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Cross Game

Cross Game

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Japanese: クロスゲーム


Type: TV
Episodes: 50
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2009 to Mar 28, 2010
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: G - All Ages
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At one point the cast of Cross Game ask themeselves "do ghosts grow older too?" the cast of Ano Hana would tell them "yes,they do".

It's fascinating how both of these can be so similar and yet in a way so different

Similar because the premise is very similar,making a friend's wish/last dream come true.
Also the 3 main roles of Ano Hana are played by voice actors that were in cross game
Both have very gripping first episodes that make great use of their ED songs at the end of the episode

Different because while in Ano Hana ghosts are very much real in Cross Game it's left to the viewer's interpretation.
Different because while one is an 11 episode intense ride the other is a more subtle 50 episode long journey.
Different because in one the wish is a mystery and the characters try to figure out what it is while in the other the wish is made clear from the begining

One thing is sure though,both are a great watch
Well both are about baseball and they have several other similarities; however, i don't want to give anything away so you'll just have to watch to find out!! ^_^
From the same manga author. Focuses on a young boy's experience with romance and baseball.
Both deal with baseball and character development in a slice-of-life kind of way, though Cross Game has an added romantic plot and Ookiku is more techinical driven.
Both series are the work of the brilliant Adachi, Mitsuru. Both shows revolve around high school baseball and involve both elements of romance and sports. The characters and their relationships also have a similar feel.....
Sport theme with romance.
Some very funny moments and drama!
Many similarities....u dont want me to spoil it so i'll shut up and u watch it now!
Both are sports anime with more romance in Cross game. There is a character development and the main characters are childhood friends.
first episodes are almost the same. If you like this anime, i definitely recommend arena no kishi
Both are about baseball and wanting to bring one's team to Koshien. Whereas Diamond no Ace is more about the sport and nothing but the sport, Cross Game brings a lot more to the table, such as drama and romance. Although I find both to be very enjoyable anime, Cross Game holds a special place in my is one of the best anime I have ever seen (go to my profile--I've seen A LOT of anime) and is definitely the best sports anime I've seen yet. If you like Diamond no Ace and baseball animes in general, you MUST watch Cross Game!
Both have those hard training scenes that lead to improvemnts in there chosen sport.
Both involve tough bad asses! Both are very funny at times and have a nice amount of drama. Both have a sub romance theme and both are great easy watches (smooth rolling with nice art, excellnt story line, and matching music to really allow u to feel the anime.

if u like one then yes u should definetly watch the other
High schoolers trying to get to Koshien :)
Both very introspective/emotional romances. Cross Game is 10x better than Bokura, so that's saying something.
Now this may seem weird but just trust me on this and check it out. I don't want to say anything because I don't want to give anything away even in the slightest. Just watch it, both absolutely amazing shows.
Both of these are relatively realistic sports anime with underlying romance. Neither has the best artwork, but don't let that stop you from giving them a chance, because they both have very good plots! :)
URGGHh Words are not enough to express how awesome both of these animes were *tears up* I personally fell inlove with both because of the love/hate thing going on oAo SERIOUSLY!!!! I also liked the fact that despite Aoba's "tomboy-ish-ness" lots of people were still able to develop a crush on her....WHICH MADE KOU SO FRIGGIN JEALOUS....well yeah i exaggerate too much but come on...don't you think that his jealousy was so cute :3 ^_^ same with Akane from ranma 1/2, even ranma has his lapses wherein he would sort of accidentally admit that he likes akane (indirectly) by being all jealous and stuff urrghhh JUST SERIOUSLY WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE TSUNDERES :D both the guy and the girl here are :)

lol i know i'm making no sense to you right now but PLEASE give it a shot >u<
This recommendation applies to all seasons of Bakuman. Make sure you watch Bakuman 2 and 3 if you watch the first season of Bakuman. Both Cross Game and Bakuman have romance as the second theme. Both protagonists focus on what they do—manga in Bakuman, and baseball in Cross Game. The series have sweet romance behind the main story and a cheerful tone.
Both series focus on the importance of friends and family.
May contain Spoilers*

Both Anime are having similar setting in terms Romance

:Both anime has Childhood friends dead but they are able to see similar looking girl like there childhood friend
reportRecommended by Smill - Add to favorites
While the sports for these two anime are different they show the hardships of working on a team and trying to succeeded in said sport. While one may be more tragic or less hinted than the other there are relationships that develop within these anime. Both also are 20 episodes +.
Both of them are baseball related and have a main female character that is a possible love interest for the main character.
Both 1st episode of these anime are very similar both ends with a tragic accident and both are about childhood friends that are very close to each other and then suddenly an unexpected scenario will happen can they overcome it or not? and both are school-life,romance and drama.

The difference between these two anime:
Cross Game is about baseball while Shinigami no Ballad is about the life of a Shinigami (like a japanese grim reaper).
they are both on sports, they have hints of romance, they both have struggles and they will both make you want more. the time will pass so fast that you'll wonder where the time has gone and you'll be saying to yourself " thats it? i want more! ok on to the next episode!".
Similar to "Maison Ikkoku", "Cross Game" is a gentle romance that explores many of the same themes about the death of a loved one. While Cross Game is set in highschool instead of the college years, human interactions and romance are dealt with as serious subject matter (despite all the humor of life thrown in).
These two series have the similar theme of "Work hard to reach your goal!"
reportRecommended by ohai - Add to favorites
Both feature remarkable slice-of-life stories that are both written effortlessly, and are surprisingly addicting lacking every fan-factor necessary for a typical anime.
They also have some really great characters, dialouge, humor, and have some of the best romance stories that anime can offer.

Cross Game has sports elements that accent the slice-of-life features rather than dominate them. Themes of loss, tradegy, grudges, loyalty, and moving on are present. A bit slower paced than Kodomo, but there's never a boring moment.

Kodomo is twice the length of Cross Game, has MUCH more zany humor than Cross Game, borderlining on insanity at times! Themes of social separation, difference of growing up, and nurture vs. nature are present.
If you liked the sort of melancholic atmosphere in Clannad, you'll probably enjoy the atmosphere in Cross Game. Also Baseball
Fantastic character studies masquerading as sports series! Both series do devote a good deal of time to matches and games, but the real attraction here is the great sense of pacing and a well-developed cast of characters. Cross Game is more leisurely and romantically inclined, while Giant Killing is more bombastic (and has a lovely musical score~). You don't need to know much about the respective sports to enjoy these shows!
one more anime about baseball. but a lot more psychological.
Both with baseball, team evolution, the history is diferent but still the "battle of genres".
Romantic comedy between a boy and a girl. Entails baseball as the primary theme to the story. A lot of drama along the way. Original story by the same creator, Adachi Mitsuru.
Both are about baseball, about friendship, about coming from behind, about overcome low odds ...
reportRecommended by gfy - Add to favorites
good alternative, both have sport (cross game baseball, slam dunk basketball), char developement but slightly different, in the first one is more romantic then in the second one...
reportRecommended by Marcx - Add to favorites
The Feel is similar and character design is also really similar !
not about baseball or any sport. but both have that "awww" cute love feeling.
Both about awesome sports
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