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Written by superange128 4 hours ago
Before you read the K-On! Highschool it is highly recommended that you either read the original K-ON manga or the first two seasons of the anime. The general tone of K-ON Highschool is very similar to its prequel: a light-hearted slice of life comedy written in a 4koma/Yonkoma style. It also read more
Written by iiij 4 hours ago
I'm gonna keep this pretty brief. This is one of the many manga that started out great, built up some fun and interesting characters, and had a pretty compelling plot (Which is a breath of fresh air in the harem genre) only to get cancelled. This led to a really read more
Written by Smartreviews 7 hours ago
Introduction: This is my very first Review, and the first installment of my three hundred part series: Review Rants for Smart People who Read Really Really Fast. I decided to go with the manga Naruto because it was my first exposure to manga ever. This was back in middle school. I read more
Written by Usakora 8 hours ago
Cuteness overload indeed! I have loved this manga from the beginning. It is so pure. A lot these days manga and anime have ecchi in them and magic. But this manga is very family friendly. Its really unique in how they take care of the kids. You can learn so much. read more
Written by Seiryuukan Yesterday, 2:01 AM
Before you read the manga, you can take my review and others as comparison to what you imagine. Horimiya (Hori-san to Miyamura-kun) use so many perspective, that is the good point of the manga, you can know what the feeling of the other character of something. Story: 8/10 I give 8! read more

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Although they follow different premises, Liar Game and Kurosagi have a story that is recognized by lies. Both series' main protagonists have a strategic mind and often thinks of strategies in order to outwit their opponents. These strategies are diverse with intelligent concepts that are explored in depth. Lies, deceiving, and scandals. I recommend both series for anyone interested in a psychological battle of integrity and values.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 35 minutes ago report
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The main character Yuzu from KV has a lot in common with the main character of WJ, Ito, though both have pretty different story lines. Also, the art is very similar.

Manga rec'd by a2h1ey 5 hours ago report

Both Series Want to Save something. Both Have simillar plot in the story because they had something they wanted to protect and did it because they had to. but they were to weak at first which in nanoha got beat up so fast in start of series same with illya did. But Illya manga not finish but i can assume There might be a unexpected ending tho. Both these series start off with a new system that the main character didn't know how to use yet. but later knows how to use them for example like. In Nanoha A's The Wolkenritter used the cartridge System & the Ainworth used Servant cards. Then the Main characters later learn and use their system to fight equally with them. Illya = Nanoha Miyu= Fate Ainsworth=Wolkenritter Angelica(Gilgamesh Card)=Signum Beatrice Flowerchild(Thor Card) =Vita Julian Ainsworth =Liese Twins -Because Vita was killed by the twins and then Beatrice also got killed i think by julian. I don't think this really counts but so far Erika=Hayate because they are both mistress to them.

Manga rec'd by redstormer 5 hours ago report
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they both are fantasy and a profound history. Rokka is about a battle against the majin, some kind of magic demon who wants to destroy the world. mushoku tensei record about a character who can remember his past life and now are in a fantasy world when human and demon race are in a tense relatioship.

Manga rec'd by tsuguruni 11 hours ago report
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These are among the better josei romance from harlequins. The girls in these are strong tomboys.

Manga rec'd by inzaratha Yesterday, 10:17 AM report
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