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Written by SassyPenguin 1 hour ago
“I just want you to know one thing...I may be the one facing them. I may be the one cutting them down. The one who stands on their graves. But you will be the one that kills them.” Manji There are a great many stories that revolve around the concept of read more
Written by UkiSes 2 hours ago
1,2 3, let's jam? Cowboy Bebop is one of the most groundbreaking franchises out there. With a wonderful mixture of action, comedy, and good music. Bebop has traversed through many of fans hearts, online arguments, and "Best of all time" lists. Since there is only an anime, and a full feature read more
Written by Anokata-DD 4 hours ago
This manga...this's a direct insult to the genius light novel and the anime adaptation.... The anime and LN are genius and complex, while this is stupidity, only unnessecary fanservice... Go watch the anime, it's a masterpiece
Written by UkiSes 7 hours ago
Pillow fight! (Not really) Yuri is a really misunderstood genre. Usually it is paired up with hentai because of its occasional sexual nature (Lesbianism). However that is not usually the case when reading actual good yuri that is not a one shot. Girlfriends is a prime example of that. At first read more
Written by SwordsmanDan Yesterday, 10:41 PM
Story 7 This score basically goes to any narrative that is fluid, grabs the reader and holds on to them. The battles are diverse and add depth to the fighting. As many reviewers have said already, the bad people are really, really bad. Art 8 This also ties in with what read more

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Highly ambitious main characters that love to be the center of everyone's attention. Both male leads get into situations that guide them into becoming stronger to somewhat impress the female lead character. The two manga's are exceedingly funny and at times can be very addicting when trying to figure out what the protagonist will do next.

Manga rec'd by Mastodynia 2 hours ago report
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Both stories have a similar dark feel to them. While reading loop i had a constant feeling that Ryuk might come walking into the story. The theme of death and evil is also very present in both of these manga. If you liked death note then you will enjoy this oneshot and if you liked then oneshot you should give death note a try as well.

Manga rec'd by Darkbow 3 hours ago report
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Two extremely funny manga's that show a likable, reckless, dense, and idiotic of a main character but at the end of the day always fights for what's right and the ones close to them. Both stories are more of a episodic feel not sticking to one story line, in which each chapter feels a lot more enjoyable then a regular developing plot. Both manga's have a awesome diversity of characters that can impact any reader in a positive way.

Manga rec'd by Mastodynia 5 hours ago report
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The oneshot ipaasha is pretty similar to adel to Darius. Both stories involve an Asian prince and a slave who fall in love with each other, but the context is completely different which makes it nice to read them because they are so similar yet so different at the same time. If you like one of them you will almost certainly like the other one too!

Manga rec'd by Darkbow 6 hours ago report
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