Dr. Gero "Artificial Human 20, Android 20"

Dr. Gero
Dragon Ball GT
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 07: Kyokugen Battle!! Sandai Super Saiyajin
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Dr. Gero (ドクター・ゲロ)
Dr. Gero (ドクター・ゲロ, Dokutā Gero?) made himself into a cyborg by implanting his brain into a robot body. He first appeared with Android #19 to kill Goku. After #19 was destroyed by Vegeta, he fled out of fear and with the intention of activating Android #17 and #18. Once he activated them, they quickly rebelled on their creator. #17 kicked his head off and crushed it. In Dragon Ball GT, he helped Dr. Myu create Super 17, who later went on to kill both of them.

Voice Actors
Williams, Kent
Yada, Kouji
Dobson, Brian
Morim, Micha
Kramer, Julien

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