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Detective Conan

Detective Conan

Alternative Titles

English: Case Closed
Synonyms: Meitantei Conan
Japanese: 名探偵コナン


Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 1996 to ?
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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it is somewhat similar because both is about solving a case.., in detective conan there are random cases in death note it ahs only one case, the Kira case~ ... both are good ., those two are anime to watch for!
reportRecommended by ka-ki - Add to favorites
Detective School Q is also a very intriguing anime, whih is similar to Detective Conan, though Detective Conan is much better.
Little children solving cases one after another. While the first one is originally a High School student turned to a boy due to a drug and the second one is purely loli with a dark past, both anime still portrays cases in which needs to solving that range from murder, conspiracy, a black organization and more.
Both include mysteries that are fun and interesting!!!
There both about mystery and detective related. The main characters are detectives, or they work for them.
A high school detective everyone believes is an elementary school student and a high school detective who doesn't believe in his own self.
Has a mystery feel to it and both are about finding culprits in murders and other situations
Both animes future brilliant detectives, that use their "gray cells" to solve criminal cases!
both are detective stories, mysteries.
both have same feeling while watching
both the main character goes missing in between .
both the main character.
both main character in anime grows and shrinks.
both have detectives .
both have detective rivals
both have crimes are usually made opening in front of every one .
both anime the culprit creates false proof [alibi].
Bot these shows have a great mystery set up. They both have smart, but physically restraint heros. Conan has a deeper story and better mysteries, but Kamisama is a fun watch bringing more personality to the characters at times. kamisama's mysteries arent as deep and difficult as conan's but that can also work to its advantage because you feel like you can "win" more often watching it as well. If you dont mind the loli and schoolgirl like giddyness, kamisama is a great show for anyone craving more mysteries.
Both involves a smart guy solving cases although Conan is much better.
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo is a bit more mature than Detective Conan, but both of them involve teen detectives that try figure out murders that take place. Both of themare also very suspenseful and those who like Detective Conan should definitely check out Kidainchi Shounen no Jikenbo.
Both Anime deal with secret societies.
Both series deal about grown-up characters turn into little kids. Both Loki and Conan, work as detectives since they have the minds of adults. The major difference is that the first is a demon god while the latter is a high school student.
Murder mystery anime series. Both series gives clues for the viewer to find out who the culprit is. Detective Conan is lighthearted mystery while Danganronpa is a thriller mystery.
Milky Holmes pokes fun of the classic type of mystery that shows up in Detective Conan series. The original Sherlock is also mentioned at times.
Both deal with crime in some way. Furthermore these anime are related; they are by the same author. Kaito Kid also makes many appearances in Detective Conan.
both of these anime are about solving mysteries and there's romance between the female main character and the male main character
the difference between the two is that detective conan is more based on logic and more "real" and psychic detective yakumo is more based on supernatural reasoning
there's suspense in both animes and both are worth watching
if you like on then you'll like the other
you'll fall in love with both the main characters personality and theres no annoying side characters in both animes
Both Anime are of the detective genre with a sort of supernatural twist to them, if you are so inclined.
The Domain of Murder OVA is very much like the Detective Conan TV series. Both are about detectives, who solve cases, and the mystery plays an important role. Domain of Murder is a one shot OVA of a manga series, while Detective Conan is the extremely popular anime of the even more popular manga series, that's nothing short of a phenomena in Japan (not so much in the U.S.). Both Domain of Murder and Detective Conan deal with realstic mysteries, that usually involve murders. Both animes have great characters. There are some differences however, like how Domain of Murder is pure seinen, while Detective Conan is a show made for everyone (not childish or anything though). Domain of Murder is more mature, and only a short almost unknown OVA (and a Live Action Movie), while Conan has multiple movies, OVA's, a live action drama series, and a TV anime that's well over 530 episodes. The animation in both Detective Conan and Domain of Murder are similur, but the character designs are very different. Also Detective Conan is more upbeat. If you like one of these, check out the other one.
reportRecommended by Prede - Add to favorites
While 'Master Keaton' is not exactly a detective anime (some episodes may be thriller, action or slice of life), Keaton works as an insurance investigator for Lloyd's and frequently has to solve cases for his clients. 'Detective Conan' is an example of a classic detective and is much more deduction-oriented. Both shows can be recommended to mystery lovers, but at the same time they both feature strong non-detective storylines.
They both have "kaitou" kid in it where he steals valuable and precious items.
The two have a lot of mention of different alcoholic beverages. Also, Ryu Sasakura (Bartender) is a very observant and able to take deductions of any detail as many characters in Detective Conan person. Both are professional enough credits.
Conan and Livi are both kids only by appearance but they behave like an adult.
Taking daily life turning into not ordinary life. I see things become really unexpected HAHAHA!!

There is super good mystery, perfect series.

I keep the time to make this rec now, it is best go to the anime after you read this rec.

It is as good as I say.
Can't believe no one made this rec...LET'S GET STARTED

- Both have zero mediocrity
- Both are a masterpiece
- Both are a genius anime
- Detective Conan is about the smartest guy catching the killer
- Monster is about the guy catching the smartest killer
- Both main character try to stop evil
- Both main character are smart, have wisdom, and brilliant
- Both main character do detective work
they are both case by case in each episode with their own slow progressing storyline.
one solves mysteries of murder cases while one helps the victim of a bad encounter to get their revenge...
Both Detective Conan and St. Luminous Mission High School happen to be mystery based, though the second is more supernatural while the first is more detective based. They also have twists to the plot line that no one expects.
Both series are made up of episodic stories instead of long drawn out plots. Even though Golgo kills people and Conan solves crimes, the formula is pretty much the same.
reportRecommended by moush - Add to favorites
How being poisoned can change your life? What awaits is not death but shock, thrill and suspense!
reportRecommended by Lucek - Add to favorites
Both Detective Conan and Ghost Hunt revolve around solving mysteries. While the mysteries are much different, Detective Conan revolving around murder, and Ghost Hunt revolving around ghosts and spirits, both are quite enjoyable.
Both series provide an unlikely hero doing the work of an adult and surprising all those involved. Also, Kindaichi, like Detective Conan (Case Closed), has a certain amount of comic relief incorporated into it. Anyone who loves Conan will enjoy The Kindaichi Case Files.
Detective Conan (Case Closed) is simular to CLAMP because both of the animes are about child detectives........ in detective conan the main character Edgawa, Conan is actually a teenage detective who, by certain circumstances, was reverted back into his child form. CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan is about a group of middle school detectives who, like Edgawa, Conan from Case Closed, solve crimes/mysteries
reportRecommended by Eriuu - Add to favorites
They're like the enegizer bunny, they just keep going and going. How many episodes will it take before they accomplish thier goal? The world may never know.
Well the only similarity between these 2 anime is that they both turn into little kids
Antagonist in each series believes he killed the protagonist, but his victim survives and wants revenge. Drama, Mystery and some Action in both series.
Both characters try to find the thing they need in order to be not in danger. Kobato needs to find these little star thingies while Conan tries to find evidence to get the suspect. Both are really good shows.
both are about solving mysteries and bringing down organization. detective conan is more based on deductions and facts and yakushiji is more supernatural. they both have some romance in it and are full with suspense and some comical moments. highy recommend seeing both of these animes, they re story are different so theres no feelings of repetition but if you like watching one you will like the other
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