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Written by adriana_12995 3 hours ago
This is the first manga that I think is worthy enough for me to leave a review. Although I like most romance manga, I am pretty strict when it comes to whether the title contains high quality content or not. Fruits Basket is the most beautiful and inspirational manga I read more
Written by zerogoukki 3 hours ago
Tokyo Ghoul is really something -- I haven't been so in love with a series in a long time. When the original series (this one) ended, and it wasn't clear that there would be a sequel, I was legitimately distressed. When the sequel was announced, I felt an overwhelming sense read more
Written by Athanasia888 8 hours ago
Quite enjoyable, the author and the translators (yuriproject) did a great job creating a translated manga worthy of being called an art piece. Ending and the whole storyline is rather dark and will likely betray both your hopes and expectations.
Written by Little_Red_Rogue 9 hours ago
Chances are, if you know about Japanese media, you've heard of FMA. it's highly regarded by most, and for good reasons. It has a really unique art style and simple, yet stylish characters. It's about two brother alchemists, Edward and Alphose Elric, and their quest to find out how to read more
Written by sadpandamisaki 9 hours ago
At first, I did not think I would like this manga, but I held on because I love the Mangaka's other work. I am so happy that I continued, because this series is incredibly enjoyable! -Story- 9 The story is very sweet, simple and funny. After having spent all of middle school read more

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Magic exists as a prominent element in both Fairy Tail and Black Cover. The main characters utilizes this during the story to accomplish a variety of feats. Both series also follows an adventurous tale where there's brewing rivalries, antagonism, and mysterious secrets. In terms of battle style, expect shounen action with magical mechanics.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 46 minutes ago report
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Both Rosario to Vampire and Monster Musume has romantic comedy elements with a strange twist. The main female characters are non-human and each seems to have their own attributes that makes their unique in the story. A common thing they do all share however is their affections for the main male lead; who also happens to be a human. Both series expands their story with bizarre events relating to these characters. Rosario to Vampire does have a more progressive story while Monster Musume usually follows a slice of life style with everyday life events.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 51 minutes ago report
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These manga are both very dismal slice-of-lifes with endings that verge more on the precariously reassuring than happy. The feature characters are all dysfunctional (in a "something terrible happened to me in the past" kind of way) and just trying to get by in the world. I would chalk both of these comics up to manga versions of Grave of the Fireflies: the best mangas that you never want to read again.

Manga rec'd by huddycleve 7 hours ago report
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It's pretty much the same thing, but Monster Hunter Orage is super short, not as good.

Manga rec'd by Little_Red_Rogue 10 hours ago report
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In both "Faster than a Kiss" and "Happy Marriage" the main characters are forced together due to their circumstances.

Manga rec'd by mahnoor_athar Yesterday, 11:42 AM report