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Written by bunny_lover 5 hours ago
Before you read this review, you should know that the English translation has only covered up to volume 6 out of 8 volumes. The translators is still working on the text, and not likely to finish very soon. With that in mind, go ahead and stop reading this review or read more
Written by Playcool 9 hours ago
This manga is one of the two manga adaptations for Rewrite, a Visual Novel produced by Key, launched at 2011. So far these 6 chapters spawn the story till 8 of October of the common route of the VN, I presume that more were released, but no one picked interest read more
Written by klaes0 10 hours ago
Before I say anything else, I'd like to say that a 6/10 score doesn't mean this manga isn't worth reading. 6/10 is "fair" and that is exactly what this manga is at this point. Secondly, I feel like I really have to give two scores for Nisekoi: For the first 45-50 read more
Written by StephanieYuu 11 hours ago
This manhwa is really really enjoyable. Although it says, it's the story about how the twin sisters struggle their fate, basically, the story mainly focuses on the girl, Han Ga Ram, the swindler. Very soon after they found out that they have twins, the other girl named, Yu Ga Ram read more
Written by ToyPrince Yesterday, 11:28 AM
A beautiful, beautiful piece of work to say the least – a special thank you to the creator: Lynn Okamoto! This manga captured the shocking revelation of a true human society that was thought unknown, whilst still evoking emotion with every blood and tear drop. The manga leaves the read more

Manga Recommendations

Taking place in a fantasy realm, these two series are no strangers to competitions and games. In fact, the essence of gameplay is the flagship of both of these series. The main characters are intelligent and are able to take risks. They take advantages and fights strategically with wit to achieve results. In fact, the main male protagonist is especially noticeable for his skills.

Both series has bits of fan service and comedy mixed in for fun.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 47 minutes ago report
...then you might like
If you liked

If you are a fan of the rom com Lovely Complex you might like the oneshot My Hero. The guy is shorter than the girl and clowns around to make up for his height. The bickering, argueing relationship but still mutual love is very much like it too. They are both comedy shoujos with a light fun tone.

Manga rec'd by inzaratha 1 hour ago report
...then you might like
If you liked

both are NTR genres and from the same author CARN
both lead male gets their childhood friend stolen away from them
the only difference is that the main character guy in Otome Gari
has the balls to do something

Manga rec'd by DeadZeroSource 3 hours ago report
...then you might like
If you liked

Both are ealistic stories about fulfilling your dreams. In both cases there are some "tests" that the main characters have to pass and the hardships that occurs that motivates you to start doing something yourself and not to give up. What is more both mangas present high educational value about the field it concerns (Manga-magazine in case of Bakuman and Space-industry in Uchuu Kyoudai). The only thing is that Uchuu Kyoudai is more powerfull. If you liked Bakuman you will certainly love the other one.

Manga rec'd by Swiftflash 6 hours ago report

Basically the same story, the original of the manga; but More Blood has four extra charcaters. Both originate from a game.

Manga rec'd by Otaku-of-Death 12 hours ago report
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