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Written by mishi26 Today, 12:04 AM
Honestly speaking, this was a highly enjoyable read. If you're looking for an easy-going, comedic story with some fluff, this is the perfect pick. Just adding to the description already mentioned above - this manga is about two twins, boy and a girl. The boy, Fredrick, is a noble, working read more
Written by Thai777 Yesterday, 5:54 PM
It pains me to see so old reviews of Hayate no Gotoku! manga so I decided to write one knowingly how bad I am to express myself and how bad I am for writing. So bear with my writing. I am also sorry for all the grammars mistakes. Before anyone comment read more
Written by MrLiannon Yesterday, 1:27 PM
Initially I intended to abandon this manga because of my first impression of the characters during the first few chapters being that they(Mel and Kain) seemed too flat and I grew gradually indifferent towards Kain's impulsive and irrational character. HOWEVER, as I gave it more patience and understanding Ragawa has read more
Written by Gastrea Yesterday, 12:24 PM
Due to my previous review being deleted, I am now under obligation to right another review which will hopefully not be touched in the future! As I said before, I will give my personal thoughts~ When I first picked up this LN, I was absolutely entranced by everything it had to read more
Written by KoveBau Yesterday, 11:42 AM
At this moment, 28th of August 2014, there are only 5 chapters of Re:monster out with english translations. Re:Monster is a very easy and simple story. The story begins from strech due to the MC's reincarnation. From that moment the new life of the MC begins to develop its path and read more

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Both are from same mangaka featuring cute short stories, and beautiful art.

Manga rec'd by monami_kyouya 3 hours ago report
If you liked

Start in fantasy world

- both MC have some kind of mysterious past ( not for reader but to his family and friend )
- MC is an abnormally strong character, both due to his knowledge from the past life.
- MC's harem kept getting bigger and bigger

Manga rec'd by Hangetsu 12 hours ago report
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Both are set in a similar era with the female protagonists coming from a "commoners" background and are adjusting to life inside the castle. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is a bit more serious than Migawari Hakushaky no Bouken however.

Manga rec'd by mishi26 Today, 12:08 AM report
...then you might like
If you liked

D Gray-man and Kuroshitsugi (Black Butler) may have different premises but consists of many similar concepts. Perhaps the first is their setting with Victorian style architectures. There are also fantasy themes involved such as demons and apparitions that the protagonists must deal with. Throughout both series, the stories also become more complex as we learn more about the main characters and various mysteries going on. Recommended for fans of supernatural fantasy.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 Yesterday, 11:12 PM report
If you liked

The protagonist gets killed in an accident in the beginning of the series and finds himself reincarnated in a magic world. Retaining memories of his previous life, he becomes a prodigy at a very early age, receiving widespread recognition among his peers. The series follows the hero starting from birth, chronicling in detail his growth in the new world. In Mushoku Tensei, Rudeus aims to become the strongest mage in existence, with magic power rivaling that of demon god Laplace. In Knights & Magic, Ernesti strives to become a Knight Runner, a pilot of the Silhouette Knight.

Manga rec'd by LastChapter Yesterday, 9:12 PM report
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