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y add
1. y[16:21-20:47] Imakara Atashi Okasaremasu. 2. y2[20:47-23:19] Madamada Atashi... Okasaremasu. 3. y3[8:33-22:13] Imakara Atashi... Rinkan Saremasu. (Gozen) 4. y0[12:... read more.
Yukino-chan Days, add
Youma Shuppan Saisoku ni Tsuki... add
Yuujou wo Oeru to Iu Koto add
A story about a boy with a bowl cut, domestic violence, a lot of eroticism, monopolization, and control.
Yarichin☆Bitch-bu dj - Wa! add
A side story focusing on Tamura and Yuri.
Yuuwaku Chocolate add
Ayaka has always been reserved and guarded, afraid to open up her heart. Are chocolates the key to her heart and love? (Source: MU)
Yuuwaku Lips add
What would you do if you suddenly encountered a high school kid who asked you to be his first lover? Well, that's what 27 year old Akira-san decides upon. (Souce: ... read more.
Yakusoku no Yokan add
Can a male escort find love with a needy author? (Source: MangaUpdates)
Yunatama add
A yaoi little mermaid! French Orion washes up on the shore of a small Japanese island with no memories of himself, other than his name. He's taken in by pretty teena... read more.
Yoake Mae add
A woman and her sexual adventures with her brother's friend. (Source: ShoujoMagic)
Yubisaki no Kiseki add
Iori always stays after practice to spend time with his boyfriend Tsuguri in the art room. Tsuguri's obsessed with capturing a likeness of him, on paper or sculpture... read more.
Youshoku Tenshi add
Yuki-doke no Netsu add
Takaharu has fallen in love at first sight with a girl named Mifuyu who refers to herself as a "snow maiden" who can not fall in love. What will it take for Takaharu to m... read more.
Yakusoku no Yubi add
There is a tale long ago that a prositute would cut off her finger to give to her customer to prove she had given her heart to him, or her. Kotone, a servant girl, has fa... read more.
Your Color add
[From Lililicious]: In Your Color, a girl goes to the same high school as the girl she admired in middle school, her senpai in the Art Club, and ends up modeling for h... read more.
Yamamura Sadako no Noroi add
About Sadako's curse...
Yontani-ensei no Daibouken add
A forty-year-old writer confronts his own virginity.
Yappari♥Idol add
The question is "is love between two female idols 'cute' and supposed to be shown in public?"
Yuri Awase add
A "little" girl that has fantasies involving the same gender; a nee-san married her brother and moved into the same house. What will occur?! Read and see.
Yowaito Nikki add
In a time when there were swords with spirits dwelling in them, there was a warrior named Hisui with a “Drunken Sword.” With the emperor ordering people to gather the... read more.
Yuuwaku add
A very short oneshot, in which one high school student lays a trap for another.
Yubikiri Hime add
Pinky promise. If you lie then you have to swallow a thousand needles and your finger will be chopped off. Kiriko is a little girl who makes pinky promises with various p... read more.
Yuudachi Pool add
Two girls go to the pool, then, a storm starts.
Yoru no Sugao add
Yami no Hou e add
A bizarre one-shot by Takato Yamamoto, a Japanese artist known for incorporating "Heisei Estheticism" style to his works.
Yasashii Kanojo wa Boku no Hoken no Sensei desu add
School nurse helps him figure out why he can't get an erection. (Source: MU)
Yuube kara Eien ni add
Standard guro one-shot composed by Jun Hayami. Warning: Contains graphic material!
Yoru to Yakusoku add
Yoshino Shinya is a high school boy who is bullied all the time at school, which leads him to have no friends. However, no one knows that he is actually half-youkai, and ... read more.
Yoru Naku Suzume add
Children have been disappearing mysteriously and it has been a major concern to many parents. One parent is found wandering about the streets asking people if they've eve... read more.
Yaki add
On his way home from school, Mikoshiba Setsuka is suddenly attacked by two shinobi who try to take his life. He is narrowly saved by an equally mysterious guy named Kura... read more.
Yururira add
To cut costs at the Kusunoki Apartment Building, the new landlord has been appointed from the owner's family. Third son, Yuuto, will now serve as the tenants' ... read more.
Yume Midokoro add
One morning, while Mikoto is getting ready to meet her friend Sane, something strange yet familiar appears in her bedroom. It's another version of herself, which cam... read more.
Yukata de Pon add
Yuusetsu Taion add
A cute love story starts with a pair of broken eye glasses. (Source: MU)
Yume Miru Taisougi add
Whether it’s in the middle of P.E., or behind a curtain in the infirmary, the P.E. teacher likes to tease his favorite student, Shida. (Source: MU)
Yomekko Jiman add
Yawarakai Taion add
Ever since he was a kid, Hoshino Yuuda was forced to care for himself. For someone who grew up all alone, having someone like Saitou Yukihito confessing his wish to die f... read more.
Yotsuya Scramble add
Yotsuya gets transferred to a all-boys school and gets an "evil" feeling around him. Koizumi, his friend, is always saving him... but the truth is that everything happene... read more.
Yukemuri Tamatebako add
Yome♂ add
As a child, Usagi Mitsuki made a promise to a crying girl that when she grows up he will marry her. When he finally becomes an adult, she appears again to make good on hi... read more.
Yume Uri add
A dark 10-page oneshot by Kayase Shiki. (Source: Fallen Syndicate)
Yuukai Trouble add
Yuukan Hitozuma add
Yuuwaku Okusama add
Yugami Ai add
Yomigaeru Kiro add
A seemingly mundane day of patrolling the streets, could be a journey of a life time for our detective when his gun and ID badge were stolen by a bunch of kids, said gun ... read more.
Yatsura wa Ueteiru add
Yowamushi Meikyuu add
Until that day, until that moment, I couldn't imagine that our love story would end like that... Yes. Everything started after that girl came into our town... (Source:... read more.
Youkoso Ecchi-bu e add
Yudan Taiteki add
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