Walker "Yumacchi" Yumasaki

Walker Yumasaki
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Walker Yumasaki (遊馬崎 ウォーカー)
Height: 174cm
Weight: 55kg
Birthday: Jan. 23rd
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Everything fictional (including games, movies, etc.), anime songs, ice carving
Things he likes: Make-believe, vision, fantasizing, wishful thinking, daydreaming
Things he dislikes: Censorship of expression
Foods he likes: Manga meat*
Foods he dislikes: “I can’t afford to be picky about food if I’m going to end up in the 2D world one day! So I’ll eat anything, even insects!”
Favorite saying: “I’m glad you asked! I’ll start from the titles beginning with an ‘A’…(and he went on to cite over 100 sayings from anime and manga as well as those by mangaka and anime producers, which we will omit here.)”

Like his female friend and companion, Erika, Walker is a very passionate otaku and manga reader. He and Erika are nearly always together. He also likes to perform torture by letting the victim to choose a light novel or manga, and carrying out the contents.

He seems to be carefree. He also keeps a wide dumb smile most of the time. But this smile can hide more than people can see at first glance. Like Erika he is very mysterious person.

Voice Actors
Kaji, Yuuki
Beacock, Brian