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10-30-07, 4:11 PM

Joined: Oct 2007
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Death Note was full of wonderfull characters, and most of them died. Pity, but best ones lose their lifes too. So I was (and still am) wondering how did you react when you saw them dying.

My case was something like....

L's death:

1. Speechless
2. Evil grin
3. *Screams loudly* Oh my f****** God!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Die *****, DIE!!!! AHAHAHA!!! Light, you did it, you pawned that **** HAHAHAHAHA!!!
(Kids playing outside were shocked and probably scared)
4. and then i was happy whole week.

Light's death:

1. *First thought* ......
2. *Second thought* s**t....
3. *Depression*
4. *Retirement from anime world*
(well, i got back when Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai appeared)


So, what were your emotions/actions back there?
Did you scare you neighbours?
Ate a lot junk food?
C'mon, tell us.
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10-31-07, 10:08 AM

Joined: Aug 2007
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When L died i was like:
WTF? How can one of the main chars die?
Maybe it's some sort of trick,a plan maybe!
What they're going to do in the other series?
*evil laugh*(still kinda shocked) Light you bastard! You friggin' did it!

When Light died:
No! I knew it but still noooo!
*sob sob* (mom came from the other room to see why I was sobbing)
I know evil never wins,but still...
After reading the manga:
Yap,the anime ending was definetely good,Ligh died with his dignidy.
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10-31-07, 10:52 PM

Joined: Oct 2007
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Well, i really liked L...tis a pity they couldnt get along in the end...but then again, that wouldnt make for a great anime, would it? I liked both chars, but I liked L a little more because of how odd he was, love when he died:

"No way!"
"Is he really dead?! holy sh*t!"
::long pause::
"Now what is going to happen?"

When Light died:
::shock and amazement::
"No f**king way"
"Both mains died...nice."

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11-02-07, 2:38 AM

Joined: Sep 2007
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1. well, that's interesting! finally an anime when evil side wins!
2. huh, but it's going to be boring now...

Light's reaction in this scene was a masterpiece - that evil joy and... amazement, like he wanted to say "it was that easy?" ^^

first reaction: that *** Near!...
but then i reconciled myself to the thought that it had to be that way and that creating ideal worlds is rather impossible, alas. moreover, Light died dignified, like a revolutionist who still believes. that was quite comforting.
11-04-07, 4:42 PM

Joined: Jul 2007
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My first reaction upon L's death was pure disbelief, 'cause it seemed much too sudden and far too soon. But as a fanatic Kira supporter my mood pretty soon changed to elation. XD Then again I was somewhat sad for I had loved that cat-and-mouse game between Light and L so much. Indeed for the rest of the series I kinda desperately hoped for L to miraculously come back; Near couldn't really replace him imo...

As for Kira's death, well, I always had the feeling, that he would die in the end, but apparently this knowledge wasn't enough to prepare me for that moment... When all was over I continued looking at the dark screen for surely one hour or so. I still get depressed thinking back... v.v Would have been so absolutely wonderful to see Light as the god of a new world... *sigh*
11-10-07, 9:47 PM

Joined: Apr 2007
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Nobleman I felt the same way. I was almost devistated when Light died, I was in complete shock. Now I felt the opposite when L died. I couldn't be more happier, but I felt a little bit sad.
11-11-07, 8:16 AM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 200
when L died i was a bit sad but i was also excited about what would happen after that.

when light died, well that sucked because i wanted him to win. for once i would like an ending that is not completely standard. (if you already know the good guys will win before you start watching something it's just not as good as it could be)
11-11-07, 8:50 AM

Joined: Jan 2007
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I already knew that L is going to die, so I wasn't suprised at all. But I liked this character so I wasn't very happy about that. xD
About Light.. I didn't like Death note's ending at all. Light was calm and cold all the anime so it looked rather stupid then we became mad in the end. And, like always, justice won.
Anyhow, I was quite disappointed.
11-15-07, 2:30 PM

Joined: Sep 2007
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I just ended watching the anime...

