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-23-14, 2:52 PM
I have no words for how awful that doujinshi sounds, especially since Mikan actually does facesit Rito in one bonus chapter twice so boo losing to the freaking Darkness manga xD.

Makes sense, only people who enjoy seeing women suffer like tentacles. Right, the femsub is so bad the author rewrote Momo from the "gentle closet sadist" she was created to and described as such in her manga profile to an openly masochistic annoyance xD. The worst part is not Yami being a victim of tentacles, is her using them like she has done several times for the past 8 months. And yet Dragonar is the show treated as tentacle shit xD.

I know, and don't forget deaging Arf to make up for making Nanoha, Fate and Hayate older! We already have an immortal loli-hag in Vita, let's hope they won't shit on her like Akamatsu does to Eva in UQ Holder so I never read it xD.

That would actually be an original scene, if only! Well, yeah, at least it would be mildly interesting xD.

I also liked the scene where she gets spanked <3. I do like Yuina so that's cool, but not enough to go watch the movie xD. The Nako pic is kind of bad, but at least is not her breasts! The best "half-assed" buttshot in the last ZnT season since it was Louise and Henrietta's nude showing alternately one cheek each covering like half the screen, but it was a fairly extreme example. I'd prefer if they showed girl-feet more than breasts, but no bullshit like the Nourin main guy being asked if he prefers udders or DFC and saying he likes feet because if they have a guy fucking favor female asses the world explodes or something xD.

Kuroko's voice is awful, but the fact so many blind fanboys are praising it for dumb reasons and apparently it won a fucking prize means people are really stupid when it comes to Failgun :/. Seriously, Railgun is one of these franchises like Darkness that could just show nothing but a cow's feces for 22 minutes and it would still get more praise than 90% of the shows around xD. Meanwhile we have to deal with the dumb circlejerk of "WAAAH GOKOU'S JAP VOICE IS THE SUXXORZ CUZ HE DUSN'T SUND LIEK SUPPAMAN!" when anyone who actually watches more than 5 minutes of Japanese Gokuh stops having any problem with it, even if they don't like it best. Same for the dumb morons who complain about shota characters having cute voices; these people should listen to the god-awful "Chain-smoking truck driver" Shippuuden Sasuke from the Spanish dub and realize the opposite is not any better xD.

I support that, while Railgun is one of the most overrated franchises ever Index is awesome and actually underrated, sad the okay spinoff where Mikoto isn't even the focus half the time surpasses the awesome original series with an epic male lead in both sales and scores :/. Tho Kaori running around doesn't make much to avoid the problem of JC Staff focusing on chests xD.

xm0123 | 07-22-14, 11:35 AM
Me neither. XD

Indeed. Just a recent example I noticed, the Disney movie Frozen would likely be "childish" compared to a Gundam series, but it's not childish nor immature, just more simplistic. Simplistic is not always bad.

By the way, did you know I'm actually watching a proper Gundam series again? I'm watching Turn A Gundam. I like it more than 00 (the only other Gundam I've tried to watch that isn't Build Fighters) so far!

Wait, that's an H Scene!?!?? All I read was, "In the VN, Yuichi imagines Mai and Sayuri as a yuri couple", but an H scene!?!?!? Fuck me, why!!?!??!?!

And as for HXH, going into spoilers,

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-20-14, 3:25 PM
I wish I knew, especially since even the manga tries to avoid showing Rito's butt by covering it with speech balloons, screams or Lala's ass xD. The worst part about the body swap, besides ruining Haruna's best buttshot, is that the original used it twice between 2 girls in both cases so there was no need to bring it back for such an awful thing, but Darkness is lazy and recycles too many TLR plots because. You might like the chest parts more, maybe, but pretty sure you don't like tentacles or femsub so I doubt that you'd like the manga that much more xD. I do agree the good things the manga had were ruined in the anime, starting by everything Mikan of course! And yet the new OVA will adapt TWO Mikan chapters because Xebec xD.

Right, and the age up thing was then poorly brought back in ViViD AND Einhart had to do the same even tho she's less loli at 13, thanks pals. Vita is love xD.

I agree on Kazumi, tho sadly there are quite a few series such as Onegai Teacher or even Accel World where the rival love interest is literally just there to pretend there is a love triangle, yet the "winner" is more obvious than Bowser being the final boss in a Mario game. Maybe Kazumi should be a butt demon and sit on Mini-Shana xD.

Not they were ever any good at it, but even Tari Tari was better than this. Good point with JC Staff. Speaking of male bashing Akame ga Kill is pretty bad with that too, at least the series is otherwise nice. Also that sounds awesome for both Yanagi and Sachi; too bad the series won't be that epic most likely, a shame xD.

EtherSword | 07-19-14, 5:50 AM
Yes, I love both of them. You know, my first impression of Little Busters in the first season, it didn't really feel like "Key" plot quality but the second season totally made up for that. I never could have imagined the first season was just a pretense to things to come. Now I'm just waiting for the rest of the extra episodes to air.

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