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Written by phs_togusa 26 minutes ago
Assumptions and first impressions are rather difficult to deal with. The biggest roadblock that I can think of for any series would be what I make of it when I see the title and the cover. So, you can only imagine that I wasn't all THAT interested in reading Black read more
Written by Wehrmacht 2 hours ago
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a very long-running franchise; it's been around for well over 2 decades. However to me the biggest challenge in getting into the series is not necessarily its length, but how long it takes for it to get legitimately good. Make no mistake; the first three parts are read more
Written by 2SugoiToActSugoi 3 hours ago
These days, seinen, geared towards young adult men and older, are thought of as the mature, intelligent evolution from shounen. In turn, shounen are seen by some as mindless and flashy acts of violence and softcore eroticism meant to feed young boys’ growth in testosterone. Both vast opinions have flaws, read more
Written by Alextasha 4 hours ago
Parents. They can help you or mess in your life. Why I'm talking about this? Because of one-shot For You, My Beloved. It's story about two girls studying at nursing school. As we could guess, they fall in love for each other and plan to live together. But... Parents... I really read more
Written by Dysoth 6 hours ago
Have you ever thought you were different from your classmates? Were your interests slightly on the weird side compared to those of others your age? Goth is a manga about a boy and a girl that are exactly like that. They're different from your usual teenager (as the synopsis tells you). Story: Short but creepy. read more

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Just like SAO and some other series, mangas and novels, this 2 are about virtual reality online role playing, the lives of the protagonist in them and the dangers they have to face. The only difference is, Tate no Yuusha does not only show a more promising plot, until now, it has also been the most fun to read.
It wouldn't amaze me to see this manga animated next year, and gaining the same amount of popularity as SAO.

Manga rec'd by Nikxx1 2 hours ago report
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Randomly brought into a fantasy world, a group of ordinary citizens are now tasked with the duty of protecting the kingdom from the evils that reside in the world. The series, however, deviates from the classic "hero versus demon lord" trope. The protagonist of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari takes the dark anti-hero path in order protect the innocents from the hordes of demons. Even though he is hated by nearly all, he still burdens himself in saving the lives of the people. The heroine of +α no Tachiichi possesses the power of the Holy Maiden, however, she is torn between friendship and duty. While serving as a guardian of the sovereignty, she unwillingly finds herself in a shoujo-themed scenario.

Manga rec'd by LastChapter 4 hours ago report
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Both manga have a funny yet crazy character, good story and want to shipping the character so much
If you like one you like the other too

Manga rec'd by SPoXX 12 hours ago report
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Even though in Komukai-ke no Jijou we already have a 'living-together' couple, and in Nobara opening up takes a time, the characters in both of the stories have those innocent, and sincere attitudes which makes your heart warm. They both have pretty arts, and give soothing air.

Manga rec'd by monami_kyouya Today, 2:18 AM report

The two protagonists are princesses or queens who inherit the throne and romance surrounding the knight who protects. Also drawing of both mangas is very nice but I think the story is not interesting.

Manga rec'd by Kuroneko_221 Today, 1:06 AM report
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