Reaction when L died:

*_*' can't..can't be.. in the next episode he will come back!
(somewhere in my mind my yaoi part screamed in disappoint remembering the scene of L and Light under the rain)

When Light dies..
I just couldn't, wouldn't believe it.
I was speechless and couldn't say a word..
And I cried just a little, more was sobbing and screaming on the inside..
One of the death I'll remember forever. This anime really let a sign.
I wished until the end Light could do it...
This will take a bit for me to get on T T
It's sad almost as when I saw the ending of Cowboy Bebop...
*still sobbing*. gh.

11-20-07, 6:21 AM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 10
Death of L;
zOMG yes! *all excited and happy*

Death of Light;
..................... you shitting me?!

The entire anime was wonderful... the tension and intellect of it was so wonderfully done ... but the end.... the end was sad and disappointing.

Light should have won, i watched the entire series with a big grinn cheering for light... i thought i could cry for a week D:
11-20-07, 1:37 PM

Joined: May 2007
Posts: 34
Reaction :

L ' s death : This is a masterpiece

Light ' s death :
" #$%#$%%$^$%$^ Why Why ..... "
"How could Light / KIRA DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" How could those punks kill KAMI :))) "
Depresion. . .

11-24-07, 6:02 AM

Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 26
"Ghehe I knew you would pwn him Light! WHAHAHAHA!"

When Light dies:

"Holy sh*t"
"WTF?! Light died?! The main character?!"
11-25-07, 8:36 AM

Joined: Oct 2007
Posts: 558
L's death "bwahahaha. take that b."

Light's death ....*pause*..."what the hell? dumba**, you deserve to die for screwing up that bad"

life is a dream
~death is reality
12-01-07, 7:22 AM

Joined: Oct 2007
Posts: 8
I was very hurt when L died. In fact,i texted a buttload of people and posted a number of bulletins on myspace about my depression. When Light died on the other hand, i was highly upset. He went out like a total bxtch, in lack of a better phrase. I expected like a evil higurashi laugh as he crumbled and the credits rolled. Instead, all i got was a weird confession and a strange fall?
12-02-07, 2:17 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 184
My first reaction: "OMG! Raito is a mad genius! Mutipulating Rem to kill Watari, L, and HERSELF (...himself?...herself?)"!

My second reaction: "NOOOOOOO! L was a great adversary"

My third reaction: "Did Raito win? Where will the show go now?"

My forth reaction: "Crap! Near and Mello suck!" (Especially Mello)
12-02-07, 2:50 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 17
When L died i was..

happy - i never really liked L

then i wondered if he was faking it on order to catch Light
then sad because mello and near suck

Why, Oh Why, did the ice cream man betray me so???????????????
12-08-07, 8:24 PM

Joined: Jun 2007
Posts: 110
L's Death:
1) Wow, I didn't expect it so soon (I had it spoiled by someone else, but thought it would happen in the last episode or something).
2) Where will the show go from here?
3) That was unpredictable!
4) Light! You little *** you did it, you killed him, you're even smarter than L! (with a little joy)

Light's Death:
1) I was also expecting him to die, but what the F**K.
3) F**K THAT!
4) ERRRRR...Why did they have to make him a little loser when he died?
5) Light looked retarted, spineless, cowardly, gutless,...and everything else he isn't...why did they take away his composture and dignity?
6) The anime was awesome and unpredictable, but the ending sucks.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
7) I knew there was almost no way the writer would let Light live, but he should somehow have atleast killed everyone else in the room too (including Near of course), and this way the ending would have been better. No one in the human world would have knowledge of the death notes or how kira was killing...Ryuk should have taken the death notes with him...and people (weeks later) would simply find a bunch of dead bodies...THE END.
12-10-07, 4:38 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
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when L died: i wonder if light will feel lonly.

when light died: HE DID NOT DIE. HE CANNOT DIE. GOD DONT DIE. He only pretended to die. there is no way tat kira could die. he's going to marry misa, and be happily ever after. but when i saw the fake death, i almost chocked on tears. i watched a lot other animes to try to ease the pain, but death note means too much to me. i really wished that light could turn into a shinigami.
i also dont believe tat Obata sensei would let light die, his editor probably forced him to do so. becoz everyone loves light
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12-12-07, 11:20 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
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12-20-07, 12:14 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
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lully911 that's a scary reaction xD why... why...?
I'll be nicer if you give me chocolate and bishies ^^
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