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About shigeru212
My favorite genres are comedy, ecchi, harem, slice of life, and romance, occasionally infused with supernatural, sci-fi, or fantasy themes.

I am active on the discussion threads of shows I am watching and manga I am reading. Additionally, I like to follow anime, manga, and light novel sales., which is linked above under website, has a lively discussion about anime sales, so I use it in combination with the MAL news posts. If anyone is interested in anime disc sales, then feel free to drop on by as the website has great utility for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

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HaremPrince | 06-29-14, 10:54 PM

AndrewSmith | 02-19-14, 4:09 PM
Hi, what's your name?

EvenJellyOn | 01-19-14, 1:23 AM
Might or might not see it. Best wishes was pretty crap though.

EvenJellyOn | 01-16-14, 8:24 PM
What is XY like?

symbv | 01-03-14, 11:24 PM
Welcome to the club. Very happy to see you are finally in!! I think GuiltyKing is organizing some preparation work. Perhaps that is where you could help. Anyway happy new year!!

symbv | 12-30-13, 11:15 PM
Once you join this new club, do you mind letting me know your view about my idea? Thanks!

symbv | 12-30-13, 7:32 AM
I sent you a club invite. See if you want to join it?

symbv | 12-25-13, 12:18 PM
First, happy Xmas and it has been a while since we last talked. I came back after I thought I have calmed down enough but reading reply by Kineta got me quite upset again because the tone and attitude on display combined with the lopsided reasoning has little to recommend despite its length. And Wind_Sr's assertion that the policy will NOT change and in fact he agrees with most of Kineta's post means they are prepared to yield very little (although his reply got me wonder: whereas tsubasalover said she was not informed at all about the decision much less the timing of implementation and she joined the club to voice her dissent, Wind_Sr sounded drastically different, so what in fact happened behind the scene?).

I have wanted to post a rebuttal to both posts but as I will be busy in the next few days I do not want to start a skirmish now if I am not prepared to stay engaged right after I start it.

What I am thinking now is that even after the club size has grown to >20 they still consider us a tiny minority, which is why they still claim to be on the side of the "majority" (whatever that means - I guess we have seen enough of it in a lot of authoritarian or tyrannical governments). Anyway, I have just started an aggressive drive to get even more people to sign up on the club - by sending an invite to all people I once have meaningful discussion, and not just those who agree with me or post very often. Perhaps you can ask people you know who may be interested in our cause to sign up too? I hope we can bring it up to >100 and then we can see if we can mobilize people to actually post in the Suggestion forum so that they can no longer dismiss us as just a few discontents who can be easily dismissed. This will surely make my rebuttal, when I come to write it, much more compelling if it gets visible and vocal support in the thread.

I have a few other plans as well which I may explain later, but first let us get even more organized and get more people to know and join our cause.

VioLink | 12-10-13, 9:50 AM
Club for people against the News board changes:

Ray_Light | 12-04-13, 4:36 AM
Hello there, my fellow Mafuyu lovers xD

symbv | 11-04-13, 2:31 AM
For moe anime, the most critical factor is character design (visual) and characterization (behavior, moe features). Viewed this way, Date A Live scores much higher than NouCome, and DAL even has a much bigger LN fan base to start with. To me the animation quality in DAL is never really outstanding but quite a number of the female characters get a lot of "moe squeals" in places like 2ch which is conspicuously lacking for Noucome. Clearly watchers in 2ch have decided that there are a lot of other choices for their moe attention in this cour.

I also think that any perceived problem of "10 episodes" is way exaggerated in the west, because there is always the perceived sacrifice in "plot" if the series is just 10 episodes. But think about it, for a comedy that is based on crazy gags, does it really matter if it consists of 10 episodes or 12 episodes? If anything being 10 episodes should even encourage sales because the total cost of owning the series is lower. Seiyuu being infamous could indeed play a role but this only shows that the animation project has always been a lower profile (and possibly lower budget) one.

That song... it is not the ED, right? The ED is the A-side One Way Ryou-Omoi. Takakae Moralism is the B-side, I guess?

