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Written by Westuffyme 3 hours ago
" Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts " Does this quote describes what this manga is about? Probably not, but I felt that it would be cool writing it before I start review. This is already 24 years old, read more
Written by SayoZuki 10 hours ago
If you like typical shounen battle manga and ecchi but want a new taste this manga is for you. It's a Slight Ecchi Cooking Battle Manga (^ ^). Lots of tension, suspense, cliffhangers, satisfying wins, well MC does lose, but rarely because of MC protection. Art is great it's drawn read more
Written by zombiexhead 12 hours ago
This manga is example of that writing a review before reading complete manga is a bad idea. To me, this manga is great, but i have one problem with it , at the beginning it's very good and interesting but near the end it's just mediocre and boring. This read more
Written by oreko Today, 1:16 AM
Having read and kept up with the manga for quite a while now, I've cosplayed the characters, watched the anime and enjoyed my brief time spent in the fandom. I was pretty absorbed in it as a series, more for its concept than anything else, and my own interest in read more
Written by Veronin Yesterday, 9:19 PM
In reality, living the life of a vampire would be a pretty horrible experience. Ostracised by society, forced to live in solitude, unable to withstand sunlight and required to suck the blood of humans to continue living-- it's quite a depressing way of life. But in the world of fiction read more

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Tokyo ghoul made me think about deadman wonderland

the themes and dark pasts and the main being given a power they dont want thats the kind of stuff that makes these similar

Both mains have been forced into a different world with weird powers by someone
but they both will aim for something different in the plot

the characters in both series are very different from eachother so i cant compare that

Manga rec'd by Pwince 11 hours ago report
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Both are lighthearted slice of life series with a calm mood and serene atmosphere. They provide insight on everyday experiences without complex storytelling but retains its realism. The main characters from both series can be relatable and often interesting to see what their daily interests are. If you're the type of fan who is interested in a slice of life series with honesty and elegance, then I recommend these two titles.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 Yesterday, 11:56 PM report
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Two humorous, feel-good slice-of-life manga that show life in rural towns with distinct customs and colorful characters. Both especially focus on the hilarious antics of the child characters. In Barakamon, a young calligrapher in exile from Tokyo moves to an isolated island village where he learns to be better person and develop his own style of calligraphy. He grows and finds happiness through his interactions with the local people and their traditions, giving up the conveniences of civilization, and his adventures confronting nature (icky bugs and fish!) In Hayachine! A family who lost their parents move to their uncle's house in a town called Ohasama and meet the people living there, one of which is a foreign girl obsessed with the local history and customs. They learn about the area where their ancestors came from and to accept their own and others' eccentricities.

Manga rec'd by noirgrimoir Yesterday, 11:10 PM report
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Both are written by Same author.

Both has the mascot bonta kun in it. Both series are very funny. and both has character simillar except in this one i think the roles got changed instead of Sagara, Sousuke its a female named Kanie Seiya that has his personality.

Manga rec'd by redstormer Yesterday, 8:26 PM report
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Both are mangas who differ from the anime they have as their origin. Even though the Blood+ manga does differ in storyline, it doesn't in setting, while Blood-C: Izayoi Kitan uses a different setting than its parent story, Blood-C (so it's pretty much a prequel). However, both seem to focus more on light and friendlier setting than both of their rather dark and unhappy anime counterparts. They both have action, mystery and homour. Still, they revolve around the same topics, like fighting demons, and a girl named Saya, who is the only one who can stop them.

Manga rec'd by FalotForonke Yesterday, 5:19 AM report
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