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Overall Rating: 10Fukumenkei Noise add
Note: I do not speak English, so a lot of what I write may not make sense ... -English- I started reading Fukumenkei Noise without many expectations, but I must admit that I took a pleasant surprise. Story: 9.5. The story is simple and predictable, but that's what makes it special. I love ... read more
Overall Rating: 9Puchi Hound add
Story: Great storyline, very interesting full of everything I like in a manga. eg. action, non-confuing plots 9/10 Art: Beautiful art, precise work, stunning characters. 10/10 Characters: Love the personality of the two main girls, especially Teiru since she is so oblivious
Overall Rating: 9Mahou Shoujo Site add
I found Mahou Shoujo Site while reading Mahou Shoujo of the end and honestly it's been almost, if not at times, better than mahou shoujo of the end. The artwork is detailed and the shadow work draws you into the dark world of this series. The plot isn't as strong ... read more
Overall Rating: 8Deadman Wonderland add
I really enjoyed the story. The ending was good, but I was expecting more information about Shiro than anybody else. 1 page with her smiling is not enough to know if she is going to be ok after all she went through. She deserved a better ending, or a completely ... read more
Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu... It's a manga with great characters that started out strong, stalled for a bit, then went for a rushed and underdeveloped conclusion. Let's start off with the one I feel most divided on - Story (beginning-middle 9/10, ending 4/10): The story is pretty simple, it is just ... read more

Manga Recommendations

When Guns are introduce in a fantasy world they will have great advantage against any enemies they encounter these two manga has that concept and its a good read I recommend both manga if your into fantasy and guns.

Manga rec'd by AkatsukiUlquiora 6 hours ago report

When a person died by someone with a knife in the chest repeatedly and then get reincarnated in a different world still retaining their previous lives and using that knowledge for this new world they now live in both manga are very good to read I recommend both if you haven't

Manga rec'd by AkatsukiUlquiora 6 hours ago report
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In both series, the two main characters has a past that brings them to where they are in the present. Although the main female protagonist's personalities aren't alike, they do hold a lot of the same values such as friendship and kindness with others. As such, the main male protagonist has a curious interest in them. Both series follows a lot of the classic shoujo tropes including romance that develops as the story progresses. There is drama and lighthearted comedy that takes place in a school life setting.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 11 hours ago report

When a otaku died and got reincarnated to a different world and with a younger body and still retaining the memories these two manga has it

Manga rec'd by AkatsukiUlquiora Yesterday, 2:44 PM report
...then you might like
If you liked

I'm surprised no one recommended this yet, both badass MC, with really dark past,
Rikudou is a focused on boxing, if you could handle rape like in Shamo, then give this a try

Manga rec'd by DawnYamada Yesterday, 9:55 AM report