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Written by darkespeon 4 hours ago
I normally don't do reviews but this manga was so horrible that i felt the need. The first volume was decent but the second one wasn't even completed and it felt rushed. Not to mention unoriginal. In volume 2 the story ends after 2 chapters! And then enters a special read more
Written by honeul 10 hours ago
The story is short but sweet - it captures the whole essence of the story. I like that although it only has 16 pages, the character will grow to you and it's unpredictable. I wasn't expecting the ending at all. It's a light reading and you will enjoy every moment.
Written by honeul 11 hours ago
I know that this is one shot and the story is supposed to be short but man, it wasted 5 minutes of my time. The character has no development at all. Nothing was explained why Souka hates girls and why Magura is so quiet. The diary project doesn't have any read more
Written by animele220 Today, 7:49 AM
So...THE FEELS IS STRONG IN THIS ONE. First and foremost: If your following the main manga or the anime version of Shingeki no Kyojin, this spin off SNK is spoiler free! d(^.^)b But, this review is not spoiler free...keep your eye out for this warning: **SPOILER ALERT Story: read more
Written by elushion Yesterday, 7:47 PM
Love is complicated. That probably seems like the most generic line one can say, but most shoujo manga portray love with a pink lens that colors it as sunshine and rainbows. Reality as we know it is that love can be unrequited and bittersweet sometimes. And sometimes what we think is read more

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I'm surprised no one else has made this recommendation.

Kingdom and One piece is similar in that the main characters are really powerful BUT we join their story to see them grow and become stronger, and both main characters set out to be high ranking person one being king of pirates and the other being a great general. And both manga's have really strong side characters that give a real impact in the story and to the reader, showing that someone who initially looks strange; then becomes such a memorable character. Although the only big difference is that One Piece is fantasy and Kingdom is history, but it could be said that history created fantasy.

Manga rec'd by HappyPiggy 2 hours ago report
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Both akatsuki and soredemo show us the history of royalties that don'esnt known of the world that lies ahead of them. As the manga goes it show how they come to accept that the world is not as horrible or as beautifull as they thought and how they start to value little actions and try to solve the problems that are the everyday of the people.

Manga rec'd by chew7 4 hours ago report
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A doctor/teacher with a shady past moves to the countryside for work.
Although disliked and distrusted in the beginning, people slowly begin to accept them and trust them.

Manga rec'd by Silent_Chime 7 hours ago report
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Much BDSM in both manga. Kangoku gakuen is farcical and has a realistic art style, albeit super ecchi. Compared to Nana, which is all ecchi/borderline hentai.

Manga rec'd by kirsion 8 hours ago report
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Both are one-shot ecch/borderline-h) comedies with lots of randomness, fanservice and random fanservice. Both have similar pacing and art. Both were made by same mangaka.

Manga rec'd by abystoma2 12 hours ago report
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