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R-15 OVA Episode 1 Discussion

Poll: R-15 OVA Episode 1 Discussion

12-13-11, 1:10 PM

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Just finishing watching the raw OVA (at least I think it was the OVA) on a streaming site and holy shit, it is incredible ecchi wise and borderline hentai.

Three NSFW pictures below:

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12-13-11, 2:24 PM

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I think that was the OVA. But dam that was ecchi! i lol'd at the chief scientist and manager setting that whole thing up. You three did good :DDDDDD.

o a big plus was the pervertedness of Utae!
12-13-11, 3:05 PM

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This OVA delivered, the scene with Tsukuru is the exact thing I would love to do to her. Nice yuri from that and Katsuyo and Fukune's scene, being seriously off tone has never been sexier until now.

Tsukuru also has good taste in plant killing methods, a rocket launcher would also be my first choice for killing man eating plants.



12-13-11, 7:46 PM

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This OVA is truly OVER900 faptastic. It has more than 5 scenes that are so fap-able it’s insane. This OVA drains like Hoppy would say a lot. I kind of knew as the X-Files BGM song played and with the following (NSFW)
That it must be about an island around the Bermuda Triangle. That was obvious easily. What was not obvious is the fan service:

About the fan service, Here is my list:
-Narukara x Kurabu in the following (NSFW)Holy shit! Those breasts and ass of her! That was so ecchi and the groping too.

-Best stuff that really got me controlling around my libido is Ran x Kagaku in the following (NSFW)Those DFC breasts with nipples were so delicious it’s insane. Along with Ran fondling the privates of Kagaku with that juicy slimy liquid along with the nipple pinching and that voice of Kagaku. Almost impossible to resist except for me with my Karma Sutra but I had trouble concentrating is what I should mention. DFC being a factor. Also you can see Kagaku’s privates shape. Pretty virgin to me and same applies to Narukara’s private, virgin tight is what it alludes to.

-That tentacle rape happening to all and exposing their breasts caught me good in the following (NSFW)Narukara’s breasts are amazing. #3 in DFC acceptable.

-Seeing everyone naked and their asses in the following (NSFW)Got me excited, Narukara has a nice small one while the rest looks big except for Kagaku.

-Having Narukara and Utae in the following (NSFW)Expose their breasts got me excited for Narukara nipples and breasts. With the Vol 3 at that time only out. I did not see Narukara’s naked splendour except in this OVA so it really got until I see it in Vol 4.

-Loved the group shot in the following (NSFW)It even shows Kurumi’s breasts rather well. Of course the best nipples are in BDs of episode 6 those of Kurabu. She has the best ones to suck on. Really look at their shapes when I my graphics of that episode and you will see what I mean. They look puffy too.

-Of course the first of Narukara’s breasts in the following (NSFW)got me really good for the very first time we see the splendours of Narukara’s body.

So as the club creator of R-15, I will say this anime far far outboasted ToLoveRU even Darkness and other animes in ecchi having far far better fapping effects than most of the others ones. R-15 is the ecchi revolution going further.

BTW made BLOG with images (NSFW):For those who want a quick preview. Reason is NSFW and lots of it.

Made another BLOG for the GIFs (NSFW):Among them I will put one of Narukara in the spoiler
that is one of the best cockteasing I have seen recently. It’s too much IMO.

Image Stitches done in the spoiler
meh :/ From a crappy version it affects way more than I tough. Need Bds but it still is not bad. Cock teasing at most.
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01-09-12, 3:21 PM

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Wow... so funny... so much ecchi... so much fanservice!

That was awesome... the power of eros, lol

5/5, love the pink haired loli. ^_^
01-09-12, 3:47 PM

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i wish the anime was like this ova 15/10

tembikai said:
<img src="" />

try your best...
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01-09-12, 4:28 PM

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am i watching Hentai or what?

1000% fappable!
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01-09-12, 8:03 PM

Joined: Aug 2010
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I enjoyed this a lot.
01-09-12, 9:34 PM

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The ova's to the really ecchi stuff are the best. R-15 ova surely delivered
01-09-12, 11:16 PM

Joined: May 2011
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i enjoyed this alot. *resists fapping*
01-10-12, 2:35 AM

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Now this deserves the title R-15.
01-10-12, 5:43 AM

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Now if only the whole show was like that.....


01-10-12, 9:10 PM

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ok then after just watching yea i would not be stun if pull a s2 of this?

really an island + monsters + ufo ok seem bit huh but ok "tents" wrapping & giving a monster a ero fantasy over 9000 alright.

til it all plan by pres chief with camera, invent, & cheer we're all in plan to make ero overload for taketo.

ok now as everything else yea this is just to WOW.
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01-12-12, 8:28 AM

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Mynax said:
Now if only the whole show was like that.....


If only it was...

such a cock tease this anime was
01-12-12, 7:56 PM

Joined: Apr 2011
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This is great than I expected, and it did not disappoint no one bit.

But, please, Takuto. Choose Utae already.
01-15-12, 10:59 PM

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tembikai said:
<img src="" />

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Magito said:
This is great than I expected, and it did not disappoint no one bit.
But, please, Takuto. Choose Utae already.

I agree, Utae is the far better girl. I doubt there will ever be a conclusion.
03-07-12, 1:28 PM

Joined: Feb 2010
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This.was.amazing! If only the TV series was on this level...

05-29-12, 11:12 AM

Joined: Mar 2012
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This is (literally) fucking awesome. So many boobs, tentacle rape...and a nice way to beat Ganon...with porn!
12-31-12, 2:35 PM
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Lol'd @ beginning scenes tbh.

Dem tentacles and "investigation". Overall, it was a bad OVA. 3/10
02-22-13, 1:54 AM

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Not bad indeed. this OVA should have of made a Second Season of this Anime. Would have of been great if the story was 2 seasons. Oh Well.. Good Nice Ova Anyways.
04-24-13, 5:25 PM

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07-26-13, 2:52 PM

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Hehe it was good, enjoyed it. And I was right when I wrote my comment in the last ep of the series this OVA did show us what happened in Vienna, tho' just shortly as the story was about the way back.
I didn't like how they rushed the ending from the moment where Taketo found out that indeed it was Kurumi's play with the island. I think I will conclude from this that Kurumi loves Taketo's novels so she decided to make him write better... But who knows.
08-11-13, 12:02 AM

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Hooray for tentacles.
05-24-14, 4:22 PM

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This sure was lovely as hell :3 Damn nice ecchi for an ova! And funny setting to be honest with a hilarious ending xD
10-02-14, 5:40 PM

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awesome episode, and is the scene at the end a reference for monster hunter haha
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12-15-14, 12:46 AM

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I miss this show. The OVA was fun.

For anyone who read the novel, can you tell me who Taketo choose in the end?