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Written by Master10K 2 hours ago
When it comes to romance stories, I've always enjoyed "forbidden love". Be it between the same sex, step-siblings, student & teacher or cousins; I tend to enjoy these flavours over the vanilla stuff. So here I have Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo suru. A Shoujo, Romance, Drama themed around read more
Written by Purplesim123 4 hours ago
Before Hajimete no Aku, I never felt the need to read till the end of a very long manga till now. This work is insanely addicting as the story and characters carry on with their day to day lives--where each day is unexpected and nuts as the next. The story read more
Written by ironstaunch 5 hours ago
Japanese horror is different from western horror, in that it focuses on creating a dark and foreboding atmosphere rather than making your heart race. It's capable of disturbing you yes, but horror in manga isn't really your first stop if you want to feel true terror. At least that's what read more
Written by HungerXHunger 6 hours ago
It's never too late to reach your dreams, that's what you can learn from this manga. Uchuu Kyodai is one of the few mangas that can motivate my live, read this is more like reading graphic biography than reading manga. The story tell us about an older brother named Nanba Mutta read more
Written by rainbowonlooker 9 hours ago
Holy heck this was the best yuri manga I've ever read. I'm a pretty selfish person when it comes to crying, but holy shit was I bawling by the end like a baby. First manga that made me cry, maybe I'm just a huge yuri fanatic. Story: 10 I don't come across read more

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Similarities :
Tall girl, short guy.
School Life

Dissimilarities :
Lovely Complex is "Shoujo", while Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki is "Seinen" with "Ecchi".

Manga rec'd by Be4st 13 minutes ago report
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Both of those one shot are adaptation from vocaloid songs.

Manga rec'd by To-san1 38 minutes ago report
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The same story to catch your dream, mangaka for bakuman and astronout for Uchuu Kyodai. Both of them can teach you the meaning of determination and hope. Both are really motivating, really recommended.

Manga rec'd by HungerXHunger 3 hours ago report
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Many passionate love scenes and, main characters have both played the roles of uke and seme. But in Haito Diamond the role switching is more often.

Manga rec'd by Sath 5 hours ago report
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Same premise. Ero-mangaka and his assistants. 4 chapters into Hanimero and I can already sense a harem about to start. They're really similar, they both even had the assistant flashing their panties to the MC. Both are really funny. The artwork in Hanimero is a little different than most mangas but if you like one you'll like the other.

Manga rec'd by TheJoshyMeister Yesterday, 1:41 PM report
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