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Oct 20, 2018
When i started reading this one i didnt have much of an expectations for it, just thought there is gonna be a simple office romance portraying the protagonists insecurities and problem they face, and i was totally wrong. It has much more to offer than romance or drama, the romance element is not used for entertainment purposes but is used as a tool for character development, which has worked out well.

There is a Time loop Sci-Fi concept which sets the underlying plot for a Rom Com Josie comic. Like many romance Webcomics this too has a great comedy tone to it, the same old exaggerated read more
Jul 22, 2018
This manga has a lot to offer for mystery lovers, It is a detective story set in a different time period(the past), even though it has someone with a special power to detect lies, the detective gathers the evidences for cases primarily through his ability. There are a variety of interesting cases, so this manga is gonna be a treat for mystery lovers.

the story begins with the childhood days of our female protagonist Urabe Kanoko a girl who can detect lies, she doesn't realise she is the only one who has this ability, when others learn about her ability they ostracise her, even her family read more
Apr 15, 2018
If you are looking for an office romantic-comedy without the "mature" content in the way, then this manga is a very good choice.

The story revolves around 2 couples. All 4 of them are "otaku/nerd" they are not passionate about the same thing, everyone is into different things like gaming, cosplaying and anime/manga.

The story is generally about the silly crisis faced by our 4 protagonists in their day-to-day life, thus slice-of-life & comedy is what the main focus of the manga is and it does very well at that.

The characters may look like normal shoujo manga cast, but there is more to their personalities than they read more
Apr 12, 2018
Winter Woods is a Sci-fi/Fantasy + Romance comic with fresh art, characters and story. The characters are very well made and relatable. the character development of winter who is learning human emotions is portrayed very well. The art or should I say the Direction(as in directing a movie) is what has conveyed the feelings of each characters beautifully and made this story a success.

that is the end of my review, but if you want to know the summary of the comic in detail then here you go...


A long time ago there lived an alchemist who lost his son, to overcome his sorrow he started read more
Apr 9, 2018
This is a superhero comic with a twist. Our hero, Naga is a high schooler who has immense superpowers which he does not wish to use and would rather live a normal life. Naga is the opposite of all the superheroes anyone would have seen on TV or Comics, He is a lethargic kid who doesn't want to get himself into complicated/troublesome things.

It's an Action + Comedy kind of comic, It doesn't have lots of action sequences like in shounen manga, neither does it have edgy, gripping plot like"'if we don't defeat the bad guys within this time period something horrible is gonna happen", it read more
Apr 7, 2018
this manga is what i would expect from most shojou-romace mangas, lots of cute romantic moments (and i love them all<3), the difference between this and others are the 'drama', it doesn't have serious drama, which makes this more entertaining(adding unwanted drama to this mixture would have made it a mediocre work, but now it turned out to be great). the moments they share are too cute that one cannot stop grinning like an idiot. there are few other characters who make appearances later on.

i never knew i would use this term, but yeah this manga would be my definition of 'moe'(mangaka, look what you read more
Jan 29, 2018
This manga shows the relationship between a geisha and her childhood friend who is a body painter.

the moments shared by the two of them has been portrayed well, it had this bittersweet feeling throughout the manga.

since it is a historic manga you also get to see some of the challenges faced by them as individuals and as a couple in that time/era.

In my opinion, this manga was very much enjoyable except for the end which had some unwanted drama. even though those events were portrayed well and the emotions were conveyed properly, I still felt it was unwanted.
Jan 21, 2018
In my opinion this manga was just annoying.
This manga could have been a gem if it had stayed true to its plot but since the mangaka decided to throw in some extra UNWANTED spices it lost its originality and became a mediocre

It was just unwanted drama


It was all good at the start, the female lead meets up with her first love who now is handicapped because of an accident and after which his relationship with his gf became weak and eventually broken, they both meet at work and are now work associates, they both start as friends and she feels like she read more
Jan 19, 2018
These are my takeaways from this manga

the storyline - yup it had a strong storyline underneath all the romance, drama, and smut. The male lead was raised under severe circumstances and was running towards his own goal. He did not have any consideration for others and so marries the female lead as a steppingstone. After marrying the female lead and being with her he reconsiders his life plan(which is revenge) and wishes to settle down with her. Simply put it shows how the female lead changes him after marriage.

The immature female lead - before writing about her, I have split this review into two parts read more
Aug 3, 2016
Yuugure Light is a good read with an overall score of 7. it has regular fun moments, slow-paced light-hearted moments and intense anxious moments. for me when the story started i got quite excited but later on due to the (subtle)drama the excitement got a little lower but still was good enough to be hooked up to know whats gonna happen next, so i wasn’t bored while reading it and I’m also satisfied with the ending.

I found this manga to be different from other Usami Maki's works because many of the other Usami Maki’s mangas concentrate on just the main girl, her love interest and read more