Anyway, about the part you asked about the lyrics is as follows:

制服のリボンみたい弾む揺れる胸 抱きしめていましょう


Until the day when your heart accepts (me),
I will just hold tight my chest, which is jumping and swinging like the ribbon on (my) uniform

Basically it is about the two characters who are unsure whether to let go of their more rational mind and surrender to their heart and start a romance, which they think it is what their young age (seishun) is asking them to.

vampko | 10-06-13, 3:52 PM
Not sure if this is too late, and the promo actually ended up in episode 25, but here

symbv | 09-28-13, 11:39 PM
> What are your predictions for volume 1 sales and total average sales? Also do you think season 2 will be 10 or 12 episodes?

Illya currently projected by Stalker to have 5.6k in BD/DVD sales. It may be an underestimate but I think it should not be too much off.

Since Zwei has 5 volumes of manga compared to the the first part (animated this season) which has 2 volumes. I hope it will be a 2-cour series. On the other hand, it is the peculiar way for Kadokawa to save cost by going for 10 episodes in 1 cour (the absolute minimum for 1 cour so that the anime could still look like a 1-cour series not some special) instead of 11, 12 or 13 episodes, so I don't think we should not get our expectation too high.

> Are you fairly confident there will be a second season or rather have you heard anything new since you made that GJ-bu news post?

Well, the official news only mentions "more GJ-bu anime" so it is not really clear. My gut feeling is that it will be a second season for the younger generation (chuutoubu) but there is little information about it from official source.

symbv | 09-21-13, 1:30 PM
I remember when I reported Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori leaving StylipS and some commented that not all change in membership of music group got such report. There is certainly an element of the two being some kind of "seiyuu idol" here. At least I could justify that report because people know about StylipS and changes happened for that group, which is straightforward and easy to grasp. By contrast I doubt anybody knows the names of the agencies the pair left and moved to. And the agency structure and system in Japan carries quite a bit of differences from agency system common in the west - I just think that most people would be puzzled at the news and not sure what implication it means for the pair. Even they know it may affect the kind or volume of the projects they may take on, to what extent or in what sense I am sure very few know enough to make much meaningful comment even if they feel interested enough to comment on it.

Anyway, thank you for your kind words about how I am doing as a news mods. Every bit of support from users here is the source of my energy going for this forum ;-)

symbv | 09-21-13, 12:34 PM
I am really really disappointed at the stance of ANN for their review on anime. Let's face it, being known as "the place to go" for anime in the west (let's put aside whether it deserves such reputation or not for the moment), it could have played a very key role in bridging the cultural gap between anime, which is in all intents and purposes a product made by Japanese for Japanese market, and the western fandom, who for all kinds of reasons could have all the ignorance or twisted understanding of how the industry works, what are the consumers and how the preference is trending and reflects the Japan society. Instead it entrenches even further in the same ignorance and amplifies it by using the well-known site as a bully pulpit, thus further fueling the kind of self-centered cultural arrogance of many western fans trashing anime from a kind of "artistic high ground" they built for themselves.

Your example is just one glaring case: Slice-of-life has a long and respected history in Japan and I would say that Japan developing this genre is a big contribution to comics/manga and animation/anime areas. Moe is also a legitimate approach to appeal to the consumers and stress on moe should not be counted as necessary demerit to a series - why should one place all the focus on "plot" and intricate story development? Why cannot one enjoy the character design and how characters of different personalities interact with each other in various situations? This is also content and story there. Kiniro Mosaic is a very good example of how such ideas can be directed and executed in high production quality and immense staff effort to get everything right for the audience/consumers. Such kind of focus and effort is all too easily neglected or dismissed by those moe-bashing high-art-obsessed "critics", too many of them come from the west.

Of course ANN has useful content. They can churn out a lot of good information because they keep a fairly large coterie of paid staff. MAL is really no comparison in this aspect. As much as I also want more official content in MAL, we are seriously understaffed. Just look at me. I am the only news mods who handles news coming from Japan as I am the only person who can handle Japanese with ease, and most if not all of the staff do not receive payment for their work on MAL. This is why MAL's growth is restrained. Given the gap in resources, it is actually a small wonder that MAL is at least viewed as a comparable rival to ANN.

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