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Lovesick Ellie

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May 24, 2021
jtnho (All reviews)
absolutely underrated manga! i never enjoyed a manga as much as this one before. it was wholesome but not too boring and also hilarious to read.

the main character eriko aka ellie is a pervert but lovable and just overall a funny character. i loved her character and how she and the ML ohmi grew closer and closer through out the whole manga. their (spoiler) relationship was so cute and the story included the stages of a relationship and the issues they had to deal with but overcame together. the artstyle is so pretty too and im surprised how many people ik havent heard of read more
Apr 7, 2018
Nivethitha (All reviews)
this manga is what i would expect from most shojou-romace mangas, lots of cute romantic moments (and i love them all<3), the difference between this and others are the 'drama', it doesn't have serious drama, which makes this more entertaining(adding unwanted drama to this mixture would have made it a mediocre work, but now it turned out to be great). the moments they share are too cute that one cannot stop grinning like an idiot. there are few other characters who make appearances later on.

i never knew i would use this term, but yeah this manga would be my definition of 'moe'(mangaka, look what you read more

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