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Written by sally0330 3 hours ago
Honestly, this story is superb... i really really enjoy reading it... but only i dun like the many pages.. few chapter only had long pages, so it really save me time by by just scrolling down cuz i felt the excitement reading it.. whoever the writer & authors & the read more
Written by rori05 10 hours ago
I first approached Desert Punk watching its animated version, but it didn't take long before I passed to the original work the latter was inspired by. There are some traits this story possess that won me over without me realizing it, starting off with the plot itself. I think the read more
Written by yorokobi826 11 hours ago
Zero Mello or Cello Mellow Every chapter presents a different story and character name but the character art and pairing is the same I liked every chapter, it has a light and good story to it, it is not boring unlike other BL themed manga that have different stories for every chapter. read more
Written by Boto_lava Yesterday, 9:04 PM
If you're looking for a quick shoujo to read or just to pass the time you should read this. Story:6 The story is about a girl who pretty much takes care of everyone in her class at school. Helps people with homework, club meetings etc. Everyone loves her but they boys only read more
Written by Darkchao45 Yesterday, 8:14 PM
Hiro Mashima is one busy guy. He has Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Zero, Fairy Tail Ice Trail (overseeing), and he has been working on this one shot on the side, props man. It starts out with a nice color page with a character that resembles Erza, but with a little bit read more

Manga Recommendations
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Both older people who were casted to be younger by "magic". Both have girls looking for love.

Manga rec'd by mangalover03 5 hours ago report
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Both manga's have the same Mangaka, who has amazing art and character design in his work. The detailing of the face and body are very impressive also the stories and situations the characters get in are pretty humorous. Both manga's have Comedy, and H rated genre elements.

Manga rec'd by Mastodynia 6 hours ago report
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The main girl also wears glasses, and when she takes them off she changes. Aside from that she has a group of close friends who all have strong fighting abilities

Manga rec'd by Neonfun Today, 7:47 AM report
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The protagonists in both mangas end up following in the footsteps of an amazing girl in their corresponding sports, starting worse, trying to catch up and trying to surpass them. Kou and Azuma show similar aspects in their developments throughout their stories.

Manga rec'd by realmruler1 Today, 5:21 AM report
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If you liked

One's shojo, the other one is shonen. One is about beauty competitions the other is about tennis. But once you start reading you'll realize how similar the main characters are and how they handle situations in a cool and composed manner.

Kiri Koshiba vs Ryoma Echizen

-Both voiced by Junko Minagawa (PoT anime, BP drama CD)
-Wear caps when doing what they're good at
-Father is legendary in their respective fields, retired, someone they want to beat, at the same time their mentor
-Mother is rarely mentioned but is seen
Charismatic- Freshman trio/Kanako
-Laid back
-Doesn't get angry easily
-Stands up to upperclassmen
Likes juice/soda
-Cats- Karupin/Shampoo
-Sense of justice
-Finding passion in what they do best

-Lazy heroine-Kiri
-Fears- darkness and cockroaches (Kiri)
red eyes (Ryoma)

Manga rec'd by xxxATiON Yesterday, 11:47 PM report
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