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English: Kämpfer
Synonyms: Kampfer, Kaempfer
Japanese: けんぷファー


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2009 to Dec 18, 2009
Producers: Nomad, TBS, Sentai FilmworksL
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
L represents licensing company


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Girls on opposite teams fighting each other using special powers. Both are ecchi series, but Sekirei has more fanservice. 
Both are gender bender anime that revolve around a guy transforming into a magical girl. Both will make you question you sexuality  
both are about girls fighting and they have some comedy in it. Also the fighting women can transform. 
Both are very similar anime with the concept of a male student entering a girls' school, or at least the female area. The male main character has the same powers as the girls for some apparent reason and a lot of the voice actors are the same.  
They both involve a gender-bended main character winding up in yuri-ish complications. The difference is that Otome is more of the otome/nice lady type while Kampfer is more of an action type. 
Both anime's feature a guy are in girls bodies(although they both can switch between when they please) They both gain new abilities and use them to solve something. 
Both Ranma and this Kampfer guy have the same problem-when they turn into a girl, thay don't stare at themselvees in the mirror naked,and don't musturbate on themselves.
Though they don't do it with different reasons-Ranma is a man of honour,when Kampfer guy is a pussy even in male form.
so same problems,same jokes,if u liked one u may like another. 
Well, both animes have this main character who likes this one girl he originally likes and is constantly trying to win her over. Also both are harems and school life, and there are many girls who chase after the main character, who is clueless to this fact. 
Both are by the same studio, nomad, and both feature people fighting for a reason they are unsure about. I didn't really like either of these shows, but if it floats your boat...

Basically, Kampfer = Rozen Maiden with hot chix. 
Romance comedies with a lot of girls after one boy. Oh, Kampfer character appear in the background of episode three of Asobi ni Iku Yo. What? 
Super ecchi ness and a lot of fight scenes  
Both seem like they're humorously making fun of themselves
cool ed animations too  
the protagonist also transform into a man-in-girl's cosplay costume which makes the anime more hilarious =D 
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Both have a male or groups of males turning into the opposite gender in order to fight. If you like gender swapping those two are for you! 
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girls with superpowers 
Both of them have erotic scene, both of them, have lesbian or pseudo-lesbian interation. 
Both anime uses females characters with bracelets that grant them power. They are both extremely ecchi with lots of fan-service with the male protagonist at the center of attention like most harem. 
Okay both guys have like several women who are all over him, and they are all basically competing for his heart, but he only likes one of them in both. ^.^ 
Small or stuffed animals, who assist magical girls, make jocular comments and break the fourth wall.

Additionally, both shows have a lot of ecchi. 
Both pretty super natural. But Kämpfe is more of a magic fighting anime.

Highschool of the Dead is more of a IRL zombie anime.

But the thing that they got both in common is that there's alot of boob grabbing and boob shots if you know what i mean. Alot of girls in both. Also the're worth watching. If you like one of those then i recemmend you check out the other one too! 
Both are comedies setted at school where main character is a boy surrounded by females and is frekvently being force to change into a girl. While in Himegoto he only crosdress, in Kampfer he changes completly. Kampfer has also more action. 
Both of the main characters from each show are introduced into a underground fight club of sorts. Very good for a laugh and an easy going show to enjoy. 
Both have killer females
main character both have blue hair
both yuri animes(kampfer has more lesbo action than akuma) 
Both have a main character boy, surrounded by girls/angels with biiiiig breasts.
Both are very funny.
Both have superpowers.

One day, o boy discover that he is a very beautiful girl with big breast, then hey bear toy explain that he must fight as a kampfer, and kamperfs are girls so he became a girl.

The other story is about a very preverted boy who love his peacefull life and a small city, but one day he find an angel, and she became his slaves.

These 2 animes are the funnyest anime ever. You will laught untill death, so you can't miss  read more 
The main protagonist is loved by the girls around him. In both, the girls are extremely beautiful and are unique in a way and seem awfully appealing. In Kampfer, the boy has special powers unlike the boy in Shuffle.  
Both are about a gender bending main character who the entire cast wants to have sex with. 
Both series involve the main male protagonist having 2 appearances while having the same memory (For Mago it's a while before he retains his memory of his other self).

And.... the male guy has a crush on a girl who likes his other self, and the girl thinks that the other self is his friend.

Differences: Mago is youkai-related while Kampfer focuses on ecchi and fighting between 2 sides: red and blue. 
Both are Harem/Action/Ecchi with a guy who can really do nothing and super powered girls around him who protect them.In Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai the guy has no powers but contributes to the group through thinking up stratagies while in Kampfer even though the guy has a power he more holds the group back then contributes. 
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Girl's fighting with weapon's and a little bit of shoujo ai in it too. 
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a game, and aim to defeat the other opposing parties to overcome it.
Both are harem shows that try to run something like a plot as well, as the usual fanservice 
Both have a school setting, and have a fighting tournament. Also lets not forget they also share girls getting clothes ripped/torn up during fight scenes.
they both have chicks fighting. though Platonic Hearts is more drama, and takes things more seriously. 
Both are about girls fighting and they have some comedy in it. Also the fighting women can transform. Also both are ecchi. 
In both, the protagonist is a boy that is transformed into a girl and has hilarious situations.  
Both have girl/girl relationships that can be vague ( especially in VVV ) and they have a bit of violence 
Both have ecchi and have weird love issues ; mainly being love triangles and such 
Both deal with fights amoung a group of friends and to a certain degree, betrayl. They also both share a similar animation and art style 
Both are genderbenders with weird love situations. 
it's somewhat similar since
both have girls liking one guy, but kampfer the guy can also be a girl, doesn't happen in Mashiro
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Girls with super powers fighting each other, both have their sexual sides to the story but Kampfer has it a bit stronger, while Freezing has more nudity. Both involve a guy that doesn't really want to be involved.

Bottom line....if you liked freezing you should really watch Kampfer 
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a game, and aim to defeat the other opposing parties to overcome it.
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a game, and aim to defeat the other opposing parties to overcome it.
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the opposing parties to win the game.
-Both are ecchi 
Both are harems built with fanservice. Both involve female characters powering up and transforming as well as a decent amount of fighting, but Rosario + Vampire contains more plot and develops a more coherent story. The main characters in both also like someone over everyone else with the other characters vying for attention. 
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a game, and aim to defeat the other opposing parties to overcome it.
They are both about special girls that must fight. 
Similar character traits for Sangou, Shizuku and the main character of Bakemonogatari. Both show traits of de-tsud and a hybrid version of tsud in the best possible way. Also both main guy character are aloof to the relationship between the love interest. 
Transgender from male to female,Natsuru and Hazumu both simmiliar :D,and they have a comedy story..enjoy ;) 
Both animes have a fighting girl vs. girl background

But in Kampfer just generally more hilarious and in Mai Otome more serious, and in Mai Otome you need a "master" who can activate your materialize suit. 
Both are revolved around slapstick and sexual humor. Every little moment in Dokuro is as comical as any you'll see in Kampfer.