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Written by Disgaea 6 minutes ago
i read 7 chapter straight up and at 1st i thought this was something pretty abnormal and with the help of abnormal people helping others however i couldnt be more wrong it is actually just giving a physical to mental change and showing differences that people have and how they come read more
Written by Shuc49 1 hour ago
What is true love? Many of us always ask this question. It must be hard for a deaf person and a blind person to even communicate. How did they fall in love? This manhwa presents us the perfect tear jerking story with this setting. This manhwa illustrates clearly answers the read more
Written by KingKoa69 5 hours ago
im going to start this review by saying when i started reading this manga i didn't think the story was going to be as good as it was, iv read quite a lot of different story's an this one stands out a bit so at first when i started reading it read more
Written by Taupe_Claw 7 hours ago
This is my review for Higurashi no naku koro ni; Curse Killined Arc. Pros: Still as bloody as the other ones. Very in depth, i prefer this one over the animated arc It adds a new part of the curse into the story and i love that Cons: Takes a while to pick up (The read more
Written by EastAsianLover Today, 5:41 AM
This is Ame Arare Sensei's another masterpiece after Hira Hira. Once again, I would like to drive away the usual msconception - the manga may contain 1-2 intimate scenes but it, in no way, is hentai. The manga is set in the Edo period before the geishas appeared. The courtesans at read more

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They are both sweet, simple love stories. Horimiya takes place during high school, whereas Bonnouji focuses on young adults. The artwork for both is nice and clean and the dialogue is witty and funny.

Manga rec'd by higi1024 3 hours ago report
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Both have a similar "demons/oni must be eliminated vibe" and both the main characters have some sort of being possesed by oni/demons.

Manga rec'd by LoneCrow 8 hours ago report
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Ok, it's nothing like Bartender but the site is making me put down a similar recommendation anyway and it was just on my list, sorry!
But! It's just a good old story with great character development, nothing supernatural or anything.

Manga rec'd by luclipse 8 hours ago report
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In both Mangas the Heroines are courtesans with great character and tells about their private life and Feelings. I also thougt by reading that they had a similar atmosphere, because of that they were interesting enough that i couldn't stop reading until the end.

Manga rec'd by Otasan Today, 7:13 AM report
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Similar main character.

Manga rec'd by ScreamsRain Today, 3:27 AM report
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