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Overall Rating: 8Trash. add
"The scum of the world belong in one place and one place only, the trash..." (For +18 readers only) With mature themes and a dark tone to the overall story, Trash. is about 2 high school bounty hunters/assassins girls that work for the daughter of a Yakuza, and they have the ... read more
A pet peeve of mine is when reviewers confuse a story that has elements in that should only be seen by adults with a story that's actually mature. Done lazily or improperly, gore, violence, and sexual content can be as much of a cop-out as saving the day with friendship ... read more
Story (7/10): Boku to Kimi to de Niji ni Naru isn't your typical shoujo in the sense that the main character isn't some disgustingly annoying, doubtful girl whose world revolves around love. Boku (I'm too lazy to write the entire name again, so bear with me), is more about friendship. There ... read more
I discovered Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet due to Yanamori Mika's other, more well known, work Hirunaka no Ryuusei. I'm sure a lot of people who are considering reading this manga are here for the same reason. Story (7/10): I think this manga is unfairly underrated. Although it is a bit cliche -- ... read more
Overall Rating: 5God's in His Heaven add
"God's in His Heaven" is a somber slice-of-life about a girl whose parents are dead, and is presently visiting her sick uncle, who adopted her and her younger sister, in the hospital. On the technical side, this is a competent manga. Panels flow from one to the other ... read more

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Poor/disadvantaged high school girls have to move in with grumpy writers.

Manga rec'd by LunaSelene 3 hours ago report

Both are about the drama and comedy of being in a high school concert/brass bands.

Manga rec'd by sbyrstall Today, 4:28 AM report
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Both protagonists are girls who had dads that trained them to be like guys (strong, athletic, etc.) They also both have really great detailed art. The plotlines aren't really similar but they both have the work-hard-for-goal thing going for them.

Manga rec'd by new_raven Today, 12:52 AM report
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Both series adapts a casual way of storytelling that expresses friendship and romance. There is a colorful cast of characters that consists of main and female characters. Taking place in a school life setting, we see their daily life experiences. There is an adequate amount of realism especially with it comes to youth. Both series contains lighthearted comedy that is charming and can make almost anyone laugh.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 Yesterday, 11:56 PM report
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To Love-Ru and Jitsu wa Watashi wa feature a colorful cast of female characters each with their own distinctive personalities. Among them, some are not from Earth and display supernatural traits. Both series' main male protagonist has a similar personality with their kind nature. This attracts other girls' attention as they see him as someone they can rely on and be friends with. Both series adapts romance with a large amount of comedy. Both series does have a plot although it sometimes structures itself with standalone chapters about daily events.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 Yesterday, 11:51 PM report