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Jul 18, 7:45 PM
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Jul 10, 1:46 PM
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Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Jul 10, 1:15 AM
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To LOVE-Ru Darkness
To LOVE-Ru Darkness
Jan 28, 2015 12:38 PM
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Fate/stay night x Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Fate/stay night x Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Mar 12, 2012 2:35 AM
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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Mar 12, 2012 2:35 AM
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ZettaiRyouiki Today, 12:19 AM
I forgot explaining this but basically she got injured but Rito then left her recover inside him and thus she repays this making him abuse other girls without any explanation; basically the manga forcing femsub again xD. Indeed for the drivel being the main issue here, boo people being all fine with assmen being treated like fools and not realizing the praise was fake :/. Too bad Tsubasa uses being cowy to make the idiot lead obey the random bullshit that she wants despite him liking lolis because that makes sense. Though luckily Ougi did scold her for that and was awesome without any doubt! And also Yamcha once because fuck xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 12:54 AM
I appreciate your post for my topic since all support frankly helps xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 21, 1:29 AM
I concur there xD. Right for that, not like we need bare asses only since covered breasts get fanservice all the time. Also boo people still saying the rather weak overall Prison School was good when the asses were mostly from generic women the chairman checks and we know how that plot did end going sadly :/. Sorry but I want asses from the actual female characters and not deriding assmen either; even awful DxD made the assman competent and likable xD. Agreed for vaginaliens! Agreed though Nemesis sadly now ruins stuff because this series sucks big time all time xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 20, 2:30 AM
I just posted this and figured you might feel interested. Notice how the Prison Suckool scene got posted from the most ignorant poster too xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 11, 2:56 AM
I think the Bakuon one actually had some nice ass, but there are exceptions after all xD. True for that, too bad the later series then ruined those new lolis anyway :/. Even freaking StrikerS just had to make poor Vivio become busty anyway. Glad for helping xD. Indeed! And certainly found hilarious that line you said about fanservice, but thanks for the review though; much better than the actual episode xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 10, 8:31 AM
I think the OVA was kinda weak, but the series was nice indeed xD. Boo sex haters! Basically like that xd. Forgot about Innocent but indeed that would work too, sounds like Nanoha and Fate should have remained loli since the older they get the worse the franchise got. Indeed since the pretty girls should survive more often xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 10, 12:46 AM
I know well, remember that Topaz eventually brought Ririchiyo for blog assistance xD. Boo linking to awful trainwreck websites! But indeed that happens sometimes like Ned Flanders sadly knows well. That would suck ;_;. The studio should ditch this anime and make the third movie since anything average with Nanoha and Fate would best lacking them for bullshit reasons xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 9, 12:18 AM
I agree there xD. Noticed the JoJo studio handling this, hope ends well! And the sequel is original material too, though being fair the previous show already took liberties with the source. Honestly the day Fate got cowservice the franchise died out, thus really no big loss overall xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 8, 12:50 AM
I dunno since we dubbed the Philippines dub for PPGZ and really sucked xD. Awesome link though! Even sorta DBZ for fat Broly keeps being praised during game intros xD. Glad for helping! Agreed for girls showing some crack xD. Agreed for the rather awesome outfit <3. Awesome doing this great work for just like always was pretty funny! Now wonder if there will be one for Planetarian because apparently KEY rocks the season xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 4, 12:50 AM
I understand since ours did that with "Vital Wave" meaning the Kamehameha because sadly France dubbed things poorly xD. Back then dubbing already dubbed shows was not strange. Always noticed that, looks strange used to the manga having everyone transform instantly but again sometimes the anime can get weird. Agreed xD. Sadly that would mean giving not Gokuh/Vegeta screentime and that is not happening for unfortunate commercial reasons. Meant the shower in the third episode xD. There was this obviously and also this plus the first OVA case forgot that. Aye for Rewrite was good except horrible dumb unpantyshots! Agreed that Kotori was awesome too xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 3, 1:02 AM
I feel ashamed xD. Until then it was just "ascended" and all that, had the series ended there the numbered terms would never exist. But then again turns out now these are just SS1 variations and stuff xD. The wiki is just plain terrible, sites like Kanzenshuu have better info than the fanboyish wiki full with old dub info and outright fanfiction. Just ask the Zelda timeline arguers then xD. Sadly seems SS3 Gotenks became worthless from recent episodes too. Think that Snow Black had one shower and official art <3. Shame tho SAO S2 was much better than the first xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jun 30, 1:28 PM
I never noticed the difference actually xD. She lacks the electric aura tho, but even Toei forgets that one. True for Tenshinhan though shame that ended fallling behind, like all humans xD. Indeed for Gohan the hard book schoolar disliking battles! That and power levels were introduced simply for showing reducing people into numbers will cause mistakes xD. Cool for ass even though sadly Chiyuri was not best! Would prefer unarguably another season tho, but glad the franchise got remembered xD.

ZettaiRyouiki Jun 28, 3:02 PM
I guess spiky hair was not cute enough for girls and such xD. Kinda like Oda originally did "cute" girls but wacky males until he loosened and started doing wacky girls. Tho nice reference xD. Indeed for Trunks being quite practically, really liked that! Indeed for Gohan was not into fights and for that makes sense he avoids fighting much. Also power level debates are something I avoid for the really obvious reasons xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jun 19, 1:00 AM
I noticed and Dragon Ball for some reason does this often like really often xD. Right but still found that funny, just showing one I quite enjoyed too. Worry not for that and thanks xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jun 18, 2:52 AM
I find that funny since Gokuh already had one evil brother anyway xD. That basically is all the time! Think that Japan likes kinda Broly but more for mockery purposes actually, kinda like this and other videos. Anyway cool because sexiest dommiest form Homura never hurts but the thing holding her hands kinda sucks xD.